– A hidden door is a nice option to make your interior look sleek. It won’t clutter the interior because the door is hidden between furniture. This idea is beneficial for people who have narrow rooms. The hidden door is okay to install in a limited space. It is quite effective in maximizing the space and making it look spacious. Many hidden doors that you can install in your house. Let’s see the 18 Hidden Door Ideas to Build A Lovely Secret Room below!

  1. An Escape from Home Library to Bar

Some dwellers have a home library. It is a private room to put book collections. Like a common library, a home library is useful to chill and find a calm nuance. You can try to adopt this idea. That home library has a hidden door that connects to a private bar.

An Escape from Home Library to Bar

The bar is versatile where you can put a bar table, beer collection or coffee bar. This accessible room connects to a home library. Therefore, you can take a cup of coffee before reading books in this room. It is like a hidden sanctuary for this home library. Then, try this design for your home library.

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  1. Sliding Door by Cabinet

The next idea is a sliding door. It is quite attractive with a wall cabinet as a bookshelf. It consists of some shelves to load many books. Rather than having an ordinary door, you can design a sliding door with that cabinet. The cabinet will move to the side when you open the door.

Sliding Door by Cabinet

This door separates the library and another room. For styling up the library, start arranging your book collection on every shelf. Those colorful books are stunning to fill the white cabinet. Ensure that you put them well. Some books may fall or move while you slide the door. Therefore, put those books in the right position.

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  1. DIY Panelled Wall with Hidden Storage

The paneled wall is stunning to add textures to the wall. It has various accents that beautify the interior design. Look at this idea. The wall panel is very attractive as a hidden door. There is storage behind the wall and that hidden door is very interesting.

DIY Panelled Wall with Hidden Storage

Moreover, the door design matches well in this room as a wall. The soft color brings an elegant impression. Some people may notice the shape of the door. Also, there is a green indoor plant in the corner. That plant is a striking accent between those plain walls.

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  1. Hidden Cabinets on the Wall

The wall is useful to hide the door. Some room designers use wall furniture like cabinets to make hidden storage. This idea is an interesting design for people who want to hide their cabinets. Those storage have stunning brown panels. Every door has textures that make it attractive.

Hidden Cabinets on the Wall

Besides, those doors make an attractive side in this room. Some people may think that it is just a wall. Those lines hide the shape of the door and make a perfect hidden door. That storage is useful to save some items or clothes. Moreover, you can classify those items based on every cabinet.

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  1. 2 Doors on Panelled Wall

This is another idea for a panelled wall. That room has two different wall colors white and brown. Both colors separate the room into two areas. Look at the wall panels with vertical textures. It makes the room look higher. The textures are useful to hide the doors.

2 Doors on Panelled Wall

Both wall colors get two hidden doors. The white hidden door is sleek to match the white wall. It has no door handler so the door blends well in the wall. Moreover, another brown wall also has a hidden door. The timber patterns are catchy to bring a natural impression. Both designs are interesting for decorating a room.

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  1. A Wall Cabinet  as A Hidden Door

This is a wall cabinet with a hidden door. The cabinet is quite big with some shelves. As a wall cabinet, it sticks to the wall. That cabinet makes a perfect hidden door that no one will notice. It looks like a common cabinet to display some items.

A Wall Cabinet  as A Hidden Door

The wall cabinet needs some hinges to swing as a door. You can design it like an ordinary door. Also, add a big frame around the cabinet. The big trim makes it stunning to design like a real door. You can use the shelf as a door handler.

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  1. Hidden Storage like A Trim Wall

The mysterious storage will make a secret place for storing some items. Now you can hide them inside the wall. Look at this idea. The trim wall is a hidden door for wall storage. It looks like a common wall side with trims from the outside.

Hidden Storage like A Trim Wall

Otherwise, when you open it you will see multiple shelves on that storage. Besides, this hidden storage offers a safe place for some items. You can arrange your stuff in that storage. Also, it is beneficial to classify your stuff for every shelf. Moreover, it doesn’t need a door handler because you can use the trim.

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  1. Make A Perfect Door for Home Library

A home library is an optional room to have in a house. Some dwellers like to read and collect many books. Therefore, they need a home library. This room is unique because you can make a cabinet with a bookshelf as a hidden door. For example, this home library has many bookshelves.

Make A Perfect Door for Home Library

The hidden door is also a bookshelf. Besides, that door has a special design as a hidden door. The books on that bookshelf must be sturdy and well-arranged. It is because some books may fall when someone opens the door. Therefore, you must arrange the books that fit well in those spaces.

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  1. Storage Inside the Wall

This is stored inside the wall. That design needs a big pole or giant wall. Look at this idea. The storage looks smooth as a part of a wall. That storage has a vertical door with frames.

