bohemian living room – Living room is the most important place to relax. Everyone tends to decorate their living room to be comfortable. We already know that we need extra work to make it enjoyable. However, we also need to think about its decoration.

Why Bohemian Living Room?

There are many things we have to know about this concept. Bohemian is to show a uniqueness, culture or something to make our room look alive. Everyone loves its idea because it can bring a new horizon to our room. So, what is the reason and why we must choose Bohemian to be applied into our living room?


Who does not want to get comfortability on their room. This is your turn to get it. Bohemian will gonna be the suitable concept for you instead of Scandinavian. We all know that this cannot be similar into Scandinavian but it is still comfortable from our side. It is all depend on how you apply the decoration.


Unlike any other concept. Usually, Bohemian will have their own personality or identity. It is because they should look unique from the other. We must create an original idea in order to set this theme.

This is why, we have to set our living room with Bohemian style to make it great. We can also set it to our bedroom if it is necessary.


The last part it would be enjoyable for us. Everyone wants to get lots of pleasure on their life. Usually, Bohemian can realise it for us. As it is unique and show a culture. It will create an outstanding atmosphere on the environment.

Decoration Ideas to Apply

Are you looking for the decoration ideas? You may ask, is there any Bohemian living room ideas included with the decoration? Do not worry about it, we already sorted it out for you. All you need to do is to check the design below.


For any women or girls who love to be feminine. We would recommend this one since it will show your inner beauty about who you are. It would also enjoyable to stay there. One quick tip from us. You can paint the ceiling with pink color if it is possible.

pink bohemian living room


Loving art so much? We have an abstract bohemian idea for you. You can put lots of the abstract painting there. The sofa also help to lift up the concept. However, we do not recommend to put indoor plant since we have to give extra space for focal point.

abstract bohemian living room


This is our time to realise having a nice bright living room with Bohemian style. This theme should be implemented if your house face the sunrise since the lighting would be automatically enter your house and the window will reflect it.

bright bohemian living room

Country Style

This is not quite popular among other since millennial people tend to use modern style. However, if you want to present a classic way. We recommend this one since it looks so beautiful and comfortable inside even though many people might do not love it.

country bohemian living room


We already know that mostly Bohemian tend to show a culture it can be various from many sources. The design below is a nice combination between eastern with western. Though the dominance comes from the eastern itself but it looks so cozy.

cultural bohemian living room


This one is actually a classic design but for Moroccan bohemian it also combined with modern style. That is why this design is really eye catching and heart melting one. We also love the motives applied on almost every element.

moroccan bohemian living room


To whom love about nature and also tend to have more plants rather than its furniture. You may check this natural bohemian concept. It looks like a green theme for you. The best part of all, we really love the coffee table. Anyway, this would gonna be suitable for men who love to life alone and he is on the way for the maturity.

natural bohemian living room


We already know lots of Scandinavian living room but how if we combine it with Bohemian? Is it comfortable or not you may check the design below. In the cutting edge, we recommend for everyone who loves Scandinavian. You have to try a new way by showing the bohemian style. It would be very nice to see.

scandinavian bohemian living room


Here is the best victorian design mix with Bohemian. We also love the hanging lamp. It looks really nice to see. Beside that, the rugs really represent the concept of bohemian itself.

victorian bohemian living room

Final words, Bohemian can be combined with almost every theme you already know. This is our time to create our own bohemian living room with a custom style. Try to make it comfortable as you can. You also need to be creative while considering the decoration idea.


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