– a beautiful bedroom ideas comes from our creativity about how we compile it into a single theme. Nowadays, there are many parents who are looking for their girl bedroom to look feminine. It ranges from Toddler to Teen. We all know as a parent we would like to amaze our daughter especially to surprise her on the birthday.

You are now be able to check out all the feminine girl bedroom ideas which range based on age. All the designs are easy to applied but several of them would be cost some bucks from your pocket.

Feminine Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking for a toddler girl bedroom ideas with feminine concept? If you think so, you come on the right place. We have arranged it here and you are free to check it whether you love it or not. Its now your time to surprise your daughter with these designs below.

This first one is really feminine. However, its gonna cost you much money. Make sure you have saving before you are applying this one.

Here is the simplest one within reducing its feminine concept. We can make sure that this gonna be the low cost budget design for you to apply.


If your daughter tend to play almost every day on her bedroom then you can lift this theme.

Feminine 8-10 Years Old Girl Bedroom Ideas

To whom who is her daughter is range from 8, 9, to 10 years old. We have a bundling of design package for you. We also lift up the feminine concept so your girl would be grow as you wish to be feminine girl.

This one is for 2 or 3 girls in one room. You can save extra space by applying this design. It’s really simple but it looks so feminine. Isn’t it right?

Are you falling in love with purple design concept? If you so, then you have to try this one since its really a nice start to go. Give new color to your girl and they should love it.

When you daughter love pink color in their life then you must check the design above. Certainly, it would stun her whenever you surprise here with bedroom design like this.

Feminine Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Feminine is something important that we wish our daughter can grown on that way. However, it depends on many factor. On of them is by supporting them with all the stuff they needed. If you have a teen girl and they already requested to decorate their bedroom. You may let them see these designs below.

For a big bedroom we recommend this one. We love the combination between its wallpaper and also the carpet.

Having a small bedroom? It does not matter. This gonna help you out of your problem. Give this one to your teen.

The last teen bedroom design with feminine way is this one. We all know it also looks as luxurious bedroom. This gonna be a masterpiece you should apply for your girl.

What do you think about all the designs given above? Have you select one of them? If you have do not forget to give your feedback here. We all know to grow our daughter is not really easy. We must support everything such as their bedroom theme. It will affect their behaviour. That is why, you must selective while choosing.


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