– The living room is optional in every house. Most designers put a living room to gather with family or welcome guests. It can be an interesting place to add value to a house. This room is beautiful to decorate as an outdoor place. An outdoor living room will bring an airy atmosphere and a beautiful view. Some people prefer to be outdoors while having a nice chat. If you want to make an outdoor living room, read the lists below. There are sixteen ideas for inspirational outdoor living rooms. Let us discuss 16 Outdoor Living Room Ideas with Fall Decor That Spice Up Your Exterior!

  1. Choose the Best Spot with Interesting View

The first design is considering the view. An outdoor living room should have a vast view that refreshes the mind. Also, it is more comfortable with lots of trees around it. Look at this idea. That outdoor living room is on the porch. It stands on a wooden floor with a short wooden fence.

Choose the Best Spot with Interesting View

This design is simple with fewer details. It provides some warmth with a firepit in the middle area. Also, the orange string lamps are beautiful to create ambiance. You will feel warm and comfortable with dim lights while having a nice chat with someone. This design is also good for observing the night sky.

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  1. Add A Swing on the Porch

The swing is an additional seat for an aesthetic living room. You can install a swing on your porch. Look at this idea. It is inspirational to install a swing that hangs on ropes. That swing is interesting because it has decorations. It is a macrame pillow and a net seat.

Add A Swing on the Porch

It is a cozy seat if you want to sit lazily. Moreover, this outdoor living room gets the best spot. It is on a porch with a nice rooftop. Few orange lights enliven the fall season ambiance. If you want more lights, it is better to use string lamps or electric candles.

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  1. Pumpkins Are Best for Fall Decor

Pumpkin is a popular accent for fall decor. This accent is stunning to represent harvest time in the fall season. Therefore, pumpkins are best for this idea. It uses lots of pumpkins to strengthen the outdoor impression. Nowadays, many faux pumpkins that you can find in the store.

Pumpkins Are Best for Fall Decor

Look at this idea. The outdoor living room is quite attractive with a pergola. It gets a canopy that protects the living room from direct sunlight and rain. In addition, you can hang some white curtains for a little privacy. Besides that, it has catchy furniture like a big sofa in the middle area. There are many decorations like colorful pillows.

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  1. Grow Some Orange Plants

Orange plants can transform a view naturally. You will get a fall season impression with these plants. Try to put more orange plants around your outdoor living room. It enlivens up the outdoor impression better than green plants for a fall-season living room.

Grow Some Orange Plants

Moreover, this living room is more than an ordinary one. It gets an adequate place for furniture and decorations. Let’s begin with the furniture. There are comfy sofas and a long coffee table. You can replace it with a long bench if you prefer it more than a sofa.

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  1. Farmhouse Inspiration

Farmhouse is one of traditional design. It represents some accents that you will only find in a farmhouse. For example, this idea has lots of wood and white accents. If you look at some farmhouses, they use faded white colors and old-looking accents.

Farmhouse Inspiration

This outdoor living room is on the porch. The woods dominate this living room from the floor to the wall. Look at the wooden furniture that enlivens a traditional impression. It is catchy to choose wicker furniture. Moreover, add a swing chair, traditional rug, and plant for this living room.

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  1. Install A Fire Pit

This is one of the elegant outdoor living rooms for the fall season. It has an elegant fire pit in the middle of the living room. This firepit can be real, fake, or electric, just choose what you want to design. It is useful to warm the atmosphere. The orange light is naturally decorating your living room during the fall season.

Install A Fire Pit

Meanwhile, it is okay to design your living room with any idea. This one gets modern furniture as you see the Minimalist sofas around the fire pit. Another thing to consider is balancing the theme color. This outdoor living room uses white and grey accents to make it alive.

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  1. Hang Some String Lamps

Lighting can be a nice solution for developing a fall season impression. This outdoor living room will be a statement to you. There are orange string lamps that make lines from a pergola to the trees. This design is one of the common ideas for outdoor decor. You can always use string lamps to show off some spots.

Hang Some String Lamps

Furthermore, this living room has a pergola on the gravel area. There are wooden white chairs to chill and enjoy the fall season night sky. If you need more seats, install two swing chairs on the pergola. This living room is quite interesting with some orange lights around the gravel area.

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  1. Design It in A Gravel Area

The gravel area is very useful decor. It brings a natural impression to this exterior. The outdoor living room is perfect to establish on a gravel area. Therefore, it is safe to have a firepit in this area because fire can’t spread through gravel. You can build a simple firepit in the middle area.

Design It in A Gravel Area

The firepit is more stunning with stone materials. After that, put your furniture around the fire pit. The best seats are black wooden chairs. Even though they can lose colors through sunlight wooden chairs still look good after years. During the falling season, you can enjoy the night sky with some pillows in this living room.

