Since a pencil smear on the wall is easier to clean up than stains from ink, parents usually permit their children to use pencils rather than ink pens. It goes without saying that your lovely wall will be used as a canvas if you have children in the house. You might frequently wonder how to take a pencil out of the wall. The marks on the wall can be removed using a few fairly easy techniques. These techniques may be successful to varying degrees depending on a variety of factors.

Methods to remove pencil stains

Use an art gum eraser

The art gum eraser may look similar to regular pencil erasers, but they are not the same. If you have a fragile wall covering, such as non-washable wallpaper, art gum erasers may be a better option because they are gentler than many pencil erasers on the market. To begin, use the art gum eraser to rub away the pencil marks. To avoid rubbing the marks, try moving from one end to the other of each mark. Professional cleaning services can resolve your problem, in a wink.

Mild soap

You can remove pencil marks, using water and mild dish soap. Add some dish soap to warm water in a bowl and mix well. Remove any pencil smudges by dipping a clean cloth into your solution and gently wiping them away. Use clean water to rinse away residue, and let your wall air dry. If you are unsure whether your wall can be washed, test a small area in a hidden corner with a solution of dish soap and water first. Pencil marks can cause trouble if you live in a rented apartment so it is a good idea to hire the expert services of a bond cleaning company.

Baking soda

The benefits of baking soda as a cleaning agent have become more apparent in recent years. Take a damp towel and apply a little baking soda on it. Apply the baking soda in small circular motions to the pencil marks, then remove it with a clean, wet cloth. The abrasiveness of the baking soda should help in erasing the pencil smudges and any other possible smearing.


For erasing pencil smudges off painted walls, use white toothpaste. The cleaning agents in your toothpaste can also be utilized to remove pencil smudges from painted surfaces. Squeeze a tiny amount of the paste from the tube onto a spotless, soft cloth. Rub the area of the wall with lead marks gently. To get rid of any toothpaste leftovers, dip the other end of the cleaning cloth in fresh water and gently rub the surface of the wall.

Magic sponge

To carefully remove pencil marks, use an eraser sponge that isn’t abrasive. To use the cleaning product, simply moisten the sponge, then wipe down the wall where the pencil traces were made. Scrub in small, circular motions for ideal results. If your children use both graphite and coloured pencils, eraser sponges are the best option. If you have wallpaper, you shouldn’t use eraser sponges since they will cause the wallpaper to peel.


Use a washcloth to apply the product to the marks you want to get rid of. The graphite in the pencil marks will be dissolved by the oil and alcohol in WD-40. Please remember that this mixture has the potential to damage paint and create an oily sheen on various drywall and wall coatings. Before applying it to a large area, test it on a small, inconspicuous area.


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