If you’re planning to replace your pipe lining, you should know that there are several options on the market. One of the best is CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe lining. As its name suggests, all of the relining and plumbing rehabilitation takes place within the drain and sewer lines. There is no digging, uprooting or otherwise disrupting your home or business’ yard to access the pipes. As a trenchless solution, CIPP is one of the most popular choices thanks to its long-lasting durability and efficacy.

What Is CIPP Lining?

CIPP is affordable and highly effective. Even if pipes have experienced drain damage from age or erosion, CIPP can still help to improve water flow and avoid build-up that leads to leaks and clogs. This resin lining solution relies on an epoxy agent to push dirt, debris and other contaminants out of your sewer line while reinforcing its stability.

Dislodging clogs from the line is an added benefit of the installation process.

A resin digital scale for pipelining is used to measure the appropriate amount of material for your line before it is applied to the liner. The liquid resin poured onto the tube is hardened through air pressure and steam; this creates an adhesive against the existing wall of your pipe line that protects it against future corrosion.

CIPP is so effective that it’s not only used in trenchless sewer repair; you will also find this eco-friendly method in HVAC and fire suppression.

Why You Need to Line Your Pipes

Over time, the interior coating of pipes erodes. Old, cracked and corroded sewer lines are more likely to leak and have problems. Lining pipes is an effective way to repair a sewer line without having to replace it entirely.

Homes and businesses can save up to 75 percent of the cost of a replacement by relining their pipes instead. Another major reason to look into pipe lining is damage prevention; sewer lines can be invaded by tree roots. Tree root damage to a sewer line can lead to cracks, leaks and back-up in toilets, sinks and tubs.

Lining your pipes will remove any dirt or debris trapped in the line as well as reinforce it so it is protected against future tree root damages. CIPP lining is made of resin, which creates an extremely hard and durable wall that keeps your water flowing smoothly.

Is Lining Your Sewer Line Worth It?

Old pipes and sewer lines experience natural wear-and-tear that reduces their performance. You may notice that your home sinks drain slowly or you frequently experience back-up. Sluggish flow contributes to clogs, which can grow bigger over time even if water is able to slowly move around them.

When a clog gets too big, it cracks pipes and causes expensive leaks. In severe cases, flooding can occur, which destroys your yard and requires thousands of dollars in repairs and water damage restoration.

Because the complete breakdown of a pipe takes decades, you likely don’t need to pay the cost of a total replacement upfront. Instead, you can use CIPP lining to protect your sewer and drain pipes for a fraction of the cost. The entire restoration process can be just as effective as a total replacement, but it does not have any of the disruption caused by a trench-based repair.

The Benefits of CIPP Pipe Lining

Improved Performance

You will find that pipe relining makes your drains work much faster due to improved water flow. Because the installation of CIPP flushes the line as well, any debris or dirt that had built-up over the years will be pushed out.

Minimal Disruption

Installing CIPP lining is a much faster process than other types of repair and replacement methods; it only takes a few hours rather than several weeks to completely restore your sewer line.

Your Yard Is Protected

Traditional sewer repair and replacement requires digging up most of your front yard. This means your grass, flowers, foliage and landscaping are destroyed in the process. But trenchless solutions like CIPP leave your yard mostly intact, so you won’t have to worry about losing more money or having to rebuild your entire yard from scratch.

You Pay Less

Because many sewer line repairs are not covered by insurance, you are solely responsible for covering the costs. Services can quickly add up, and with a total replacement, you’re looking at thousands of dollars. Resin lining with CIPP is much more affordable because labor costs are drastically reduced.

It Lasts for Years

CIPP is long-lasting and effective. You won’t have to worry about any problems arising shortly after or needing a sewer replacement once you reline your pipes. You’ll have years of flawless plumbing performance and zero stress.

If you want to learn more about CIPP and trenchless sewer repair options, contact us today


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