– Uniqueness is really important whenever we would like to apply any design to our home. That is we have to make sure that concept is the crucial part to be considered properly. For example, if you wish to redesign your living room with Bohemian, you also need to realise what hanging lamp would you like to implement there.

Majority people do not consider this one as they tend to focus on its decoration such as coffee table or table lamp. We would like to share hanging lamp ideas for your living room that is using Bohemian concept idea. It is quite simple but it must contain an art of a living thing since we have to fulfil the needs of this theme.

The Important of Hanging Lamp

We can say that hanging lamp is the main part if you want to give any concept to your room whether living room or others. You must rethink before applying any hanging lamp there. Try to measure about its uniqueness and also the art of itself.

Type to Measure

As we have described above about the important of hanging lamp. There are measurements that you have to fulfil it. For example if you have a small living room you have to consider the lamp size. Do not overtook the space.


Bohemian is about to show uniqueness. Making room more living and also the show its culture. If you can get all this thing then we can say its totally unique. You must consider about the shape first and try to match it with other elements.

Natural & Living

To make something looks natural we must consider about its color. Try to use soft or pastel color since it would be easy to combine with the other elements and also it would be looked more living than before.

Bohemian Hanging Lamp Types

There are many types of hanging lamp itself but we must consider about our room decoration at first since we cannot randomly put it. Make sure, it must lift up the aesthetic value of our room and also have the concept.


If you love Mediterranean lamp concept then Ottoman is the most suitable for you. This gonna be a nice thing to decorate your living room not only that one but you can also use this for your bedroom.

ottoman bohemian hanging lamp


What do you think about the lamp below? Isn’t looks so stunning with a solid concept given? Now, this is your time whether you would like to choose this one or not but we personally love that!

colorful bohemian hanging lamp


Made from glass and also the beautiful motives. We can make sure this glossy bohemian lamp really match your living room. However, you can also this for kitchen room. It is all depend on you about how your implementation it is.

glossy bohemian hanging lamp


Called as ibiza, because it has a symbol like love. It is really solid if you can combine it with wooden wall texture concept or you can also use brick to your wall. Thus, it would be a great then.

ibiza bohemian hanging lamp

Turkish Mosaic

This is the most unique and it would be hard to find out. However, you can DIY it or hire an artist to do that. This is quite expensive but we can make sure you would not regret when you implement this hanging lamp to your living room.

turkish mosaic hanging lamp

It’s now your time to create a stunning living room with Bohemian concept. We really enjoy this theme because it is totally solid concept where it can also be said as flexible since it can be combined with almost every theme such as Scandinavian, Monochrome, Classic and so on.

We hope you can enjoy this article about Boho hanging lamp ideas. It is now our time to turn over our living room with a nice stuff above. If you have any other ideas regarding this one. Do not hesitate to shout a comment below. You can also contribute an article to our site if you love it.


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