Storage Inside the Wall

Those frames will declutter the design like there’s just a wall. For styling up, you can add some decorative frames on the outside. It looks interesting to put them vertically. Besides that, some designers use a modern door without a handler. You can open it by pushing the panels.

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  1. Very Sleek Design for Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedroom wardrobes offer many storage for clothes. Most dwellers put those wardrobes near the wall. Look at this idea. It may inspire you to make a sleek design with many wardrobes. It is more like wall storage.

Very Sleek Design for Bedroom Wardrobes

The wardrobes are stunning in white colors. Every wardrobe has many trims as wall panels. Like other wardrobes, there are door handles on the outside. That storage won’t declutter the interior. All the wardrobes fill the wall very well.

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  1. Luxurious Hidden Door

It is a luxurious hidden door. That door becomes a part of the wall. Look at that beautiful door with stunning patterns. The vertical lines are useful to bring a higher impression. Meanwhile, another door is a stunning paneled wall.

Luxurious Hidden Door

Both patterns will make a unique design. The door has two different patterns on the outside. Even though it is a hidden door, it has a handler that looks striking. The black handler is useful to open the door and be a stunning accent.

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  1. Door Cabinet for Bedroom

This is a door cabinet in a bedroom. That cabinet is inside the wall. Therefore, it won’t declutter the interior design. The cabinet is useful as an ordinary storage. You can display some decorations on every shelf.

Door Cabinet for Bedroom

Besides that, the door cabinet is a hidden door to another room. It is so sleek that people won’t notice. The attractive frame is like an ordinary cabinet. It is interesting to hide another room without exposing it. Moreover, the bedroom can be the only private entrance to access that room.

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  1. Secret Bookshelf Door

Do you like to collect books? You may need this bookshelf if you grow fond of books. This is a wall bookshelf. It consists of many shelves that load many books. The bookshelf covers the wall from the ceiling to the floor.

Secret Bookshelf Door

Moreover, you can a room behind the bookshelf. One of those shelf is a private entrance to another room. Here you don’t need a handler and just use the shelf to open it. This idea won’t declutter the interior and is very effective for a mysterious room. You can try to design it in your home library.

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  1. Hidden Room and Secret Mirrors

Some people like to add a wall mirror. It can be in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc. Look at this idea. The wall mirror is a secret door to another room. It has a long vertical shape which is quite large for someone.

Hidden Room and Secret Mirrors

Also, it doesn’t look like a door. People may think it is a wall mirror in the living room. Therefore, you can hide it perfectly as a secret entrance. Besides, it is better to let it plain without a handler. You can use the mirror frame as a handler.

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  1. Secret Door Behind Your Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a common thing to be a secret door. It can be a secret door and hide a room. This idea shows an inspiring idea for you. Like another bookshelf, this one has a high design. It fills the wall from the floor to the ceiling so it perfectly hides the door.

Secret Door Behind Your Bookshelf

Moreover, the bookshelf has a sleek design. The light brown color is stunning for a white room. It has some drawers and shelves. Like other bookshelves, the shelf is useful as a door handler. Then, arrange your decorative items for styling up the bookshelf.

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  1. Minimalist Door

This is a minimalist door. The door design is very high and large. That door is a part of the wall. It also has vertical patterns that bring a high impression. This secret door is interesting to connect the living room with another room.

Minimalist Door

That door only has one handler as an accent. The black handler is visible and some people may notice it. It is okay because sometimes you need to take your guests into that room. Besides that, the enormous design of the door will attract attention to this room.

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  1. Wooden Materials for Make It Natural

Wooden materials bring a natural design to a room. If you need a wall shelf, you can use wooden materials. For example, this idea is interesting with dark brown wood materials. It fits the wall design with rich brown colors.

Wooden Materials for Make It Natural

Besides, you can make it a secret door. It covers the wall while providing an adjacent way to another room. Moreover, the wooden door is useful to load some items. There are decorations like books and stuff.

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  1. Victorian Bookshelf as A Hidden Door

The classic Victorian design will transform your room. It is luxurious, rich in patterns, and soft vibrant colors. Also, it can hide a door that connects to a room. Let’s see this idea. The home library is a common room with a secret door.

Victorian Bookshelf as A Hidden Door

Besides that, it is gorgeous with a large wall shelf. It fills the wall with large shelves. You can put all of your book collections. Moreover, put the book collections on the secret door as well. It gives a heavy load and makes a natural design as a bookshelf. Also, don’t forget to match the trim wall on the bottom.

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These are ideas for hidden doors at home. Some rooms need a connecting door. That door can be a secret door because some people prefer to keep a secret room as well. Therefore, many designs of secret doors that you can try if you hope one. Moreover, the hidden door won’t clutter the interior. It fits very well in that room. For example, you can transform the bookshelf into a hidden door. Lastly, we hope this post will inspire you to design a hidden door at home. Good luck and happy decorating!


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