– The indoor plant has more special maintenance than the outdoor plant. Sometimes, this plant can’t grow properly on the outside during the summer or even in the summer. The extreme weather and climate fluctuation make them shock, even it causes them to die slowly. You need to care for the indoor plants with different maintenance to keep them growing well, so they can survive in every weather year-round. The summer season will be a threat for an ornamental plant to grow properly. This season offers a hot temperature and hot breeze till the next season. The most indoor plant has the same characteristics, so they can live together in the room. Here, several points refer to indoor plant characteristics:

  • Grow in regular potting soil
  • Live under the bright indirect light
  • Hard to tolerate the changing climate
  • Need well drainage holes
  • Most indoor plants will die slowly in overwatering and under watering conditions

By paying attention to the characteristics above, you can determine the type and size of indoor ornamental plants for your home. In addition, with the summer atmosphere, you also need to pay attention to the care of your ornamental plants. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a variety of indoor ornamental plant care and also the types of ornamental plants that are suitable for the summer season. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Indoor Ornamental Plant Care During The Summer Season

Indoor Ornamental Plant Care During The Summer Season

The first topic we cover in this article is indoor houseplant care when summer comes. With proper care, you can keep your ornamental plants healthy and fresh in summer. Therefore, you can follow various tips for caring for your indoor ornamental plants as follows:

  • Move Them into a Shady Place

Move Them into a Shady Place

The first tip is moving them into a shady place. It is important to protect them from direct sunlight and a long exposure during the day. The indoor plant only needs 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, then you can save them from wilting leaves, browning leaves, and even falling leaves. The excessive sunlight makes their leaves look pale, then it is a threat to the beautiful foliages plants. If your plant grows in a pot, it is easier to move them everywhere to find the best temperature.

  • Reschedule the Watering Care

Reschedule the Watering Care

During the summer season, the climate becomes hotter than in the previous season. It makes your plant thirsty and dehydrated. Manage the watering schedule more often than before because the soil will dry easier in this season. Check the soil conditions by pushing your finger into the soil before watering. When the soil is too dry, then it needs water directly. Watering the indoor plant thoroughly for all surfaces of soil. Wait for the water to absorb into the roots before the next watering.

  • Reduce the Shocking Roots by Using Lukewarm Water

Reduce the Shocking Roots by Using Lukewarm Water

If you see your ornamental plant getting shocked, you can change the water with lukewarm water. This water is useful to reduce shock on their roots during the changing climate in the summer season. It also prevents the sensitive effects of humidity. The lukewarm water reduces their shock because it imitates the warm temperature inside the soil. Using this water for the new growing plant is good to stimulate their growth. The warm water is easier to absorb into the soil especially when the temperature around them is hot during the summer season.

  • Pruning the Leaves and Remove the Brown-yellow Leaves

Pruning the Leaves and Remove the Brown-yellow Leaves

Even though your plant thrives in the summer season, it needs regular pruning to keep them growing. The summer season brings a good atmosphere for their growth such as a fresh breeze and adequate sunlight. Another sign that you see from the indoor ornamental plant is the brown and yellow leaves. Your plant tells you that they are thirsty and dehydrate. Keep your plant survive during the beautiful summer season by pruning the brown and yellow leaves.

  • Feed Them in the Summer

Feed Them in the Summer

Fertilizing the plant may cause them unhealthy if you don’t see the right climate to feed them. The summer season is the right time to fertilize indoor plants. Another season to fertilize an indoor ornamental plant is the spring season. Both are the best seasons to fertilize your plants because this season has a stable atmosphere to grow faster. Most plants grow well during the spring, even it is a recommended season to start seedlings.

Ornamental Plant to Grow During the Summer Season

The next topic that we discuss in this article is a variety of ornamental plant ideas that you can take care of in summer. By using the right ornamental plants, you will find it easier to care for and create a beautiful and fresh appearance. Grow ornamental plants indoors can transform the ambiance in a room to feel more stunning. If you want to start growing plants in the summer season, we give several ideas to grow the ornamental plant indoors.

  • Sunflowers


The first brilliant idea is growing sunflowers. This flower represents the appearance of the sun with its yellow petals and black centerpiece. Sunflower will grow well under the bright indirect light, even it tolerates the direct sunlight and drought conditions. You can plant them with the seeds. It will germinate after 10-14 days. Like another flowery plant during summer, it needs regular watering. It will attract bees that help this flower to cultivate. The ripped seeds are delicious to bake, then you can enjoy it with a good movie.

  • Marigold


Marigold is another beautiful flower to grow in the summer season. It looks like a sunflower with striking colors. It has several species with different colors such as orange, yellow, red, and combination between them. Most marigold flowers thrive well under the full sun, then tolerates the drought soil and hot atmosphere. Since it is an easy-growing plant, you can plant them by the seeds. Use a container with a diameter of around 6-10 inches.

  • Coneflower


Echinacea Purpurea or Coneflower plant is a stunning flower as an ornamental plant. This ornamental plant loves the full sun area, then it is another best option to grow ornamental plants during the summer season. As long as it stands on the well-draining soil, its roots will sprout properly. The regular watering makes it grows bushier in a pot, thus manage good maintenance will serve them healthy.

  • Dahlia


Dahlia flower becomes a favorite ornamental plant to grow in the summer season. It includes in the Asteraceae family. You can grow Dahlia plants by seedlings. You can transplant the baby dahlia into a pot after it reaches 12 inches of height. The mid-spring season is the best time to start seedlings, then you can transplant them into a pot when the summer season comes. Use well-draining soil with exposure to sunlight at a range of 6 to 8 hours per day. The regular potting soil will do just fine for their drainage needs.

  • Lantana


Lantana is an interesting ornamental plant from tropical areas in Africa and America. It has 150 species in the Verbenaceae family. This plant has aromatic flowers so it is beneficial to grow indoors. Their flowers can change while they grow mature. Since it has two to three colors for flowers. You can grow them well in the summer season in a pot and thrive them indoors.


Thus our discussion about Indoor Ornamental Plant Care During The Summer Season. The summer season brings a lot of happiness because people can do many outdoor activities. You can grow many indoor plants to get a shady ambiance in a room. This season is another the best time to grow plants and care for them. Since this season has a bright and clear sky, it brings exposure to sunlight for the outdoor and indoor plants. It has special maintenance to make them healthy and fresh. Moving the indoor plant into bright indirect light will stimulate their growth. Happy gardening!


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