cleaning windows like professional – Are you having a problem while cleaning your windows? Do you know how to clean it properly without leaving a single dirt there. We will let you know how to professionally clean it and also we will give you extra tips to let you understand more about how to do that.

Cleaning Make it Easy

Cleaning windows is not difficult as we thought but the process really determine how clean it is. That is why, you have clean thoroughly by considering each edge of it. Clean windows are really important for our homes as it can give more brightness and also our home will look so beautiful.

Tips to Clean Windows

As we have stated before. We will give you tips how professionally clean windows without paying any service. All you need to do is to do preparation like below.

Clean in the morning

windows cleaning in the morning

Do you know that morning sunlight is really good for us and also if we clean something. It does not burn at all by leaving a footprint. That is why you must clean your windows in the morning or if it is not possible you can pick at evening.

Use a microfiber cloth

cleaning windows with microfiber cloths

Do not ever use except microfiber cloth because it will give some stains to your windows. You have to use the right one. Buy it right away if you do not have it. Do not try to use the other cloth unless it has the same material as microfiber.

Remove the dust first

You have to remove the dust first with wet cloth. Do not wipe it with dry cloth since it will scratch your windows and leaving a bad mark there.

Pick the right cleaner

We recommend you to choose the best cleaner in your country. Do not ever use the cheap one because it would be a terrible idea. Your windows could have some stain because of it.

Wipe from top to bottom

You have to wipe out from top to bottom to get a perfect result while cleaning your home windows. Make sure you have enough cleaner to do this. Then, you can let the cleaning water flow to the ground.

Dry it Once You Have Done

Do you know that you have to dry it when you have wipe it with wet cloth. Keep in your mind if you forgot to do this. Your windows will get lots of stain and it would be hard to clean it again.

Make sure, you understand all the steps above as it will help us to get a perfect result while cleaning our home windows. Do not ever skip one of them if you want to clean it like a pro. We hope you can enjoy this article and you can also read other article related to windows cleaning process here. Anyway, if you have any article to submit do not hesitate to submit home improvements to us.


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