Decorating and designing your garden is one of the essential experiences of summer. A great way to upgrade the atmosphere and appearance of your garden is to add a backyard fountain. There are many options for purchasing a traditional or modern outdoor fountain in terms of cost and presentation, which means there is sure to be a fountain that fits in perfectly for your backyard.

Contrary to popular belief, adding in a fountain for your backyard or outdoor space is unlikely to have any impact on your water bill or usage. A pump system usually recycles the water in a garden fountain. For most fountains, the water is replaced manually. Thankfully, this process is relatively straightforward.

Outdoor fountains are usually equipped to handle any type of weather and use minimal electricity. There are even a few higher-end garden fountains out there that don’t require electricity and are solar-powered instead. In any case, owning and maintaining a garden fountain is easy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider adding a fountain to your garden this season.

Peaceful Atmosphere

For home and garden enthusiasts, the backyard is an extension of your living space. One of the easiest ways to enhance the atmosphere of this outdoor space is with a garden fountain. Fountains add a relaxing and zen soundscape to the garden and inspire you and your family to spend more time outside.

The calm and peaceful effect of a fountain turns your backyard into a natural retreat that fits perfectly with the summer and fall heat waves. The presence of water in the backyard is also reportedly great for keeping up with the central principles of feng shui by adding in the water element. Large garden fountains can also boost the humidity in the near vicinity, which can be beneficial for many plants.

Appearance and Design

Fountain designs range from the contemporary and modern to the traditional and ornamental. Many fountain designs provide a talking point for guests and are an attractive boost to your backyard space. For example, a garden fountain that sits in the middle of the garden is a great focal point around which the rest of the yard is centered. For this type of setup, you will need a rounded fountain. Many fountains are only built to be backed up against a fence or outside wall.

For many gardens, a fountain is a great way to boost a corner where the plants are less colorful or well-organized. There are many plants designed for pairing with fountains that provide a more tropical display to fit in with the water. Here are a few ideas for planting around fountains that can be helpful for outdoor planning this summer.

Alternatively, there are many designs for fountains that fit in best when surrounded by rocks, gravel, or sand. These fountains typically stay away from rounded edges and have a clean, simplified, and modern presence. A well-arranged fountain can visually elevate your garden and is often worth adding to your garden for this reason alone.

Sound and Ambiance

When shopping for a garden fountain, you may notice that many of the options available are priced higher or lower based on the sound they create. Usually, the less noisy fountains are more expensive, whereas the louder fountains are cheaper because of the water movement they require to operate. However, picking up a completely noiseless fountain may not be the best option.

The sound provided by a garden fountain can go a long way in creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, the fountain noise can be helpful for blocking out the sounds of nearby urban life, such as noisy neighbors, streets, or highways.

If you are interested in a garden fountain for reducing urban noise, then the lower-priced options available may be more useful. Make sure to consider the size of the fountain and the distance the water drops when trying to estimate what kind of sound the fountain will create.

Increased Property Value

Adding a garden fountain can make an immediate impact on the backyard’s appearance and ambiance while carrying a few long-term benefits. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, a backyard fountain can help to increase the marketability of your home. However, this only applies to larger fountains permanently installed in the yard, which design companies usually construct with stone or metal. A fountain paired with a garden pond can be an even greater selling point for listing your home, simply because of the unique atmosphere this combination provides.

Conclusion– 4 Reasons to Get a Fountain for Your Garden

There are many designs and pricing tiers available when purchasing an outdoor fountain. Many fountains have quick install guides included and only require you to add water and plug in the pump. Other larger decorative fountains may have different setup requirements that will require hiring an electrician. Once installed, a garden fountain will cost you very little time and money to maintain.

Creating a natural habitat surrounding your fountain with a pond or collection of plants can help to attract birds and other wildlife. There are many ways to set up a water structure in your backyard that is both soothing and practical.

You can quickly upgrade your garden’s natural decor and ambiance with a traditional or modern outdoor fountain. Whether you add in a fountain as a central focal point or a design feature for a corner of the garden, the inclusion of falling water adds a relaxing element to the backyard’s atmosphere that will inspire you and your family to spend more time outdoors this summer.


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