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Homesfornh.com – Mid-century modern decor is the most popular interior design in 2020. It has unique and simple appearance. It also looks cool and elegant. That’s why this decoration really recommended for you to decorate your house spaces, especially in the living room. To supporting mid-century decoration in the living room, here are several unique & elegant furniture ideas to make it come true.

Table Ideas

The table item is an important part to fill every room in the house, especially in the living room. This item can be the most functional part. So, it is important to choose what kind of table suitable for its function. In addition, we need to choose the size and shape of the table.

chairs mid century


Square shape table can be the best choice to use. This shape looks simple and can support to fill the mid-century modern living room. Complete the table with some chairs that have match color to make it perfect.

square table


Circle shape also can be the alternative idea to use for mid-century modern living room. This shape makes the table looks more modern, especially if the table leg has a unique shape like the picture is shown below. Place it in the middle of the living room, or on the corner of the room. Put some chairs to complete it.

circle table shape

Mirror Ideas

The mirror can complete the mid-century modern theme for your living room decor. This item can make the room looks more pretty and elegant. It can reflect the light, so it helps the room’s lighting. There is some mirror shape that can be the best idea to choose, here they are.


Circle shape makes the mirror looks more gorgeous. We can put this item on the sideboard. Complete it with some accessories like little houseplant and frame of photos. Besides placing it on the sideboards, we also can put it on the wall as wall decoration like the picture shown below.

circle mirror

soleil mirror


The hexagon shape of the mirror can be the unique choice to choose for this decoration. The hexagon mirror is uncommon, it can be the simple and elegant item to complete the mid-century modern design. Placing it on the wall near the sideboards.

mid century hexagon mirror

Chair Ideas

Mid-century modern chair familiar with its simple shapes. Meanwhile, the variation can be chosen different colors. Choose a chair with a motif that thas matching color with another furniture in the room. Solid color chairs also can be the best item to choose for the living room that has many colors enough. Placed the chair to complete the table, or use it on the corner as the reading chairs. Usually, reading chairs placed beside the bookshelf. To make the chairs spot complete, put some indoor plants near them.

motif chair green velvet chair

Sideboard Ideas

Sideboards must be present in the living room. For the mid-century modern design, this item usually has a simple and cool shape. Choosing this item can be based on its color and shapes. Here are some ideas for elegant sideboards to complete the living room.


Colors of the sideboard that really common for mid-century design are wood color, white, or combination of both. White sideboards suitable for the living room that has soft wall color or darker wall color. Place it under the big wall paint, can be the best idea to do.

side board mid century

The wood color of the sideboard is the best choice to do. This item makes the side of the room looks perfect. Put some houseplant or books on it to make it cool. The table lamp also can make it perfect to see.

wood color sideboard

It is possible to use sideboards with combination color. For example white and wood color. It makes perfect combination for some side of the room.

mix color mid century sideboard


Besides color, choosing the sideboards can be based on its shape. There are several shapes of sideboards like tube and beam shape. Tube shape can make sideboards looks more glamour and gorgeous, place some decorative mirror on the wall to make it perfect. Beam shape can build a simple and elegant impression for your living room.

tube sideboards side boards

Carpet Ideas

Carpet can be the most item that uses a big part of the living room, choosing the right carpet can help us to support our mid-century modern design. There are several kinds of shapes to choose. Here they are,


Some kind of shape that can be the alternative is circle and square. Use circle carpet with little size to it looks simple. It can be used to completing the reading chairs in the corner of the room. Square carpet suitable for the large size of the living room. Use it for the living room with a big table and some chairs on it.

circle mid century carpet circle carpet

square carpets

Lamp Ideas

The lamp can complete the mid-century ideas for the living room. There is some kind of lamp for the best furniture idea.

Table Lamp

Table lamps usually have a little size. It places on the high spot like on the table or on the sideboards. We have to choose the best shape for the table lamp. Choose white and woody colors for the living room with bright colors. Gold color also suitable to complete the tables.

ceramic lamp mini lamp

Floor Lamp

Floor lamps usually have a tall size. It places on some spot on the floor. Best ideas to place it is beside the reading chairs, sideboards, and also on the corner of the room. For completing the reading spot, choose the floor lamp with a bent shape to help us read clearly, and choose the decorative lamp for the corner of the room, like the picture shown below.

double tall lamp tall lamp


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