A wooden gazebo is often given a name called Pergola. A pergola is like a shade way or a passageway located in a spacious garden. A wooden gazebo is given the same meaning as a pergola. It provides a shade and has an extension over the sides and it is placed either in your gardens or on your terrace. It is a perfect shade to sit and relax.

You can renovate the gazebos according to your choice or the theme of your garden or terrace but parallel to this all your wooden gazebos require special cleaning to stay long-lasting. You can check https://gardenandpatio.co.uk/collections/chunky-wooden-garden-furniture  to know more about wooden furniture.

In this article we are also going to focus on how to clean wood furniture. If you wish to know more about all sorts of wood furniture visit Garden and patio.

How to clean wood furniture? 

Some points that are going to be beneficial are stated below.

  • First it is important that you remove the dust off the wooden gazebos or garden furniture
  • Next make a weak solution involving both water and a dishwasher soap. Dip a clean cloth and wipe it off the wood furniture. You don’t need to opt for a damp cloth, rather rinse the cloth many times and let it dry.

Remove stains from wood

  • To remove stains like that off a cup of hot drink is to apply non-gel toothpaste over the stain and wipe it out.
  • If stains are very stubborn, take equal quantities of both baking soda and toothpaste and apply it over the stain. With the help of a cloth, wipe the toothpaste and let it dry. 

Erasing difficult marks on the wood

  • To remove hard stains like that of an ink use one tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of water. Mix both into a fine paste and rub it over the ink or other harsh spot. Then use a clean cloth and remove the stain. Once dry and finally toothpaste is wiped apply wood polisher to give a fine look.

Materials used for gazebo shade

To start with the fabrication of a shade the first thing to consider is the use of fabric and the material from which it is going to be made. The material is selected based on durability, ease of installation, and price.

  • Fabric 

To start with, the material of the shade fabric is the most common one. Fabric can be molded into the form of an umbrella or shade sails. Fabric is easily placed or installed over the shade. Fabric is not too costly and it is available in many different shades or colors as well. The main concern with fabric is that it is not durable and cannot be used as a permanent tool for the shade. You have to take it down and install a new one especially when there is heavy rain or storm.

  • Wood 

Another great option to be used for placing over the shade of the gazebo or pergola is wood, natural wood to be exact. It is far more flexible and pretty attractive. It is most commonly used because it adds beauty to the shade and it is inexpensive. You can easily install it over the shade. But we already know that everything has its drawbacks. Wood requires special attention especially during the rainy season as it may rot because of moisture. Secondly, it is also susceptible to insect or pests attacks.

  • Metals 

Metal is another great option for all gazebo lovers. Metal in the form of steel or aluminum is lightweight, strong, and pretty durable as well. It is far more durable as compared to the rest options. But it is very costly. And because of the high cost, it becomes difficult to opt for metal material for your shade. Therefore, people avoid using it and go for wooden material for their gazebos.

  • Vinyl 

 Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular these days. It is far more durable and strong as compared to steel or aluminum. It is highly corrosion-resistant and cannot become susceptible to pests or moisture. Vinyl is way too expensive compared to wood or metal material. Vinyl is used by people who want to go for a long-lasting tool for your shade in your garden. If you have an extra penny or buck you can go for vinyl but otherwise, the other two options are ideal to be used for your home garden-based patio or gazebo.


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