Whether you are planning to renovate your existing kitchen or you are making a new home from the scratch kitchen aesthetics is one of the major things to consider. You may not have to break down the walls to give your kitchen a fresh new look. If you are really keen in designing your kitchen you can choose the right accessories, right lights, and furniture and put them together in the right combination to achieve a good look. Here are some kitchen d├ęcor ideas.

Banquette seating

Cozy kitchen look the more aesthetic. Many designers use the technique of banquette seating to create an appealing kitchen. You can accentuate that by throwing in some pillows. You can also add some high shelves to display a collection of something you like.

Choose the right colors

Colors play a major role in making or breaking your kitchen. You should be clever enough to not choose a color that is dark enough to make your kitchen suffocating and dark and dingy and not all light colors to make it look boring and colorless. Adding splashes of light colors with a few solid colors can be a good idea. You can choose darker walls but lighter shelves and kitchen tops.

Play with patterns

If you are renovating your kitchen and have a built in kitchen nook you can be creative with that and transform the space. Here is where you can play with the patterns and solid colors. You can choose to paint your furniture white and throw in some cushions with colorful pattern. This will make your kitchen nook look brighter and bigger.

Add vibrant kitchen chairs

Kitchen chairs are one of the most essential parts of the kitchen. You can choose stools or chairs depending on the size of the space you have. Choose vibrant colors for your chairs but make sure they are in combination with the other accessories in your kitchen.

Add a wooden touch

For those of you who love the traditional, elegant, and rustic look for their kitchen then here is an advice. Add wooden touches to your kitchen. If you think that a completely wooden kitchen will look outdated and old then you can add accents that will give you the look without making it look outdated. You can do this by adding wooden chairs, or a wooden shelves to have a collection of your favorite crockery.

Add a chalkboard

This may look skeptical but it is a good way to involve your kids and other family members in the kitchen, doing groceries, and doing daily home chores. It will also look really trendy and unique. So, the chalkboard does not only belong in the classroom but in the kitchen too. You just have to be creative in positioning it in the kitchen.

Add open shelves

If you want to show off your aesthetic ideas and styling skills then you should definitely consider having an open shelf. You do not have to spend a lot of time thinking of what to put in those shelves. You can use a creative way to decorate your shelf with day to day crockery just styled in an aesthetic way. White platters, crystal glasses etc. can all be placed in those shelves.

Add earthy tones

Earthy colors can be really amazing for your kitchen. You can choose to paint your kitchen in neutral tones and play with those hues to brighten the kitchen up. So you can choose beige walls and olive green photo frame. You can add wooden dining table and yellow decoration pieces to make the kitchen unique. You may add plants to such a kitchen and it would add the bright pop to make your kitchen appealing.

Choose the right lights

Lights make the most of your kitchen. You can use the right lighting to make your kitchen look brighter and bigger. Whether you should get bigger ceiling lights or smaller ones depends on the space you have. So you can decide that better. However, choose something statement and make sure that lights do not over shadow other nice pieces in your kitchen for example, an antique dinner table or a piece of painting.

Organize your space

Storage is one the major things that you require in the kitchen. However, another aspect of it is to manage your space well. You can have a huge storage but if you do not know how to organize things in storage space. Make sure you keep your appliances inside cabinets so they do not look untidy as someone enters the kitchen and also because you do not want to spoil your kitchen appliances by letting them out in the dust. You may also not want to leave them plugged in the socket because you may lose them due to a Power Surge. For things like cookie cutters and other baking accessories you can use small basket. You can easily find them there while keeping your kitchen organized and reducing the need for a huge storage.

Lacquer finish

With a huge demand for kitchen renovation ideas the market has been flooded with a variety of materials that can be used to make a kitchen. The most modern and sleek material available is lacquer. Lacquer kitchens can transform your kitchen and make them look elegant and streamlined while being minimalistic. Lacquer comes in a lot of different colors so you have a huge variety to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen renovation can be a huge task. You want it to look appealing but at the same time it becomes tedious to keep it practical along with being aesthetic. It is important that you carefully go through all the options you have given your budget and then choose the best new fresh look for your kitchen.


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