– A window is one of the important elements in a house. Some houses need windows to see the view or get a good air circulation. Also, it is useful to invite natural sunlight during the day. Therefore, you don’t need to turn on the lights at noon. Besides, a window needs some treatments to make it interesting. You don’t need to spend lots of money because you can consider some things before decorating the window. Here are some ideas for window treatment with low budgets. Let us discuss 16 Ideas for Windows Treatment to Save on Budgets!

  1. Measure Your Windows

Decorating a window is a challenging activity. Before taking a step, you need to measure your window. It is not only about the window size but also the color and design that you will put on. Firstly, measure your window properly. You will need the window size to find the best curtain.

Measure Your Windows

Besides, measure your wall color. You can use the same color for your curtain or just let it bare without a curtain. If you desire a curtain, choose a contrasting color to make an eye-catching impression on a window. The long curtain that touches the floors will be a focal point on the wall.

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  1. Use Long Drapes for Small Windows

This tip relates to the previous point. You need the long drapes that bring a big accent to your windows. If your windows are small, installing the long drapes will cover them perfectly. The material of the curtain is optional. You can choose any fabric that fits your budget.

Use Long Drapes for Small Windows

Moreover, you need to consider the width of your curtains. Ensure that the curtains cover the whole window. Also, check the curtains if they get allowable drapery rods. If you want an elegant touch, choose the curtains with natural colors like soft brown or ivory white.

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  1. Make It Look Luxurious

Bring a luxurious impression to your house by the windows. Install attractive curtains for your windows. The fullness of your window treatment will bring a stunning design. Some people use shiny fabric that looks luxurious. It can reflect lighting in the room and create a shiny accent.

Make It Look Luxurious

Furthermore, you can install double curtains for the windows. The first layer is the white transparent curtain, you can use a lace. Meanwhile, the second layer is the thick curtains. Both types of curtains are beneficial to create privacy. You can shut the thick curtains and prefer the laces during the day.

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  1. Install Window Blinds

Some home designers prefer to use the window blinds. It looks like a curtain but has a thin layer. The window blinds are close to the window. Some window blinds are the same size because they fit the window frame. Most window blinds are transparent to invite sunlight.

Install Window Blinds

The window blinds have a different shutter. You can choose a preferable blind for your window. Look at this idea. The window blinds are perfect to match the white window frame. Besides, the window blinds have an adjustable shutter. Therefore you can shut a half side of the window.

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  1. Display Your Curtains

Do you have a home-made curtain? If you want to save on budget, it is okay to make your curtains. It doesn’t have to use a new fabric. You can use the old fabric to make a simple curtain. Another idea is sewing the fabric scraps to make a full long curtain.

Display Your Curtains

Then, the curtains will decorate your window like a brand new one. Moreover, it makes you to be more creative. Find the best patterns to create an eye-catching window. You can make another curtain to change the decoration every few months.

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  1. Using Dark Blinds

The window blind is an optional element for decoration. You can put it into your note before decorating the window. Many colors for window blinds. The dark shade will make better privacy for your window. Also, it makes an eye-catching contrast on the bright wall.

Using Dark Blinds

Moreover, the black and dark grey color fits any window. You can attach the window blinds like this idea. It uses the black blinds to protect the window seat. Besides, use the roller blind that allows you to peek a view. Some window blinds make good privacy.

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  1. Cover Up Half Windows

The next idea is covering the half window. This window treatment needs an adjustable blind. Let’s see this idea. This window has a unique design. The window consists of some frames. You can cover the half window by using a blind. Then, let the upper window bare because it allows sunlight.

Cover Up Half Windows

Besides, this window blind is useful to add privacy without darkening the interior. There are various colors for the window blinds. Choose the shade that fits your interior. If you want more privacy then pick the dark color and otherwise. This is a simple treatment for windows to save on budget.

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  1. Don’t Put Anything Near Windows

Decorating a window can be tricky. Some people prefer to put ornate designs on their windows. Meanwhile, other people prefer to let it free without ornaments. Look at this idea. You can save on budget by leaving the window without any decoration.

Don't Put Anything Near Windows

It is okay to not put anything near the window. Sometimes, much of things can lessen the beautiful design of your window. You can install the curtain instead of having many decorations. Besides, you need to clean the frame and make it always stunning.