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  1. Semi Outdoor Living Room

The semi-outdoor room provides a little privacy and connects the house. This idea is on the porch. This living room has an interesting design with thin white curtains around the pergola. The furniture is stunning with wooden chairs. Besides, you can replace it with wicker chairs as well.

Semi Outdoor Living Room

Moreover, this living room is comfy with a smooth rug. Look at the fall-season accents in this living room. The firepit is inside the wall. The white tiles are aesthetic to sign a firepit area. Besides, there are some decors above the firepit.

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  1. Use Wooden Furniture

Wood is a very useful material. You will find thousands furniture from wood. If you want to design a beautiful outdoor living room, try to use wooden furniture. Look at this idea. The outdoor living room gets some furniture from flooring, chairs, a table, and a coffee table.

use Wooden Furniture

This furniture goes well in this outdoor living room. The firepit gets the best place with stone materials. The white stones are perfect to make it look natural. Moreover, it is more attractive with green ornamental plants around the living room.

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  1. Add More Stone Accents

The stone is another natural accent for home design. It is one of the best materials for a fall-season exterior. Look at this outdoor living room. The stone accents are super catchy to build a fireplace with a big chimney. You can build it in your backyard.

Add More Stone Accents

Moreover, this outdoor living room is perfect with a mini garden around it. Also, there are decorative shrubs in that garden. For the sitting area, put some big sofas near a fireplace area. Then, put on a coffee table to load some small items.

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  1. Design It Under the Trees

An outdoor living room is more comfortable to build under the trees. It brings a natural view and a shady impression. You will feel a breeze while enjoying time in this living room. Maybe the backyard will make the best spot for an outdoor living room.

Design It Under the Trees

Look at this idea. The furniture are completing this area, while the main focus is the trees. Wicker sofas with comfy seats are stunning for an outdoor living room. You can add a short coffee table. In addition, put some plants near the sofa. Also, having some little pumpkins are nice accents too.

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  1. Classic Coastal Living Room

Coastal design will you to an outdoor and airy atmosphere. This idea will tell you how. The classic coastal living room has lots of white colors. It even shows natural accents like having sunlight like this one. This outdoor living room is preferable to enjoy during the night.

Classic Coastal Living Room

Besides, this outdoor living room has a catchy exterior. The white fireplace has a few tiers and candles. It looks like an elegant fireplace in a luxurious coastal house. Moreover, the sofas are comfortable, and get some pillows to enjoy this place. If you want more coastal accents, display some Coastal ornaments on the table.

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  1. Use A Patio to Make It Shady or Sunny

A patio is one of a solution to make a shady area. You can build a patio that connects to your house or separately in the yard. This living room needs an interesting patio in the yard. It is optional to add a rain shelter or let it be a sunny place. Both are important for your comfortable living room.

Use A Patio to Make It Shady or Sunny

Furthermore, this living room can be your best option to get a calming place. It has dim string lights on the roof. You can enjoy the night sky or fresh breeze while taking a rest time. Moreover, this living room is stunning with two wooden benches and white comfy seats. In addition, there are some plants to sweeten the exterior.

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  1. Design It Like A Simple Garden Party

A garden party can be your inspiration to design an outdoor living room. It has lots of string lights above the living room. The orange light will bring a warm impression to this area. This design looks like a simple garden party in the backyard.

Design It Like A Simple Garden Party

Besides, you can make it comfortable to enjoy the fall season. Add wicker chairs and comfy seats in the main area. Moreover, put some tiny pillows on it. Near the chairs, there is a firepit with little fires. Therefore, this firepit won’t declutter or smoke in this area. You will get a garden party atmosphere in this outdoor living room.

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  1. Make An Elegant Sanctuary with Plants in Your Garden

This is an inspirational outdoor living room. You can add this idea to your next plan. This outdoor living room is simple and doesn’t need much space. It is okay to make an outdoor living room between pathways. The gravel area is the best one.

Make An Elegant Sanctuary with Plants in Your Garden

Then, you can add a stone firepit in the middle of the path. Moreover, it is more comfortable to decorate it under the trees. Therefore, you will get a natural sanctuary in your garden. It is okay to have an outdoor living room in the backyard. You can show off the beautiful garden while taking your guests into this special living room.

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These are the inspirational outdoor living rooms for the fall season. This seasonal design is quite interesting for other seasons as well. It is more beautiful to enjoy this design in the clear night. Therefore, you will get the best experience like a fresh breeze and starry night sky. You can mix and match some designs to adjust your exterior. Hopefully, this post will help you to design an outdoor living room during the fall seasons.


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