When the weather changes, it affects our lives in many ways, like our clothing, shoes, eating, etc. These changes require different adaptations from us. We have to take proper safety measures for ourselves according to weather changes. Therefore, weather changes are not negligible at all.

We have to take care of our expensive property along with self-care. Our house is our very personal property. Different severe weather changes affect it in many different ways. The roof of our home suffers a lot in both hot and cold environments.

The extreme weather changes may include heavy rainfall, prolonged sun exposure, thunderstorm, tornados, etc. This weather affects the lifespan of your house roof badly.

Here we will discuss some of the severe weather effects on the roof. How hot weather and cold weather affect the roof of your house differently. Click here for more information about roofing.

How hot weather affects the life of your roofing:

We usually never consider how much the hot weather affects the lifespan of our roof with its damaging UV rays.

  • Sun exposure:

The long-term exposure of an unprotected roof to the sun can cause a lot of damage to the roof’s surface. The exposure to dry, hot weather in return shrinks the roof. Roofs that are made up of wood become weak.

The tiles on the roof also become brittle, and the chances of their breakage increase. The only considerable solution for this is the coating of your roof.

  • Temperature changes:

Thermal shocks can also terribly damage your roofing. It affects the structure of your roof. During summers, the temperature is much higher than usual, and the temperature drops in the evening.

This sudden temperature change can cause rapid contraction and relaxation. These sudden changes can affect the framing of your roof.

  • Moss growth:

Suppose you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your roof correctly from time to time, so a lot of moisture locks on your roof. Then, during summers, on a hot sunny day,  the high temperature and presence of moisture provide favourable conditions for the growth of Moss.

It will, in return, damage the structure of your roof and make it weak. Proper insulation and maintenance of your roof will save your roofing from any significant damage and increase the life span.

How cold weather affects your roofing:

  • Heavy raining:

Heavy rain for an extended period is one of the most common phenomena observed in winters. Continuous rain can cause water accumulation on the roof’s surface if proper drainage is unavailable. You have to make sure that there is no water storage in the tiny puddles.

You have to maintain the roof and clear it properly from unwanted growth. If proper measures are not taken, there are chances that it will cause corrosion of your roof due to moisture.

  • High-speed winds:

High-speed winds can cause severe damage to your property. The intense winds can lose the placement of the tiles on your roof. This is mainly observed in international countries. Therefore, people have to focus on good material and proper renovation of their roofs.

If your roof is very old, you have to check it frequently and fix any tile missing or loose on time. Proper maintenance is essential for the durability of the roof.

  • Heavy snow falling:

Heavy snow falling can cause the bulk to accumulate on the roof. It is not easy for an old and not adequately maintained roof to carry that weight. People do not pay attention to it seriously and let it melt naturally. It is always recommended to remove the snow with a snow shovel.

There is a lot of snow removing methods available. However, you should seek professional help to remove the weight from your roof; otherwise, it will damage your roof.

Maintenance and Safety measures:

  • Correct roof installation is one of the most critical factors. Professionals should appropriately install it.
  • The material used in the roof should be of high quality. It decides the durability of your roof. It is a lifetime investment, so invest in good quality material.
  • Proper maintenance of the roof is essential, whether old or new. If any minor issue happens, fix it as soon as possible.
  • For the proper investigation and maintenance of your roof, you always need professional help. You should hire a reputable contractor for your replacement, installation, and maintenance.


From the mentioned key points, it is clear that weather conditions affect our home’s roofs severely. Therefore, every one of us must pay attention to the roof maintenance of our houses from day one.

It is highly recommended not to compromise on the quality of the roof material. Professionals are available in the market for proper consultation and services for roofing.


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