– Having a beautiful home is an everyone’s dream. The reason why we have to change the outlook. It is because we need to make it comfortable as comfort as possible. There are some quick tips if you wish to make it by considering a simple thing.

Concept is the main factor if you want to give it a comfortable & beautiful concept. There are many things we can do but we will take a look at the wall decoration, flooring and also the furniture placement itself. The best thing you can do is to follow our ideas below.

Wall Decoration

Making a beautiful wall decoration will bring a nice atmosphere to your home. There are many ideas you can follow but we will take some samples for you that is easy to follow. We are sure, you should be love them so much.


You can also DIY your own wall decoration if you wish to decorate your home. The best part of all to achieve it is to make your own concept. Do not think too much, make it simple.

diy wall decoration

Mid Century

Loving a mid century design? Wanna get an outstanding result for your home design? We suggest you to use this one but this would be great for hobbyist who wants to lift up a mediterania theme concept.

mid century wall decoration

Modern Minimal

We choose this one because it is really simple to do. It looks modern but in minimal way. This gonna be great if you have a scandinavian living room that you would like to decorate your wall.

modern minimal wall decoration


Talking about its flooring style. It should be considered from its wall texture itself. Make sure, both of them must match each other so it will bring a new horizon to your home. Your innovation is really important to realise all this things.


The design below lift up the brightness concept where we can show its gorgeous. It would be nice if you can combine it with modern theme since it would match each other and make a beautiful view.

ceramic flooring

Oak Flooring

We all know using a wood tile concept will bring a comfortable atmosphere for us but we recommend to use oak floor if you want to achieve this since it can blend to almost design you would like to apply.

oak flooring

Wood Block

There are also the other idea instead of oak flooring. So, what is it? It is about wood block flooring style where it looks so fancy, classy and eyes melting. The reason you have to choose this one it also give a beautiful outlook to your home interior.

wood block flooring

Furniture Placement

Now, the furniture placement. We suggest you to place coffee table, table lamp, ceiling lamp, and sofa. For the rest, you can decorate it by yourself. It is all depend on you.

Coffee Table Ideas

To whom who wish to place coffee table in your living room. There are some themes that you can check it out. Do you know that placing coffee table will increase the aesthetic value.

Driftwood Coffee Table

When you comes on the limited budget but you want to apply coffee table to your living room. We recommend you to use the driftwood coffee table since it is quite cheap to buy instead the oak ones.

driftwood coffee table

Marble Oak Coffee Table

Marble will bring a new value to your living room and nice view to see. It will lift up comfortable level of our living room. This gonna be perfect if you can combine it with any theme under white concept.

marble oak coffee table

Rustic Coffee Table

We all know, rustic theme is quite expensive to go but we bring this as an alternative if you have extra saving on your pocket. We love rustic theme and so do everyone here. That is why, it would be nice if you can implement this. We can ensure your home will look beautiful and comfortable.

rustic coffee table

Table Lamp

Here you go, we will let you know which table lamp you have to choose if you want to make a beautiful home with comfortable atmosphere inside it. There are many factors as we have already stated but table lamp is also one of them.

Avignon Style

This one is really easy to get since we can make it our room looks more fancy and beautiful. However, it is not easy to get this stuff as you may need to order it online because of its stock.

avignon table lamp

Floral Stained Table Lamp

Double lamp glass where it would be nice if you can fit it into your bedroom or living room. There are also the other alternative where you can put it on your dining table.

floral stained table lamp

Hanging Lamp

A beautiful living room must comes from its hanging lamp. Putting this stuff will increase your aesthetic value and its beautiful theme. Not only that one but it will also give a nice environment while you stay there.


If you wish to apply bohemian theme to your living room then we suggest you to use this one. It is really simple but it brings a beautiful view. We can ensure that!

bohemian hanging lamp

Country Style

Loving a country style? You wanna apply this right away? Do not be so eager for this one. Make sure you must fit your room theme first. This gonna be perfect with Scandinavian, Monochrome, and Classic concept. So, redesign your room first if you are not under those concepts.

country style hanging lamp


This is now our turn to make everything by our own. We can easily make this hanging lamp. The first one you have to get is the oak tree. Then you can buy the rest easily. This is now our turn to make our room beautiful & comfortable with our handmade stuff.

diy hanging lamp


The last part you have to consider is the sofa itself. Sometimes, people do not consider this since it is not really important. If you think so, then you are totally wrong. Do you know to lift up a concept in our room. Sofa is one of the main factor. That is why, you must be selective while choosing it.

yellow sofa claudette sofa

Quick Tips

So, after we have shared the main tips to make a beautiful & comfortable home for you. We also have extra tips for you where you can follow it to strengthen its concept.

  1. Choose subtle color such as soothing shades and other pastel colors
  2. Don’t overlook the ceiling, make it simple
  3. Keep the bedroom simple
  4. Choose the right size furniture, make sure you have to consider its space.
  5. Give a nice brightness, lighting is the important thing you have to consider.

Alright, that is all what we can share to you about making a beautiful homes with comfortable environment. We hope you can get what we have shared here. Do not hesitate to leave us a feedback regarding this article.


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