– Bohemian is a concept where we have to design our home full of life, culture and other interesting stuff to decorate it. We will talk about table lamp ideas for Bohemian concept where you can follow it easily. You might take all those ideas and apply it to your room.

Usually, people use Bohemian theme for their living room. It is because, it’s gonna give something unique to our room whenever someone visit there. Not only that one, almost every day we spend our time to relax in the living room.

Thing We Have to Consider

Choosing table lamp under bohemian theme should be followed by many consideration. We cannot design it as free as we wish since each element must match each other. The main part of all is to make it more living. That is why we must consider several things.

  1. Choose the loft color if you wish to use this
  2. Put the table lamp on the coffee table
  3. Choose colorful table lamp to make it more living
  4. Put a bright bulb lamp, if you can give more color on the light it would be great!

Bohemian Table Lamp Concept

As we have stated above, table lamp is really important if you wish to redesign your room with Bohemian. That is why, you must understand the concept at first. There are many themes you can follow it easily.

French Rattan

Made from woods, it use a classic theme. However, if you can put it on an oak coffee table it would be great. Do not forget to give a yellow bulb there since it is gonna give more brightness and make your room more living.

French Rattan Table Lamp


Have you ever found this one? Actually, this one is quite unique. The green lamp head will make your room natural. It would be nice if you wish to have a bohemian bedroom. You can apply this one there.

Aurora Table Lamp


Who want to apply Orchid theme for their table lamp? What do you think about the design below? Focused on a feminine color really make the pink color blow our mind whenever we see it. It would be great to be go with white bulb lamp. Certainly, this will make your room more beautiful.

Bohemian Orchid Table Lamp


This table lamp can be fit to your living room. We love the purple color since it is gonna lift up the atmosphere of our living room. If you are looking for a unique idea for bohemian table lamp then you must consider this one.

Bohemian Purple Table Lamp

Bungalow Rose

We say it as Bungalow rose because this one is applied for bungalow. Then, it is really beautiful and elegant like rose. This table lamp can be applied to almost design under bohemian.

Bungalow Rose Table Lamp

The Key of Bohemian Concept

There are many design we can use while we want to apply Bohemian theme. We all know that this theme can be fit to almost every interior. Even for our bathroom. That is why, you must understand the key of Bohemian itself.

So, what is the concept? It is about to create a room more living. For example, we can also use natural concept then combined it with Scandinavian. As long as you make your room looks unique and give a life concept. Adding culture or something like classic thing. That one can be considered as Bohemian.

Alright, that is all you have to know about this thing. It is now your time to pick one of the idea above, which one would you like to apply for your table lamp. Once again, giving a bohemian table lamp will make your room get extra point of the Bohemian concept itself.


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