There are various wallpaper trends that you can search for with just a bit of knowledge to truly get the best out of the latest trending designer wallpaper for walls.

The basic trend that is on the rise this year is draping the walls with wallpaper and the quenchless thirst for people, which is not showing any sign of reducing.

Whatever type of taste you may have, there are various wallpaper ideas for almost every individual ranging from the trompe l’oeil and traditional florals to the modern and geometrical patterns for the architectural designs and animal motifs.


The development in the new printing techniques and the endings are constantly pushing off the boundaries along with the availability of the new substrates that makes them much more exciting.

1. Try the scenic murals

Selecting the ideas for scenic landscape wall mural ideas forms the massive storylines for the wallpaper trends for 2022 as it will bring about an amazing wall mural that transforms and captures the entire image.

You need not put your artistic flair to the test coming to the picture walls. There are several wallpapers designed perfectly for the job, with the illustrations rapidly adding an extra dimension to the tiny spaces.

The panoramic murals can easily transport you to yet another space, but when you select the nature-inspired designs, the boundaries between the indoors along without turn out to be blurred.

You can also turn to the images of escapism, such as the tropical pictorial wallpapers evoking the memories of the faraway shores, for the wallpaper schemes on relaxing bedrooms. Finish this appearance by selecting the furniture, bedding along with cushions in the earthy beige tones along with a pinch of ginger for complete immersive designs.

2. Try out the expansive patterns

The other interior design trend that is back with a bang in 2022 is Maximalism, and we are often predicting that the daring appearance is here to make its stay.

The living room decor ideas mainly reveal the wild side of the design world, being in bolder contrast that is extremely understated. More and more is achievable with an arresting mix of the pleating and patchworks along with the leopard prints blended with the stripes, metallic hides, and the stars.

3. Experiment with the floral prints

The interior designs in 2022 are looking more at the floral room decor, and it can be adapted for suiting to any space, whether it is contemporary, retro, or vintage. The new season designs have elevated the style stakes making it easier to work with the beautiful flowers that blend well with the decor.

Think about selecting the best color. The color Pantone you select will be the ruling factor of your decision when it comes to selecting the floral designs acting as a basis to pull your scheme together.

4. Be bold in wallpaper decor

The trends in color have honed out in the same way, with the neutral edges getting away from the gray and moving further towards the warmer tones beckoning the return of the brown furniture.

Never hold yourself back from the combination of the varied patterns and colors.

5. Select the Botanical prints

At the forefront of our minds, this year is sustainability and being joyous at home. The greater awareness of the finitude of our natural resources has led to an increased desire for repurposing, recycling, and repairing.

The repairs that are repairable are emphasized and celebrated with the help of the natural, durable materials that are championed. There are bolder greens that take over the midnight blues inviting the biophilic trend of wellness through the foliage and plants.

6. Select the dramatic graphics

It is in this year that we have all been in search of the structure and security within the chaos. There is an escalating requirement for imposing the systems for control and order in almost every aspect of life, ranging from dating apps to the wellness trends that have been growing in terms of their popularity.

7. Focus on the archaic designs

The unstable circumstances of the social and political unrest have led to the demand for designs reflecting the values of authenticity, trustworthiness as well as humanity.

Heritage and craftsmanship are celebrated, and we are quite familiar with the natural motifs that are being favored on the accent wall ideas. However, people are more inclined to select the black and white wallpaper designs that are circulating among almost every individual.

Ending notes

The beautiful wallpapers from Burke Decor are an ever-increasing trend this year. Your walls become the point of focus, offering various extraordinary statements on your walls as you can use the scenic beauty of the flowers along with the textures of the atmospheric panoramas.


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