rustic bathroom ideas – We are already know about rustic bathroom as it has a high aesthetic level even though it costs much money since we have to find an antique stuff there. Hence, we can help you to spend few bucks to redesign your bathroom with rustic theme.

We receive lots of request about applying rustic bathroom. That is why we would like to share it right away. Do you know that this one has already dominated to whom who love classic theme for their homes.

Rustic Bathroom is About to Dominate

Some people already feel bored about modern one since they can find it almost elsewhere. However, rustic concept is quite unique. Especially if you live in a country. Maybe you can find out lots of rustic theme there. One of the most crucial part is the bathroom. Of course, it would gonna give us a nice atmosphere if we can set it properly.

Meanwhile, while setting it up properly you also need to know what requirements about it and the most important part how do we save our money while building this concept.

Saving Money is Important to Redesign Other Room

Do not spend all your money into a single room. We still need to redesign the other room rather than bathroom itself. That is why, we would like to let you know how to save your money if you want to apply this kind of concept.

  1. Try to find out craftman who can DIY it. If you are buying from a store. The price would be blowing up.
  2. Focus on vanities. You can combine the other stuff except its vanities. Do you know that this one is important to lean over any other stuff.
  3. Try to buy it online, there are many craftmans who sell their product online. They make it by their own and you can also request it. Try to find out in Asian since the price is quite cheap.

Easy Arrangement of Rustic Bathroom

Arrangement of rustic bathroom is really important. It must be neat and give some space each furniture. To arrange it is quite easy. We do not need to rethink for many times. You can check out some of our sample below. We will gonna provide you the best rustic bathroom to be applied

rustic country bathroom

The vanities is really nice and we also love the door. This concept is a full rustic without any combination. We can say this gonna cost more but if you focus on vanities as we already said. It will save your money.

applying rustic bathroom

Once again, the vanities set as rustic theme even though the closet does not used this concept.

classic rustic bathroom

We recommend this theme if you have a small bathroom. We can combine the wall texture and also the rock flooring style like this.

industrial rustic bathroom

If you are looking for modern rustic theme then you can implement this one. We know that there are some people who tend to use modern way rather than classic way.

rustic bathroom with decoration

This can also be applied for a small bathroom but this design would be fit if you live in a studio apartment.

rustic small bathroom

The combination between rustic and scandinavian can be seen in this concept. It uses lots of decoration, you can also see the indoor plant where it really increase this aesthetic level.

To design rustic bathroom you can easily follow our tips and design above. Do not overthink about this one since rustic theme one of the most easier concept to be applied. We can also set it by our own. Do not forget to save your money if you want to build rustic bathroom because we can still use it for the other needs. You may check about rustic bedroom that we shared before.


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