Many people are unaware that acrylic mirrors are an option on the market these days and just opt for glass as they think they have no other option. But just because glass is better known it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you.

Here, we will take you through the differences of both and how to make a good choice.

Learn The Differences Between Both

Acrylic mirrors, sometimes known as Perspex mirrors are known to be stronger and lighter than glass, but glass remains popular, so let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages of Acrylic Mirrors

When you compare acrylic mirrors to glass mirrors there are many great advantages. The acrylic mirrors are lightweight and impact-resistant, making them safe to put in high-traffic areas. They have a longer lifespan than glass mirrors, are easier to clean, and are even UV resistant. They also hold up better when cut, fitted, drilled, and installed.

Downsides of Acrylic Mirrors

Although acrylic mirrors are great, they can unfortunately warm if incorrectly sealed in outdoor environments, scratch quickly, and may end up costing more than traditional glass mirrors if not purchased in bulk.

Advantages of Glass Mirrors

Glass mirrors are more weather resistant than acrylic mirror sheets don’t often warm outdoors and have a clearer reflection than acrylic mirror sheets.

Downsides of Glass Mirrors

Glass mirrors are quite fragile, due to this they are heavier and have more of a chance of breaking or cracking when put in areas where incidents can occur. Due to their price point, this can make them a riskier choice.

Is An Acrylic Mirror Cheaper Than Glass?

Regarding initial purchasing costs, it can be more expensive to buy acrylic than it is to buy glass mirrors. This is often because acrylic mirrors last longer, so the investment is higher for the number of years you get out of the product as well as the convenience.

Where Should Acrylic Mirrors Be Used?

Due to their versatile uses and impact resistance acrylic mirrors can be used anywhere. Often you can see them in schools, dance studios, prisons, and even retail stores. In reality, the applications for acrylic mirrors are endless.

Which Mirror Should You Choose?

This depends on your use cases and your budget as well as many other factors. Overall, it’s best to look into which one is a better choice for you in the long term as well as where it’s going to be placed. In general, unless used in specific circumstances, many people prefer to go for acrylic mirrors. If you’re interested, our favorite supplier is below!

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