– The decoration is something that you can use to beautify the interior of your living room. You can use various types of decorations that you want in the living room. One of the decorations that you can choose is from natural sources. For example, you can use ornamental plants in your living room. You can use small to large ornamental plants according to your needs. One of them is succulents in a variety of creative concepts. Growing succulent indoors is a little bit tricky for some people. Even they need to know the characteristics of the plant before thriving them indoors. Besides, the attractive succulents have a decorative function or add tropical nuance. Thus, we have 16 Types of Succulents for Your Living Room Decoration. Let’s discuss!

  1. Haworthia

Haworthia is the kind of succulent. It has white striped lines on each leaf. Thus, this succulent looks attractive to put in your living room. Besides, the textured and spiky leaves are stunning to bring a natural impression to your living room. Haworthia plant is good to thrive in a small pot or a big pot with other succulents.


Ahead, some people like to thrive in Haworthia with dry materials like stone and sand. Since it is succulent, Haworthia is water-resistant. Thus, you can water this plant once when the soil is dry. However, this plant loves the bright indirect sunlight.

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  1. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a type of succulent that has small flowers. Some Kalanchoe has red flowers and yellow flowers. Thus, this flowery succulent will decorate your living room perfectly. Moreover, this plant is easy to grow. You only need to prune the leaf and put it on the ground.


Furthermore, this plant is interesting as a window’s thrill. These thick-leaved tropical succulents are beneficial to add a natural accent to your living room. To ensure the Kalanchoe blooms, you need to put this plant in the right spot. Kalanchoe loves lots of bright indirect light. Moreover, it requires less water every three weeks and only when the soil is dry.

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  1. Echeveria Agavoides Aquamarine

Echeveria has various types to choose from. Thus, you can pick the Echeveria plant to decorate any room with different types. This succulent comes in an array of different shapes and colors. Even all Echeveria stand out through the striking rosette appearance.

Echeveria Agavoides Aquamarine

Moreover, most Echeveria varieties are pet-friendly too. For maintenance, Echeveria loves the bright direct sunlight, but it can handle bright indirect light as well. Then, the watering schedule depends on the soil condition. Thus, water your Echeveria every two to three weeks in direct light. Then, allow the soil to dry out between the watering.

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  1. Snake Plant

The snake plant is easy to grow. This plant is the best for the beginner who wants to grow an indoor plant in the living room. A snake plant with a medium size looks good to put in the corner of your living room. This succulent can grow six to twelve inches tall.

Snake Plant

Moreover, it is a water-resistant plant. Thus, you can water this plant every two weeks. Then, allow the water to wet the soil. Even you can let it dry between watering. For your notes, do not overwater this plant or the soil will be soggy and kill it slowly.

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  1. Peperomia

Peperomia is an attractive leafy plant. Their leaves are glossy and thick. Thus, you can pick this plant to be your indoor plant. The baby Peperomia brings a tropical nuance to the living room. Since this is succulent, it loves the bright indirect light. Even this plant adjusts the low light.


For maintenance, Peperomia requires adequate water every one to two weeks. Also, this plant is safe for your pet like cats and dogs. Thus, if you keep this plant healthy and have enough nutrients it can grow the white flowers and make it looks more interesting.

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  1. Dracaena White Bird

Dracaena White Bird is an ornamental plant with white lines on the green leaves. This plant looks like a bush. Thus, it looks amazing to grow in your living room. Since all Dracaena plants are succulent, it is water-resistant. Also, this plant is doing well in a new environment. Thus, Dracena is good for the beginner to have an indoor plant.

Dracaena White Bird

Ahead, the Dracaena requires water when the soil is dry. Even you will the sign when this plant is thirsty. For example, you will see the withered leaves and the leaves are pale. In addition, this plant tolerates the bright direct light, but it is better to grow this plant in bright indirect light in low light.

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  1. Bunny Ears Cactus

Bunny Ears Cactus is the kind of cactus plant. As its name, this plant has a bunny ear leaf. This plant looks attractive to thrive in your living room. Moreover, the bunny ears cactus is a low-maintenance plant. Even it can grow well in minimal water and dry sandy soil.

Bunny Ears Cactus

Besides, this plant loves full sunlight. Then, the south or west-facing window is the best place for this cactus. Thus, it adjusts to anywhere you want to put them on. For the watering schedule, you can water this plant once every two to three weeks. Since this is succulent, the bunny ears cactus can stand in overwatering pot. Then, you should let the soil dry between the watering.

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  1. Hoya Australis

Hoya Australis is a perennial plant with attractive foliage. Their leaves are oval and have shiny, waxy surfaces. Also, this plant looks nice to thrive indoors in your living room. Their glossy leaves add a natural accent to the room’s interior. The new foliages are red-hued and will turn green as it matures.

Hoya Australis

Furthermore, this plant is easy to care for. Even you can put this plant in bright indirect light. For the best nutrients, you can put them for a few hours in the early morning to help them improve the chance of blooming. Also, this plant tolerates high humidity and low temperatures. Ahead, you can prune the dead leaves to keep them healthy.

