– Rustic lampshade for table is a unique thing as it will give increase the aesthetic level of the room itself. There are many store which sale this stuff. However, we can also DIY it without spending lots of bucks and get the best result.

Why People Rustic Theme?

You may ask why people tend to use rustic theme instead of the other theme itself. The answer is rustic can be combined with many theme. Two of them classical and modern way. It is all depend on how you apply it.

Classic Concept

rustic farmhouse lampshade table

If you love classic rustic theme for your lampshade then you can follow one of the design above. It is really a nice start to go as we can apply it easily. You can also DIY it.

Modern Concept

modern rustic lampshade

Do you love the design above? If you tend to redesign your rustic theme combined with modern way for your lampshade then it also a good choice. There are many stores which sale this one as you cannot DIY it. It’s kinda difficult to do.

Why Implement Rustic Lampshade?

The reason why we must implement rustic lampshade both for our living room and bedroom. It is because the classical way that this theme give. We love rustic and everyone love it. The main thing you have to know, we can also DIY it if we are lack of budget or we want to challenge ourself to create it.

How to DIY Rustic Lampshade?

Oak wood is usually used to create this DIY. You can fill you creativity while creating it. Actually there are no border if you wish to make it. All you need to do is to prepare all the equipment and you also need to read some books about woodworking skill.

Before you begin doing DIY. You can buy the oak wood first or you can also use Hickory wood on your local store. It should be easy to find and its quite cheap than oak. It depends on you anyway.

Rustic Lampshade Design Ideas

We have talk about DIY process of its rustic lampshade. Now, you can check the design ideas. We have sorted the best lampshade in rustic way only for you. You can check it out, if you love it you can also buy it. But one of them can also be DIY by yourself.

diy rustic lampshade rustic lampshade for table rustic lampshade table

Where to Buy Rustic Lampshade?

If you do not know where to buy it. Do not worry about that. There are many marketplace such as Ebay, Amazon, and the most popular IKEA that sell this kind of stuff. If you have extra money on your pocket then we recommend you to buy it rather than to create it. If we do not have enough woodworking skill then it will be hard to make it.

Alright guys, that is all what we can share in this article. Lampshade is one of the most important factor if you wish to give decoration for room. This one can give an extra atmosphere if you can blend it. Of course, it can improve your home. Hopefully, you love the idea of rustic lampshade from us.


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