– Avocado is a delicious fruit. It is native to Southern Mexico. Avocado has a sweet and sour taste. Most people like to make avocado juice, a delicious condiment for salads, desserts. The avocado tree is an easy-growing plant. It tolerates hot temperatures but can’t live in dry soil. Many ways to get fresh avocado fruit from their tree. You can buy it in the market, or even plant it in your garden. Avocado tree has a straight stem that you can plant in your garden or transplant into a pot. Grow avocado by your green thumb give you a fresh harvest from the garden. Let’s learn how to grow avocado by the seeds. It is not difficult to grow avocado by the seed, but you need to prepare several things as below:

  • 1 Avocado fruit
  • A sharp knife
  • Paper towel
  • A glass container
  • 3 sharp toothpicks
  • Garden trowel
  • Regular potting soil
  • A medium pot (6”-10” inches of diameter)

After you have done the various preparations above, the next topic that we will discuss in this article is a variety of easy ways to grow avocados and how to care for them. This is important for you to know so that you can create a beautiful and fresh garden with healthy avocado trees in it. Therefore, let’s discuss!

Simple Step to Grow Avocado Tree

The first topic we discuss in this article is a variety of simple ways that you can do to grow avocados in your home. You can start growing avocado from the seed. You can do this easily for your garden or your backyard. Here are simple steps you can follow to grow avocado from seeds.

  • Remove the Seed from Avocado

Remove the Seed from Avocado

The first step is preparing the seed to grow. You can buy avocado fruit from the market, pick the best avocado by your hand. Use a useful gardening tool like a sharp knife to cut your avocado. Be careful, slice it slowly to keep the seed in a good condition. Ensure that you don’t cut the seed, make a round slice so you can remove the flesh properly. The seed is easy to take and it may carry some flesh on it. Use a paper towel to clean the seed from avocado flesh.

  • Prepare the Seed to Grow in Water

Prepare the Seed to Grow in Water

After removing the seed, you need to decide on a method to grow the seed. Some gardeners prefer to grow avocado roots from water propagation. The growing roots make it easy to transplant in the soil, so let’s start growing the roots. Peel the seed and you will see the light brown color seed. Avocado seed has three diagonal lines that divide them into three pieces, but here, you will not cut them into three. Take three toothpicks, stick them on the seed and avoid the diagonal line.

  • Water Cultivation

Water Cultivation

When your seed is ready with three toothpicks on it, you need to prepare the water container.  Take your glass container and put avocado seed with toothpicks on it. Pour water into a glass container till the water sinks half of the avocado seed. In this process, you need to wait for the roots to grow from the bottom seed. Change it with lukewarm water once every two weeks. If you see the black dirt on the seed, clean it gently with a paper towel, then put them back in the glass water.

  • Check the Seed Every Day

Check the Seed Every Day

Check the progress of growing an avocado seed. After 7-10 days, it grows small roots from the cracked line. You can take a picture of every progress to know the days it spends to grow. If you see a young bud emerge from the top seed, it means your avocado absorbs water properly. They will keep growing leaves and roots.

  • Transplanting the Seeds

Transplanting the Seeds

If your avocado seed has a stem with brown-yellow leaves, it means they are overwatered. Your avocado seed needs to transplant into the soil because they need more nutrition from the soil. Take it from the water container and this seed is ready to transplant into a new pot. It needs well-draining soil, then the regular potting soil is the best option to grow them.

How to Care for Avocado Tree

After we discuss the various simple steps you can take to grow avocado at home, the next topic we will discuss is how to take care of it. The new growing avocado tree needs a good treatment. It needs several things to make it grows well. This is so that the avocado you plant can grow well, fresh and beautiful. Therefore, let’s take a look at some points below:

  • Sunlight


The avocado plant thrives well in a warm place, then a sunny location is the best choice for them. If you plant avocado in a container, you can move it into a sunny place. The window sill and the porch offer maximum sunlight for them to grow, it needs about 4-6 hours of sunlight in the morning. Don’t put your avocado tree under direct sunlight after transplanting them, because it can shock their roots and leaves. Move it gradually into a warm place will do better for their roots to bloom than grow fruits.

  • Water


Water is an important element for every plant. You need to manage the watering schedule every two days during the summer season and less often in the winter season. Push your finger in the soil to feel its humidity before watering them deeply. Sometimes, you find a dry surface but it has moist conditions inside the soil. It is a simple method to know whether your plant needs water or not. Overwatering and underwatering may lead your avocado plant to die slowly, then do a simple checking by finger.

  • Pruning


Pruning always brings a massive growing plant into a bushier look. You can make an avocado tree looks bushier by pruning the stem when it grows 4-6 inches. Use a sharp knife to avoid infection on their stems. Another function of pruning the plant is protecting them from disease. Keep them healthy by watering them after pruning.

  • Fertilizing


Your new growing plant needs some foods. You can feed your avocado plant with fertilizer. Give them enough nutrients from NPK fertilizer, it consists of 10-10-10 of NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). Moist the soil by spraying them thoroughly before fertilizing, it helps the fertilizer to get into the soil and reach its roots.

  • Harvest the Avocado

Harvest the Avocado

The right period to grow avocado till it is ready to harvest is in September. You must investigate the fruit, if it has a deeper green color and is a little bit soft then it is time to pick it. Put the avocado in storage for one week, it makes them ripe better. You can eat them if it becomes tender.


Thus our discussion of Easy Ways to Grow Avocado by Seeds and How to Take Care of Them. Avocado is a delicious fruit that you can find in some food such as salads and desserts. It is also good as a condiment in beverages. Some people grow an avocado plant indoors for the interior design because it has foliages with a fresh appearance such as a dwarf avocado tree that will not grow tall. They keep them growing leaves rather than fruits, but it still can produce fruits when it gets enough sunlight. Grow this plant in your home brings a fresh ambiance and you can enjoy the delicious fruits with your green thumb. Happy decorating!


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