– An ornamental plant is an essential element in home design. This plant will beautify the interior and exterior design. Most people like to put an ornamental plant in the room. There are various types of plants to grow as ornamental plants. The plants in this article can grow from cutting. So, you can grow more plants in other rooms. For that, let’s discuss 21 Ornamental Plants That Can Grow from Cutting. You can creatively choose and combine the various ideas that we will discuss in this article. Create the refreshing garden you want in your home. Let’s see the lists below!

  1. African Violet

African violet is a beautiful flower. It has violet flowers and dark green leaves. This plant is a sub-tropical plant. So, it grows well in a warm environment. It is a special flowery plant. You can grow this plant by cutting the tip of the plant. Besides, the cutting tip needs good maintenance.

African Violet

You can’t overwater the cutting plant. The cutting plant needs more time to grow roots. Thus, it will rot if it gets lots of water. The best place to grow the cutting plant is near the window or a sunny place.

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  1. Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen)

A new gardener needs to grow an easy-growing plant. So, they can explore the gardening stuff more. If you are a beginner, you can start with the Chinese Evergreen plant. It is a green plant with white accents. This plant has a thick stem. Besides, you can grow this plant by cutting the tip of the plant.

Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen)

First, use a sharp scissor to cut the plant. Cut off a few inches long stem. Then, put it in the water on a window sill. You need to provide enough sunlight, so it can grow roots. Once the root is growing, you can take the stem and plant it into the pot or soil.

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  1. Begonia

The creeping plant is easy to prune. Some creeping plant needs regular pruning because they grow massively. We show this Begonia plant to you. It is a creeping plant with aesthetic green leaves. The foliages are beautiful with white freckles.


Besides, this plant can grow from cutting. You can cut the tip or stem. Make sure that you use a clean and sharp knife. The best part to cut is the old stem. It has a darker color than other stems. Then, put the cutting stem in a cup of water. Next, it needs bright indirect sunlight, so you should put it in a warm place.

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  1. Christmas cactus

Most cutting plants are succulents. It is various plants with thick stems. Despite this, some succulents are hard to grow in water. It prefers a humid place with rich soil. Let’s see this Christmas cactus. It is a flowery cactus with many stems. Every stem has many nodes.

Christmas cactus

Thus, you can cut off the node to grow a new plant. Then, put the tip of the stem in water. Besides, you can put it on rich soil. It needs regular watering to make a humid environment to grow roots. Thus, you will get a new Christmas cactus and plant it in a new pot.

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  1. Coleus

A popular cutting plant is a woody plant. It has a woody stem that can grow roots. Let’s see this plant. It is a Coleus plant.  Coleus is also known as a Chinese rose. It has a woody stem and scarlet leaves. The beautiful foliages are look like roses. So, you can grow this plant as a colorful accent in your room.


If you want to get more Coleus plants, you can cut off the stem. You need to cut the tip of the plant. It is the easier part to grow roots. Then, put it into a bottle of water. You need to wait for the process. Make sure that you change the water twice a week. Then, put it on a sunny window. It will grow roots.

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  1. Crassula (Jade Plant)

A succulent is water resistant. It can live in a hard environment. Besides, the succulent has a thick stem to save minerals. Thus, it can live a long life with this stem. Also, this fleshy stem is useful to grow a new plant. For example, this Jade plant is easy to grow with the cutting tip.

Crassula (Jade Plant)

This plant has a fleshy stem. You can cut the tip of the stem, then put it in the water. The cutting tip will grow some roots. Besides, you can plant it in rich soil. It will naturally grow the roots in the soil. Then, you need to mist this cutting plant when the soil is dry.

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  1. Dracaena (Ti Plant)

An attractive Dracaena plant is a common houseplant. Many people grow this plant indoors.  Some Dracaena plant is a drought tolerant. So, it can live well in a hard place. Besides, this plant can grow from cutting. The tip and stem cutting is the easiest way to grow Dracaena. Then, you will get more Dracaena plants.

Dracaena (Ti Plant)

First, cut the stem by using a sharp knife or scissors. It has a hard stem, then you will more effort. After that, prepare a pot with potting mix. Then, dig the soil and put the Dracaena in the hole. This plant will grow if it gets good maintenance.

