– Monstera is an ornamental plant with aesthetic foliages. It has around 48 species. Each species has different shapes of its foliages such as Monstera Obliqua, Deliciosa, Minima, Dinnatipartita, Variegata, Dubia, and Adansonii. Monstera is native to South Africa, thus it is one of the tropical plants that can grow indoors and outdoors. Monstera plant for indoors is smaller than Monstera that thrives outdoors. Monstera Adansonii is one of the attractive species to thrive indoors. This plant thrives as a vine plant and standing plant. It will creep the ground and trail on anything around it.

In this article, we will discuss Monstera Adansonii: Tips and Ideas for Growing It in Your Home. By knowing various tips for caring for your monstera adansonii, you can get healthy and fresh ornamental plants. In addition, healthy and fresh ornamental plants will become more attractive and beautiful if you can display them properly. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss these topics. Let’s discuss!

Tips to Take Care of Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii needs several lists to maintenance this plant indoors. With proper care, this ornamental plant will grow well and provide beauty in the interior and exterior of your home. Here, we have short explanations to care about Monstera Adansonii.

  • Soil Requirements

Soil Requirements

The tropical plant likes to grow in rich soil. When bringing the tropical plant indoors, it is better to measure the ingredients of soil to grow them. Don’t put too much chemical fertilizer, but more compost is good. To guarantee this plant healthy, you can report it when it grows large or you see the roots appear from drainage holes. When you see the plant stops growing, repotting is important to keep them grow and get new nutrients.

  • Watering Schedule

Watering Schedule

This plant needs water when the soil starts to dry. You can check the humidity in the soil by using a humid meter. If you don’t have a humid meter, push your finger at least 2’’ in the soil to feel the humidity on your skin. Be careful if you see a yellow leaf that means the plant is overwatered and the brown edge on the leaf is the sign of underwatered plant. Make sure that the soil is completely dry before the next watering.

  • Light


Monstera Adansonii is a tropical plant, it loves sunlight but tolerates medium to low light. In their natural habitat, this plant lives in a tropical rainforest. The high humidity and exposure sunlight is their favorite element to grow them well. Put this plant near the window to get enough light.

  • Fertilizer


We have mentioned that Monstera Adansonii likes to get rich soil but it doesn’t need much fertilizer. This plant is not a great feeder because too much fertilizer may cause yellow leaves. Give it fertilizer once a month to upgrade nutrients in the soil. It is better to smoothen the surface of the soil before giving fertilizer to it.

Some Ideas to Trail Monstera Adansonii as Vine Plant

The vining plants such as Pothos, Scindapsus, and some species of Monstera look more attractive to create a trailing plant decor. The trailing idea helps the vining plant to determine its directions grow. Let’s see the ideas for the trailing monstera plant below.

  • Give One Stick on The Pot

Give One Stick on The Pot

Put a stick in the soil is an effective way to make a trailing plant. You can put one stick near the Monstera Adansonii vine plant to provide a medium for them to creep. It is a common idea to modify the vining Monstera and it leads the plant to grow straight to the sky. When it reaches the peak of a stick, you can propagate the stem from each note.

  • Hanging Plant to Grow Vigorously

Hanging Plant to Grow Vigorously

The simple idea to grow the vining plant is to hang it on the ceiling. It is a practical way to see their vining stems fall to the ground. This idea creates an aesthetic view in a room. It shows the vigorous growing plants when the pot is big. Thus, you can try this idea for your Monstera Adansonii vine plants.

  • Hanging Plant on The Knotting Rope

Hanging Plant on The Knotting Rope

This idea has the same vibe to hang Monstera Adansonii but it uses knotting rope to hang it. You may ever see the knotting artwork in Bohemian design. It makes your hanging Monstera looks more attractive. Even you can use the macrame rope to replace a wire hanger. However, using a long rope is useful to give a trail for your vining Monstera. This plant will creep straight on ropes or fall to the ground.

  • An Artistic Trail to Creep on The Wall

An Artistic Trail to Creep on The Wall

Hanging your Monstera Adansonii with the other plants is stunning to bring a garden-like nuance indoors. However, you need a long wooden stick or metal stick to hang these plants in one line. You can arrange the plants based on their ability to creep. Hang your Monstera Adansonii in the edge of the wooden stick to make it easy creeping in any direction. Besides, you can trail the vining stems on its wooden stick. It creates an illusion to creep on the wall.

  • Creep on The Wire Lamp

Creep on The Wire Lamp

The most attractive idea in this article is trailing the vining plant on the wire lamp. The long wire lamp is an interesting point to get a little bit of decoration. The natural green accent from the Monstera Adansonii vine plant is attractive enough to creep on the lamp. If you have other species of vining Monstera, try to creep them on a wire lamp. To start trailing this plant on your long wire lamp, you should put the Monstera pot near the lamp. The long vining stems will swirl aesthetically.

Thus our discussion about Monstera Adansonii: Tips and Ideas for Growing It in Your Home. Monstera is an ornamental plant with attractive foliages to thrive indoors and outdoors. This plant is a perennial plant and can grow vigorously in its natural habitat. When growing this plant indoors, it needs several requirements to grow well and adjust indoor air. Some Monstera species are vining plants. However, the long vining stems look stunning to trail on a certain medium. We hope this article enriches your knowledge to care for the Monstera Adansonii vine plant and inspires you to create an attractive trailing for them. Happy gardening!


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