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  1. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is also known as Crassula. This succulent is stunning to be your indoor ornamental plant. Since this plant loves bright indirect light, you can put them near the window. Moreover, good maintenance will grow them massively. Also, you can fertilize this plant once every six months.

Jade Plant

Moreover, it is important to water your jade plant regularly. Besides, never fertilize this plant when the soil is dry, as it will damage the roots. For the pruning schedule, you can do it when the plant needs stem cutting. Then, take the stem cutting to grow a new Jade plant in another pot.

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  1. Aloe

Aloe is a popular succulent to grow indoors. It is a thorny plant with thick leaves. Thus, Aloe can be your choice to grow in your living room to get a tropical accent. Moreover, this plant prefers a dry atmosphere with bright indirect light. Also, Aloe tolerates the bright direct light.


Moreover, Aloe is a low-maintenance plant. It lives well in a warm place. Even you can give them minimal water. Thus, it is good to water this plant every two to three weeks. Also, you can check the plant before watering them. First, you can touch the thorny leaves. You will feel the leaves and analyze the fleshy leaves whether it is tender or thick.

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  1. Ice Plant

Ice plant is a unique succulent. This plant has eccentric leaves. Even you can identify this plant through the thick leaves. Since it has attractive leaves, you can take this succulent to beautify your living room. This succulent looks good to thrive in a hanging pot or a small pot.

Ice Plant

Furthermore, the Ice plant is water resistant. Then, you can water this plant every two to three weeks. For your notes, you need to do regular checking on the top of the soil. Even you can check the humidity in the soil with your finger. Moreover, put this plant in the right spot like the window sill or anywhere to get full sun.

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  1. String of Pearls

The string of pearls is a kind of succulent with decorative strings. You will the strings are full of green pearls. Thus, this plant is stunning to thrive indoors. For your information, this plant is also known as Senecio rowleyanus. Those green strings make it an eye-catching option for the indoor ornamental plant.

String of Pearls

Moreover, this succulent adjusts to the bright indirect light and it is nice to put them near the window. Despite this, you can move this plant from the window to avoid sunburn on the leaves. Since this is succulent, it can’t tolerate overwatering. Thus, you can water this plant every two to three weeks when the weather is warm and mild. Also, it only needs once a month to water the soil in the winter.

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  1. Sempervivum Plant

The Sempervivum plant is a rosette succulent with various colors. For example, the thick leaves may look like the Echeveria Plant. Despite this, Sempervivum has more colors on the leaves like purple, yellow, and deep red. Also, it has various sizes that look good to grow in the same pot.

Sempervivum Plant

Furthermore, Sempervivum is also known as Hen and Chick plant. This plant is pet friendly. Since this is succulent, this plant tolerates both cold and hardy and is easy to care for indoors. Thus, you need to provide it with bright direct to indirect light. Then, water this plant every two to three weeks.

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  1. Double Ball Cactus

Ball cactus is an amazing cactus to bring a tropical impression to your living room. This plant suits any room interior. Even it will thrive well in bright direct light and partial sunlight. Despite this, this plant needs minimal water. Then, you can water this plant when the soil is dry.

Double Ball Cactus

Ahead, the ball cactus prefers sandy and well-drained soil, like other cacti. Also, it tolerates the full sun, in case you want to put them outdoors. For decorative purposes, you can thrive on this plant with other cacti. Generally, the ball cactus uses a small pot that makes it looks cute.

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  1. Zz Plant

The Zz plant is the acronym of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. It is a perennial plant with glossy leaves. ZZ plant has wide and dark green leaves. Even you can bring this plant into your room. Generally, the Zz plant will grow wider, then it needs a medium to a big pot.

Zz Plant

Since it is a perennial succulent, you need to pay attention to the watering schedule. Maintenance, it requires water when the soil is dry. As for watering, it needs once every two to three weeks. Also, do not put this plant in intense direct sun. The right option is the spot with medium to bright indirect sunlight.

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  1. Gasteria Plant

The Gasteria plant looks like the Haworthia. This succulent has fewer white lines on each leaf. Also, it is catchy to be your indoor ornamental plant. The Gasteria plant has wide and thick textures. Besides, some Gasteria plant has dark green leaves and a resemblance to the Aloe plant.

Gasteria Plant

Since it is succulent, the Gasteria plant lives well in bright indirect light. Also, this plant is water resistant. Like all succulents, it needs minimal water every two to three weeks. In addition, this plant is a low-maintenance succulent. You can simply give it water when the soil is dry.

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Thus our discussion of 16 Types of Succulents for Your Living Room Decoration. You can choose and combine succulents according to your creativity. Moreover, you can also combine succulents with other decorations in an impressive way. The succulent is an attractive plant to grow indoors. Even this plant tolerates any circumstances. Some succulents thrive well in full sun and bright indirect light. Moreover, there are many succulents you can pick to grow indoors. We hope the ideas above are useful for you to get the right ornamental plant. Happy gardening!


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