– Rustic theme is really nice to go. If you are currently want to redesign your kitchen for rustic style and you are looking for the ideas. You come on the right place? We will talk about this theme, how to apply it properly and extra tips for you.

We are fully understand that this theme should come with a classy view but there are some designs which combined with other one such as modern and luxury style. They are easy to blend each other but if you are looking for a pure one it should not be a matter.

About Rustic Theme

If we talk about what is rustic theme, why we would like to redesign our kitchen with this idea. Of course, it is because of its aesthetic view. This theme is kinda popular on 70s as everyone love to see their homes in country style or we can say as a vintage.

Applying Rustic Kitchen

There are many people who ask how to apply rustic theme for our kitchen? What kind of furniture to appliance we would like to prepare. Hold on first, this theme is about country or vintage style. You should not worry about it and this one is easy to understand. The best part of all. Even though, it is under classic way but it can also blend with modern concept.

Tips to Apply

  1. Use dark wood and pops of red, you can implement this one on the wall texture and also its flooring
  2. Give stone elements to your kitchen as it will gonna make it perfect
  3. Use white wood if you wish to make it looks in modern style. You are free to customise it
  4. Add primitive paint if it is possible. You can hire a painter regarding this one as they can set it up for you
  5. Add fireplace and also some decoration that increase its concept. Especially for fireplace, have you ever enjoying your dinner with fireplace inside there while listening to jazz music? Its gonna be cool
  6. If you cannot find a wood cabinet for your kitchen, you can paint it with wood texture there.

Sample Designs

We hope you can enjoy the tips above. Now, we would like to share some design sample about rustic kitchen ideas. You can free to use this and implement it to your kitchen but recommend you to improve it a little bit if you know how to do that.

classic rustic kitchen ideas classy rustic kitchen country rustic kitchen log rustic kitchen luxury rustic kitchen ideas modern rustic kitchen simple rustic kitchen easy rustic kitchen ideas

What do you feel after looking at the design above? Are you looking to implement it right away. Make sure you have understand about what rustic is. It is about a concept where it close to vintage or we called it as country style. It must look classy to give a beautiful atmosphere while we are there.

We hope you can enjoy this article. Anyway, we also have the other design for you. You may check rustic bedroom and living room. Let us make our home under this style.


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