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  1. Always Clean The Windows

The window needs a regular cleaning. It keeps your interior to be more interesting. Sometimes, the dirty window may cause disease and harm your health. Therefore, use water and cleaner to remove the dirt. You can wipe the window without water to remove the dust first.

Always Clean The Windows

Then, use the water for the second cleansing. You can repeat this step with a window cleaner. Besides, take off the curtains and replace them the clean curtains. It is necessary to wash the curtains every month or whenever it gets dirty. Don’t forget to clean the window glass thoroughly for a clear view.

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  1. Add An Indoor Plant Next to It

An indoor plant has an adorable accent. Thousands of indoor plants that you can choose for decorating your home. It is nice to see a big green plant near the window. This spot is much better to provide bright indirect light. Also, you can open the window so the plant can get warm sunlight.

Add An Indoor Plant Next to It

This room has an indoor banana tree in the corner. It looks attractive as a green accent in the white room. Other plants to grow indoors like the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, indoor Ficus, Jade Plant, Monstera, etc. These plants will grow best in a sunny window with adequate water.

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  1. Use Cotton Fabric Curtains

This is another idea for decorating the window. The cotton fabric curtains are affordable for people to save on a budget. Nowadays, many cotton fabrics that you can choose. Pick the one that fits your interior. You can use the wall color as the base for choosing curtains.

Use Cotton Fabric Curtains

Besides, this curtain comes in different colors and patterns. If you want to make it on point, choose an ornate pattern. Otherwise, pick the curtain without patterns for a simple interior. You can custom this curtain as well. Ensure that you don’t spend much money to decorate the windows.

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  1. Install Window Films

The window films are another idea for replacing the window blind. It has the same function but a different shape. The window film is an ideal choice to create privacy. It won’t declutter the interior. You can explore the window style with your favorite window films.

Install Window Films

The adhesive films are perfect to cover your window frame. Also, it has many interesting patterns to suit your style. Therefore, you don’t need to install curtains. The water and soap are enough to keep it clean. The window films will make an efficient decor to save on budget.

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  1. Pick up The Right Colors

The color of curtains can bring a different impression. The bright will bring a cheerful impression, while the dark color brings an elegant impression. Both shades are attractive for decorating your window. If you love the bright color then pick white, soft brown, soft yellow, soft pink, etc.

Pick up The Right Colors

Besides, you can consider color for window frames too. This geometric accent is one of the attractive details for window treatment. You can renew the window frame with a different paint. It is okay if you want to put the same color as the wall.

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  1. All White Theme

The white theme is very popular for interior design. You can start using this theme to redecorate your window. It is more stunning if your room is white. The white window will blend in with the wall. If there are fading parts on the window or wall, you can repaint it. Also, clean your window to maintain its white color.

All White Theme

In addition, you can install the white curtain if you want to go in line. Otherwise, it is cool to have a contrast curtain to pop up the color. It will be a striking accent in your room. The most natural color curtains like grey, black, brown, and green. These colors are attractive to enliven your window with minimum budgets.

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  1. Use Wooden Shutters

The window shutter is an alternative thing for privacy. It replaces the window blind and curtain. You can use the wooden shutter instead of window blinds. The wooden shutters make your window look natural. It has small laces that allow sunlight and breeze to get into your house.

Use Wooden Shutters

Besides, you can paint the wooden shutters with the same colors as the wall. It looks clean if you take a glossy paint. Moreover, it is okay to use natural brown wood. Some woods have pigmented brown colors and last for years. It makes your window more stunning. In addition, you can install a white lace if you want to.

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  1. Matching Curtains and Walls

This last tip is the most basic thing. The window treatment makes it easier to follow the wall color. Therefore, you can paint the window frame with the same shade as your wall. It makes your window camouflage well in the room. This tip is ideal for a theme room. For example, the white room looks interesting to get white windows.

Matching Curtains and Walls

Moreover, the curtains can be plain or full of patterns. Sometimes, it is attractive to use a monochrome theme. The white wall is more alive with black window frames and curtains. Also, keep the interior look interesting by cleaning the window regularly.

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These are tips for window treatment. Some windows need a little touch to make it interesting. Maybe you need to change the paint on a window frame, add curtains, or change the blinds. Some decorations don’t need much budget. Therefore, you can save some money for another need. The window treatments in this post are simple. You can add more decoration to your window if you want to. Hopefully, it will inspire you to decorate your window.


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