breakfast bar design ideas – Modern and elegant kitchen can be many people’s dream, especially for everyone who loves cooking. Sometimes we don’t realize spending time for an hour in the kitchen. Elegant kitchen design can make cooking activity feels enjoyable. That’s why decorating our kitchen rightly needs to be our consideration. One of the steps in decorating it by applying a kitchen theme like Scandinavian or Rustic Theme Kitchen.

The main furniture in the kitchen is table. For the modern kitchen nowadays, usually using table bar as its furniture ideas. Choose the best kind of bar table for your modern and elegant kitchen. Some tips to choose the best table bar are using good material, have good color, and also unique shape. To help you find this out. Here is the explanation.

Material Ideas

The material can be the main factor we need to consider when building a modern and elegant kitchen. There are some choices of materials that we can choose. By choosing the right materials, can makes our bar table more durable and gives an impact on its appearance.


Wood can be the alternative as the table bar material. The motif of the wood can give the natural touch on your modern kitchen. Some suggestions that you can follow to use wood material are:

  1. Using it for the table bar and also for the chairs
  2. Applying it to the top part of the table
  3. Mix it with another material for the table bar.

To make it clear, follow some ideas on the picture below.

table kitchen bar with light single dome pendant

wood table kitchen bar

Nature Rocks

Nowadays, natural rocks often used for interior and exterior home decoration. This material indeed gives a unique touch in our home design. It usually has beautiful colors and motif. There are some choices to use natural rock as our table kitchen. We have to choose the best one that suitable for our tastes. Here are some kind of natural rocks that recommended for you.


This material can be the best choice to choose. This kind of rocks familiar of its luxury impression and many motives. It really recommended because have many advantages, some of them are:

  1. Durable
  2. It has so many motives
  3. Giving a luxury impression
  4. Does not conduct the heat (suitable for the kitchen furniture).

Usually, the motive of the marmer stone is white and grey marble. It looks so natural and elegant. The motives suitable placed in the white color kitchen. The marble motives can complete the elegant kitchen in your home.

marmer stone in kitchen table bar swiley counter stone

marmer large eugene pendant table

Granite Stone

Granite stone also can be the alternative for table bar material. It also has a beautiful motive. But the motives have more abstract motives than the marmer stone. There are some colors that we can choose from the granite stone, for example, brown motive and black motive. Warm color like brown can build a cozy kitchen in your modern kitchen. Here are some advantages of using granite material as our bar table:

  1. Provide so many variations of color and design
  2. Durable
  3. Strong and easy to clean
  4. Resistant from bacterial.

granit kitchen table bar in brown motif

granit white kitchen table bar


Many people using metal material for their furniture in their interior home decor. One of the furniture that suitable for this material is table bar. While using metal materials, your kitchen will look so modern and elegant. It is also recommended for you besides marmer and granite stone. Here are some advantages of metal material:

  1. Strong
  2. Elegant
  3. Durable
  4. Resistant to termites.

Bright colors of metal table bar can be the best idea to apply in our kitchen that has matching colors with the table.

industrial metal table bar

Shapes Ideas

Another factor that can give an impact on the final impression of our bar table is the shape. Here are some choices that we can choose to apply to our table bar.


Beam shape, commonly used on the bar table. This shape make the bar table looks simple and elegant. We can place it either stick to the wall or not. This style usually complete with three hanging lamps on it, and also some chairs that have matching colors with the bar table.

beam shape in grey table bar

L Shape

L shape also good to apply to our bar table. The kitchen with big size can use this shape. Complete it with some hanging lamp and chairs to make it looks elegant.

L shape in unique counter top designGraded Shape

The graded shape of the bar table can be the unique one to choose. It can build shorter table in the last appearance. It means we use just short chairs to complete it to make it simple and unique.

unique shape table bar

Other Shape Ideas

Besides using beam and L shapes, we also can use another unique shape of the bar table. We can give our ideas to build our own shape taste. These pictures below, can you ideas to choose.

oval and beam shape combination in table bar leaf shape in white table bar

Color Ideas

There are many variations of color that we can use to match it with our modern kitchen. There are bright colors and dark colors, it can be a natural and cool color. Some color ideas for the bar table are brown and white can really match for the natural one. We can say it looks like a Scandinavian kitchen. In addition, black color can really match to build a cool and elegant one.

white table bar with brown motif brown kitchen table bar black table bar in adorable kitchen


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