Monitoring electrical safety in the workplace on a regular basis should be an essential part of your safety procedures, particularly across industries where you’re dealing with many different workplace hazards. A large part of the safety in electrical systems is to make sure it is grounded. Electrical grounding ensures that your system has a backup if a fault occurs in your system. If you believe your electrical system isn’t grounded, you will need to contact a professional industrial electrician in Perth to come and inspect your system and make the necessary changes.

What is electrical grounding?

In an electrical circuit, you have a number of different wires which allow your end device to receive electricity. The active wire is the wire that carries the electrical current, the neutral wire carries this power back, and the grounding wire gives the electricity an optional path to return into the ground. Electricity always takes the shortest path to the earth, so having the grounding wire in place ensures that all problems with the neutral wire are accounted for.

Why do you need electrical grounding?

Electrical grounding is an essential part of keeping your workplace and employees safe, as it offers a safe path into the ground without causing any damage to workers in the event of a short circuit.

1. Overload Protection

A power surge can happen in any workplace, and you’ll want to make sure your electrical system is grounded to deal with the high amounts of electricity that the surge creates. If you don’t have electrical grounding, the appliances and devices that you have plugged in would receive an overwhelming amount of electrical current and lead to them being damaged beyond repair. If your workplace relies on appliances and devices, you’ll want to make sure they’re being protected by these overload events.

2. Preventing Injury in the Workplace

Ultimately, the safety of your employees is the number one priority in your workplace, so you’ll need to make the necessary arrangements in reducing risks wherever you can. In some events where there is a large amount of electricity present, there is also the potential of a fire starting, which puts your workplace and the employees at risk of injury or death.

3. Distributing Power

With your electrical system properly grounded, it makes it more simple for you to distribute the desired amount of power in the necessary places. This can also help you to not overload circuits or blow any fuses. The earth is a common reference point for the voltage sources in your workplace’s electrical system, helping to provide a stabilised level of voltage throughout the system.

Electrical Inspection

It’s not worth the risk of putting your employees in danger, so you should always have a licensed electrician Perth to conduct an electrical inspection in your workplace. The electrician can help to determine if your electrical system is grounded and can make the necessary changes to ensure your workplace has the appropriate modern safety requirements in place. Even if you are certain that your electrical system is grounded, it’s important to have regular inspections to see if everything is in appropriate working condition.


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