– A hallway is a corridor that connects other rooms. Some houses have a hallway to connect their rooms. The hallway can be large or narrow. The narrow hallway needs a design that won’t make it narrower. Sometimes, people want to make it interesting. Then, they put some items or redecorate the hallway for styling it up. If you have long and narrow hallways then need some fresh designs, try these tips in this article. Here are sixteen tips for styling up your narrow hallway.

  1. Narrow Hallway with Many Big Frames

A narrow hallway has small spaces. It needs a sleek design and won’t take up a lot of space. Therefore, you try to put big frames on the wall. This hallway has some big frames that display attractive images. It is a nice idea for dwellers who want a simple design.

Narrow Hallway with Many Big Frames

Also, this idea has a long carpet to make a comfy way. The decorative pattern is stunning on the wooden floor. Meanwhile, the ceiling gets a big chandelier. That lighting is interesting with geometrical accents on every side. Those accents are stunning to decorate this narrow hallway.

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  1. Add Wall Decor

The wall decorations are useful for decorating a narrow hallway. Many decorations that you can put in your hallway. For example, this idea uses some wicker ornaments to decorate the wall. Those wicker plates are attractive to fill the narrow wall. You don’t need to put lots of wicker plates because it may declutter the interior.

Add Wall Decor

Moreover, this narrow hallway is quite stunning with the theme color. The wicker plates are interesting to match the dark brown floor. You can take the floor color as a basic theme for wall accents. Moreover, it is okay to grow a green indoor plant. It will complete the natural impression near the wicker plates.

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  1. Make A Mini Place to Sit

Some narrow hallways have enough space to get chairs. You can add two chairs and a short table for your narrow hallway. Look at this idea. The sitting space won’t declutter the interior. The classic chairs are attractive to match a glossy table with colorful flowers.

Make A Mini Place to Sit

Besides, there are other decorations in this hallway. You will see lots of frames on the wall. The dweller can put these frames based on size, color, or preference. Also, there is a stunning carpet that completes the decoration. The white lighting is also helpful to brighten this area.

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  1. Put A Long Cabinet

This is a long cabinet for a narrow hallway at home. The cabinet is useful to load some things. Look at this idea. The narrow hallway is interesting with a wooden cabinet. There are many drawers to save some things.

Put A Long Cabinet

Moreover, it gets many things like books, flowers, and small things. Most dwellers like to have a wall mirror above the cabinet. Also, you can install golden lights on the wall. For styling up, you can paint the wall with different colors. It makes a new dimension for the hallway impression.

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  1. A Simple Gallery with Lights

Let’s see another wall gallery in the hallway. This is a hallway with many frames. It can be a collection of photographs, paintings, or random pictures. Look at this idea. Every frame gets a wall light that makes it attractive.

A Simple Gallery with Lights

The frames are interesting and look like a mini gallery. The golden lights bring an elegant impression to the frames. Moreover, you can decorate it with ceiling lamps. Those golden lampshades are elegant to match the interior. Also, add a long carpet to decorate the floor.

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  1. Make It Perfect White with Accent Frames

The white room is perfect for decorating any house. It makes the interior brighter and neat. This narrow hallway is one of the most attractive rooms in this house. It has a stylish decoration with frames. Every frame has a small picture and wide white backgrounds.

Make It Perfect White with Accent Frames

It is more interesting with the wall trim. The trims are attractive for decorating the lower parts of the wall. Moreover, it has an eccentric carpet on the floor. The dark brown color brings a classic impression along the hallway. Also, you can add an indoor green plant in this room.

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  1. A Little Dressing Table

This is a cute design for a narrow hallway. The little dressing table is perfect to put on that spot. It has a mirror above the dressing table. People can check on their looks while stepping inside the house. Therefore, it is an attractive decor with useful things.

A Little Dressing Table

Also, that dressing table gets 2 vases of pink roses. Those flowers produce a nice scent to the surroundings. They will fill the narrow hallway with a rose atmosphere. Moreover, the elegant floor is a big change for the hallway.

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  1. Thrive Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can bring a natural atmosphere to this room. It looks fresh when growing well. Most indoor plants prefer bright sunlight near the window. Some indoor plants will bloom flowers that stay for weeks. Otherwise, you thrive plants that less blooming as well.

Thrive Indoor Plants

Many plants that you can choose for an interior design. Look at this idea. The green plant is interesting for decorating the corner. You can use a short stool or another standing planter. Also, this plant must get enough sunlight to grow well in your house.

