If you suffer from an achy back or unusual tiredness, your mattress might be at fault. This is because while sleep is a very crucial element of your overall health, your mattress is a very important factor affecting your overall quality of sleep.

It’s important to understand the ways in which your sleep is affected by your mattress, so that you can have more control over its effects and get a better quality of sleep and health.


Sleeping on a good mattress is linked to lower stress levels, which can obviously have a very positive effect on your overall health too.

But as your mattress gets older, it doesn’t offer the same quality of sleep required to deal with your stress, which means you may get little to no advantage in terms of your stress even after sleeping for enough hours every night.

While some mattresses may continue to be in a good shape even after 8 years, many of them may need to be replaced after being in use for a period of 8 years.


An old mattress often attracts millions of tiny dust mites. This is easily reflected in the fact that there about 20 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of these allergies every year.

While period cleaning of your mattress may help, it may not do much if your mattress has become too old.

Another important thing to keep in mind here is that you should consider getting a mattress protector when you buy your next mattress, so that your mattress can remain cleaner for a longer period of time, which would translate a considerably lower risk of allergies for you.

Back Pain

A large number of people suffer from back pain, but most of them don’t know that their mattress may be one of the biggest contributing factors to it.

Back pain can not only be caused by old mattresses, but also some poorly designed new mattresses like an ultra-plush mattress.

This is the reason many experts recommend sleeping on a mattress before buying it so that you can be sure of both the comfort and support it offers.

Perpetual Fatigue

A good night’s sleep is supposed to help make you feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up; if it doesn’t, you need to check if your mattress is offering the kind of sleep your body needs or it needs to be replaced.

Wear and Tear

Most mattresses undergo a lot of wear and tear as they get older, but when there’s a lot of wear and tear it can be very poor for your body.

When mattresses get too old and lumps start showing up, sleeping on them for a long time may lead to issues like body aches.

Other Health Hazards

When your mattress undergoes wear and tear, one of the common issues that emerges with your mattress is the springs ceasing to function well.

This directly translates to poor support your back which in turn could lead to a host of health hazards.


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