– Contemporary living room is something familiar nowadays. Almost people in this world love to use this design because it tends to give freshness and also can be a mood booster for us. However, some of them is over priced where it is not easy to apply if we don’t have enough budget.

We will share something which is easy DIY & Low Cost. Are you geared up to know about this one? Before going through to the design. Make sure you are ready to get what you would like to have.

Easy Budget Contemporary Living Room

easy budget contemporary living room

This design will be easy to apply since it would be a low cost living room design. The usage of wood coffee table also show it freshness.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

We can make sure this design should be the most lowest cost at all since it is easy to apply. This design use rough carpet with two coffee tables stand together.

contemporary living room on budget

If you are looking for contemporary living room which is easy to DIY then you must go with this one.

contemporary living room with two colors sofa

This one is quite costly between all those design shared here. However, we can say it still on budget design concept. So you are free to choose it.

easy diy contemporary living room

Are you in love with this design? If you wish to get simplicity of contemporary living room concept then you can choose this one. This also low cost budget and easy to DIY.

low cost contemporary living room

The wooden tile is really nice to see. We cannot imagine how great the atmosphere when we are there.

luxury contemporary living room on budget

Is it looks luxury at all? If you think so, then you are right. We know that this one is really simple but the sofa concept really make it more luxurious than the others.

on budget contemporary living room

Easy to DIY contemporary living room. The design above is really nice to see. You can also combine some wall decoration there.

simple contemporary living room

Simple living room with contemporary concept. If you love this design, you can also change the sofa color into pastel color. It should look beautiful!

simple stylish contemporary living room

Simple & stylish are the concept of the design above. We also love the white concept color which it tends to show softness of this design.

white contemporary living room

Now, what do you think about the design above? It looks a little bit crowded but for someone who loves with some accessories maybe you can go with this one.

That is what we can share to you about contemporary living room design. If you have other ideas to be given there. Please do not hesitate to shout your comment below. To design contemporary concept is not always costly or hard to do. We can also make it on budget and easy to DIY.


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