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  1. Ficus elastica Rubby (Rubber Plant)

The indoor plants are interesting to decorate a room. It is stunning to have colorful plants in a certain spot. Thus, you can take the Ficus Elastica into your list. It is an interesting indoor plant with various types. Ficus Elastica is also known as a Rubber plant. Almost all Ficus Elastica can grow from cutting. Thus, you can thrive more Rubber plants in your home.

Ficus elastica Rubby (Rubber Plant)

This plant is easy to grow from the tip cutting. You can cut the tip of an older or a young stem. There are two ways to grow the roots. It will grow roots in a bottle of water. Also, it can grow in the soil. So, you can pick the efficient way to grow the Rubber plant.

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  1. Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

Some ornamental plants have the same species. Despite this, it has a different color. For example, this is the Ficus plant. It is a weeping fig or Ficus Benjamina. Maybe you ever see it in a garden along the street. Ficus Benjamina is easy to grow. So, you will find this massive growing plant in a street garden.

Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

Ficus Benjamina can grow roots from a cutting tip. It is easy to grow roots. Ficus Benjamina only needs enough water after you plant it in the soil. Also, it needs sunlight to stimulate its growth. Thus, you can plant some cutting tips, if you want to create a simple garden.

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  1. Fittonia

Some creeping plants are attractive. It can grow in any environment. Let’s take a look at this example. This is Fittonia or Nerve plant. It has beautiful foliages. Fittonia has dark green foliage with white nerve patterns. This small plant is interesting to grow in a small pot.


Furthermore, Fittonia is easy to grow from cutting tips. You can cut off the tip of plants. Then, put it into a glass of water. Fittonia will grow roots after seven days. Thus, you can grow Fittonia plants with various colors in the same pot.

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  1. Hedera (Ivy)

We will meet another creeping plant. It is the Hedera plant or Ivy plant. Hedera has various types, such as English Ivy. This plant has small stems and bushy leaves. Some people grow this plant in a hanging pot. It prefers well-draining soil. Thus, the hanging pot will let their roots breathe freely.

Hedera (Ivy)

Besides, you can grow the Hedera plant by cutting the stem. The long stem is useful to grow new roots. Take a sharp scissor to cut the stems. Then, put those stems in a glass of water. It needs more time to grow the roots before planting them in the soil.

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  1. Helxine (Baby’s Tears)

A cute baby’s tears or Helxine plant is interesting. It is stunning to decorate your kitchen or bathroom. This plant loves humidity. So, it will grow massively in a moist place. Moreover, this tiny plant can grow in a small pot. Then, it won’t take up lots of space in your room.

Helxine (Baby's Tears)

Moreover, this plant can grow by cutting the stem. It has tiny stems. You can cut off some stems and plant them in the soil. Make sure that the soil has enough nutrients. Then, it needs moist soil. So, you should mist the soil after planting this plant.

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  1. Impatiens

Do you like colorful flowers? If you do like it, you will love this Impatiens plant. It is a flowery plant. Many types of Impatiens plants that you can choose from. There are pink, red, and white flowers from the Impatiens plant. It looks attractive to grow this plant in a hanging pot.


Besides, you don’t need to buy lots of Impatiens plants. You can grow them by cutting them. It is an efficient way to prune the master plant and get some new plants. Thus, it is interesting to grow the cutting Impatiens with different colors.

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  1. Maranta (Prayer Plant)

Thriving a creeping plant is attractive to decorating a certain spot like the wall. Also, a creeping plant is versatile to grow anywhere. Let’s meet at the prayer plant or Maranta. This is a kind of prayer plant with creeping stems. You will see a beautiful pattern on the leaves. It is a fishbone accent with dark shades.

Maranta (Prayer Plant)

The prayer plant is easy to grow by cutting the stem. You can choose a long stem. Then,  cut it under the node. This cutting stem will grow the roots easily. You can put it in glass water or plant it directly in the soil. It needs a humid place to grow the roots. Thus, regular watering is a must-to-do list.

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  1. Monstera

A tropical plant is a favorite plant to grow in a warm place. You will see a beautiful Monstera plant in a room. It is a common plant to create a natural impression. This tropical plant is easy to thrive in bright indirect light. Monstera is a massive growing plant. So, it needs regular pruning.