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  1. Add A Wooden Bench

This is a wooden bench for a narrow hallway. It is a versatile thing for any interior design. The wooden bench has natural textures and a nice color. The timber patterns make it more alive. This bench is suitable for a farmhouse interior design.

Add A Wooden Bench

Moreover, this bench is useful for loading an indoor plant. The plant stands in a pot and eye-catching wicker basket. It brings a farmhouse atmosphere with neutral color shades. Also, there is a long brown carpet in the hallway. It also has a golden lamp on the wall.

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  1. Install A Wall Shelf with a Mirror

A wall shelf is a common idea for any room. It can be storage that loads some things. This wall shelf is an attractive thing for the narrow hallway. It completes the narrow hallway decoration with a mirror. Therefore, this station is very useful.

Install A Wall Shelf with a Mirror

You can check on your look before going out. Also, the good mirror reflects the room and makes it look spacious. For styling up, you can add some indoor plants on the shelf. In addition, put a wicker basket on the floor. You can use it as storage for an umbrella or other things.

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  1. Multifunctional Wall Shelf

This is a multifunctional wall shelf. The mounted wall shelf can load many things. It consists of some shelves. Therefore, you can classify things based on every shelf. It is better to make it slim so it won’t take up lots of space.

Multifunctional Wall Shelf

Moreover, you can add another storage as well. This narrow hallway gets a hook to hang a big bag. Then, there is a nice painting on another wall. You will see a short stool that loads an indoor plant. Also, add some lamps to brighten this hallway.

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  1. Thrive on Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The fiddle Leaf Fig tree is an adorable indoor plant. Many people grow it in their houses. This plant is easy to thrive in bright places. Therefore, you must get a sunny spot for growing a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Also, it requires enough water.

Thrive on Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Let’s see this hallway. The interior design is catchy in a white theme. The fiddle Leaf Fig tree has a striking green accent near the wall. It stands in a pot and wicker basket. This appearance is attractive to refresh the hallway.

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  1. Make A Private Gallery

This is a private gallery for a narrow hallway. The frames on the wall make it very stunning. Those frames are put on geometrical lines with the same design. It is interesting to decorate the white wall. You will love this accent to put along the wall for the hallway.

Make A Private Gallery

Moreover, that hallway has an eccentric carpet on the floor. It looks stunning to step on a colorful carpet while walking in the hallway. Also, there is an absurd painting in the corner. It looks attractive to fill the space there.

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  1. Stylish Cabinet

The cabinet is a must-have thing in every house. The dwellers need cabinets to store or put some items. A cabinet can be put in any room. This idea is a nice example of putting a cabinet in the hallway. It can be an additional cabinet in this room.

Stylish Cabinet

You can put some items that you need in your daily activities. The cabinet consists of some drawers that can store many items. Also, this cabinet is simple in white color. The vertical design is quite slim for this narrow hallway. For styling up, you can add small plants and a mirror.

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  1. An Eccentric Fabric on the Wall

The colorful fabric can be an interesting accent in your house. You can put it everywhere like a wall. This idea is an inspiring idea to have an eccentric fabric in the hallway. First, find the best place to make it eye-catching. They put that fabric on the wall.

An Eccentric Fabric on the Wall

Look at this idea. The blue fabric is very stunning on the wall. It has eccentric patterns that will attract attention to it. Moreover, there is a green indoor plant on the wooden table. Also, the wall mirror makes it more perfect.

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  1. Put A Narrow Bench for Artwork

This is another idea with a bench. The wooden bench is a nice place to put some artwork. The warm brown color is stunning to elevate this hallway interior. Look at those artworks on the bench. These accents are interesting to fill the bench.

Put A Narrow Bench for Artwork

Also, this hallway has a wall gallery. Many frames with different pictures enliven the wall. People can see those artworks while stepping along the hallway. Moreover, the stunning light will make it more interesting. Like other ideas, you can add a long carpet along the hallway.

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These are ideas for a narrow hallway. People can decorate their hallways with a bunch of things. Besides, they must choose the items that fit their interior and space. If the hallway is too narrow, they can make a wall gallery. Otherwise, if there’s space then put cabinet, bench, or chair. Also, growing indoor plants can be a nice option. We hope this post will inspire you to decorate your narrow hallway. Good luck and happy decorating!


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