– Are you looking for the best living room ever with an astonishing wall texture? We would like to let you know about Bohemian paint color concept. It would be really great for you since it should be eye catching and add extra aesthetic value to your room.

We already know it would be cozy if we can decorate our living room with a nice idea. That is why you must take a look at our idea about bohemian living room paint color. We must give a nice implementation to the wall decor.

Applying Paint Color

There are many factors before we begin to apply Bohemian wall texture to our living room. You must understand what Bohemian it is and what is the reason of using it. There are lots of implementation regarding its idea thus we must be selective on choosing it. Do not worry about that since we already sorted out some ideas for you.

The Reason to Set Bohemian Wall Texture

We love Bohemian and so do you. The reason of using Bohemian instead the other concept such as Scandinavian or maybe Monochrome. It is because we need a great feeling to our room. The wall color that use Bohemian will give us a cozy environment and totally unique stuff there since they are different and has their own personality.

Environment Look Alive

We already know that each house that use Bohemian. They tend to look alive than the other theme. Actually, applying natural concept to our wall texture can also be look as Bohemian does but this would has their own concept. It would look unique beside of alive.

Feeling Cozy?

Everyone wanna get a cozy living room since they rather to stay there rather than others. We must create a comfortable atmosphere whenever we stay there. Especially on its focal point when we meet others and communicate each other. There are several reason why we have to apply this one.


Majority, Bohemian color will be more colorful than others. That is why we would really pleased to stay there since there are many color that can bring a new horizon to our life.

Full Motives

The other factor why we feel comfortable whenever we use this one. It has lots of motives that we can use. It can also combined with full lighting since it will bring lots of brightness side.

Original Idea

Bohemian has its own personality or it can said as their own identity. It is totally different with other concept. Whenever, we apply this one. We must think about the idea and it would be hard to meet the same concept since this one is rather new and not so popular among interior designer.

Easy to DIY

If you have an ability to paint your wall by yourself. Its gonna outstanding since you can pour your creativity there. Make sure, Bohemian should lift up culture or uniqueness but the main part of all, how to make the room look alive than before.

Paint Color Ideas

We are gonna present the paint color ideas for your Bohemian wall texture but you can pull the bottom line regarding the usage. It should be depend on how you love it. You can customise the idea below with yours. We just give the most outstanding idea to be painted into your living room wall.


If you would like to find out the most feminine concept for your living room. You could consider this one since it looks so great. The abstract combination into pink color would be really nice to lift up your room value.

bohemian peach wall texture


To whom who loves to lift up the culture value for your living room. Then, if you wish to use green color as the main color of your room. You can try to use this one. Anyway, it would be really nice if you change the dark green color on the left wall more softly to give extra brightness to the room and it would make it more alive.

bohemian ethnic wall texture


Do you love flower concept to your living room but you still want to lift up the Bohemian style. You can try to use this one. However, this is not totally Bohemian since we have to add the rugs there.

bohemian feminine wall texture


If you love art mainly on abstract thing. You can start decorating your wall to be like this. However, you can change the main color into sea blue since it would be really fit the room. You can customise it by yourself.

bohemian modern wall texture


This one is a little bit complicated. You have to hire an interior designer regarding this one since we all know the wall motives must be worked through professional person. However, you can also use a printed wallpaper if you wish.

bohemian natural wall texture

Those designs above can be said as a draft. You can make your own idea and use those one above as the reference.

Quick Tips to Choose Wall Texture

  1. Consider its brightness, actually there should be no problem whenever you would like to use dark to soft color. You are free to paint as you wish but once again. The lamp position and the brightness volume should be fitted.
  2. Use a simple motives if you do not what you are doing for. Do not overthink about using the most complicated art for your wall texture. If you cannot bring any motives, its okay. You can still use the color combination to create a new color mixing.
  3. Consider your ceiling color, make sure it must match as your wall texture does. Do not apply Bohemian wall texture while the ceiling color cannot fit it.
  4. Consider the room size, using bright color on the small room will give more space than the dark color.

This is now our time to create an astonishing wall texture to our living room. You can also consider about coffee table, table lamp, hanging lamp, and so on. There are many elements beside this one. It is now your time to do experiment to our living room. Try to imagine first what theme would you like to apply into the living room.


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