When you wanna prune the Monstera stem, you should cut the stem under a node. It is useful to grow a new Monstera plant from this cutting stem. After pruning the Monstera plant, then put all cutting stems in a bowl of water. It will grow new roots before you plant them in the soil.

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  1. Peperomia

A green plant has a natural impression on interior design. Thus, you can put an ornamental plant in your room. The Peperomia plant will be a nice choice for your room. It has light green leaves. Also, every leaf has a unique shape. The circular leaves are attractive to decorate the room.


Moreover, Peperomia can grow by cutting the tip of the plant. It is easy to grow a new Peperomia plant. You can cut the baby’s Peperomia and plant it in the soil. The young plant is easier to grow. Then, you can cut them into some cutting tips. After that, plant the cutting tip in the soil. Even, it is interesting to plant them around the Peperomia plant.

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  1. Philodendron

What is your favorite creeping plant? Many creeping plants offer a beautiful appearance. This is another creeping plant. Philodendron Micans is an attractive green plant. It is a type of Philodendron plant. Philodendron Micans has dark green foliage. Also, you will see a different shade between the young leaves and the older leaves.


Both types of leaves are useful to grow a new Philodendron plant. You need to prune this plant when the stems are growing like bushes. Then, don’t throw them into the trash. You can grow a new Philodendron Micans from the cutting stem and tip.  You can put them in a bowl of water and wait for the roots to grow. After that, you can move the cutting stem and tip into the soil.

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  1. Pothos

A hanging plant is attractive to give an accent to a room. It is a creative planter for interior design. Then, you can grow the Pothos plant in this hanging planter. Pothos has various types and colors. We will show this Golden Pothos to you. It is a green Pothos with golden shades. The golden pothos is interesting to decorate a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even the porch.


Some Pothos plants are easy to grow outdoors or indoors. The key to getting a massive growing Pothos is cutting their stems. Once your Pothos grows many stems, you can cut the stems. Then, plant the stems in the soil. Besides, it can grow roots in a glass of water too.

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  1. Pilea cadiereI (Aluminum Plant)

Collecting some ornamental plants is useful to create a mini garden. You can grow many plants indoors or outdoors. First, you can start it from a small plant, such as a cutting plant. For example, this Aluminum plant is easy to prune. It can grow new by tip cutting.

Pilea cadiereI (Aluminum Plant)

If you give enough water to this cutting tip, it will grow healthily. Besides, you can plant it in a small pot and bring it to any room. The Aluminum plant can grow massively like a bush. Thus, you need to repot this plant when it grows new baby plants.

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  1. Poinsettia

Some woody plants are easy to grow by cutting. The woody stem is beneficial to grow roots in the soil. Let’s see this plant. It is Poinsettia. This plant has red and green foliage. You will see it like a flowery plant at first gaze, but it is the red leaves. This plant can adjust the indoor and outdoor environment.


If you wanna grow more Poinsettia plants, you can cut the stem. Then, plant the stem in the soil. It is an easy way to grow more plants. Make sure this plant gets enough sunlight and water.  You will know it grows well the leaves are fresh and shining.

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  1. Croton

Some ornamental plants have species with different shapes, colors, and sizes. Let’s take the Croton plant as an example. This colorful plant has unique foliage. Maybe, you ever see this plant, but in a different species. Croton has some colors on the leaves. There are yellow, red, orange, and green shades.


This plant is easy to grow from a cutting tip. Thus, you can plant the cutting tip in the soil. The important element is the nutrient in the soil. Give enough nutrients for this plant to grow. Once the cutting tip is growing, you will see healthy leaves from this plant.

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Thus our discussion of 21 Ornamental Plants That Can Grow from Cutting. Croton is our last discussion in this article. There is a bunch of plants that can grow from cutting. We have ornamental plants to grow a new plant. The important thing to highlight is the soil nutrients. Also, good maintenance has a big impact on their growth. Don’t overwater or underwater the cutting plant. It is very sensitive because they try to grow new roots. Hopefully, you can grow more plants from the stem and tip cutting. Happy gardening!


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