– A wardrobe is an important piece of furniture for the house because it keeps our clothes clean and durable. Choosing a wardrobe design should be a mature decision. That is because the wardrobe has many types, styles, and materials. By knowing the right design and materials, the wardrobe will match the interior style we have. For example, if you use a minimalist interior style, then use a wardrobe that fits the size and function.

Beautiful Minimalist and Functional Wardrobe Designs Inspiration

In this article, I will discuss the minimalist and functional wardrobe that you can apply to your home. The house with a minimalist interior style has a characteristic of giving priority to the balance between functional and aesthetic values. Using a wardrobe with these two characteristics makes our minimalist home more beautiful and comfortable. Using a wardrobe with a minimalist style also makes our room not met by ordinary wardrobe sizes. Let’s discuss some minimalist wardrobe designs that you can use for your home.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

The first wardrobe we discussed was a wardrobe with a sliding door. Sliding doors have an advantage over open doors because it saves a lot of places to open doors. Wardrobe with sliding door also gives a modern impression on your room. The wardrobe that fits your use in your bedroom can give the impression of modern and minimalist in your bedroom. With this wardrobe, you get functional and aesthetic value at the same time. To make it look adorable, you could add the beautiful minimalist-designed ceramic knobs there. It also makes you feel easy to open the wardrobe door or drawers.

Wardrobe Attached to The Wall

wall wardrobe

The next wardrobe is very unique. You can use a corner of the unused space in your home for you to use as a wardrobe. By using several shelves, you can make your walls into a wardrobe that you can use to store your clothes and items. That way you can save a lot of space in your room. Making a wardrobe like this is also permanent, so you should carefully consider which part of the wall you want to turn into a wardrobe.

Wooden Wardrobe

The next minimalist wardrobe design is made of wood. By using natural wood materials, you get a unique and aesthetic impression in your room. Wood materials are known to be durable and strong, therefore using furniture made from wood is a good investment. Using wood gives natural and elegant accents to your room. This wardrobe is suitable for you to use in the bedroom, you can put it on the side of the room.

Metal Wardrobe

Metal Wadrobe

Metal material you can also use for your wardrobe. By using a strong metal material, you can get a durable wardrobe. A metal wardrobe gives a modern impression to your room. In addition to this wardrobe suitable for use in a minimalist and modern style room, you can also use it in an industrial-style room. Giving an industrial accent to a minimalist room makes your room more aesthetic and bold.

Glass Wardrobe

Glass wardrobe

Using a wardrobe made of glass makes your clothes appear from the outside. That way you get an elegant and modern impression. Glass material gives a modern impression on a minimalist room. You can use various frames for glass such as wood or metal. By using a wardrobe made of glass makes your room more beautiful with reflections of light reflected faintly on the glass. But the glass material is a clear material that is easy to get dirty, therefore you must regularly clean it so it does not look worn and moldy.

White Minimalist Wardrobe

white wardrobe

One trick to make a minimalist-style room look spacious and open is to use white. The white color you can apply to various interiors such as walls and furniture. You can use white in your wardrobe. That way you can give a broad impression on your room. Using a white wardrobe on the side of your room gives a beautiful and clean impression to your room.

Thus our discussion of some modern and minimalist wardrobe designs that you can apply to your room. using a design that fits your room makes your room more beautiful and aesthetic. Also, the functional value provided by the wardrobe makes your life easier. That’s all the discussion from us, hopefully, this article is useful for you.



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