– A rocky garden is an interesting design to decorate your garden landscape. You can add rocks or pebbles in a certain area. For example, there is a long landscape for rocky areas. It looks stunning to separate the rocky area and garden lawn. It is a common design to add colors to your garden. Moreover, the pebbles are useful to mulch your succulents. Pebbles will keep the moisture inside the soil in the summer seasons. Therefore you can try this idea for your garden. Here are ideas for rocky garden designs that you can try. Let’s see the 17 Rocky Garden Ideas: Grow Your Succulents in A Perfect Landscape below!

  1. Cute Outdoor Garden to Separate Plants and Lawn

The first idea is a cute garden with rocky lines. This idea is one of the popular designs for rocky gardens. It separates the rocky garden and the lawn. There is a distinct line that prevents lawns from growing aggressively. Therefore, the lawn won’t grow in the rocky garden.

Cute Outdoor Garden to Separate Plants and Lawn

The plants in the rocky garden are various. Most people grow succulents like Echeveria, Spider plant, Aloe vera, and palm in rocky areas. You can keep them growing well in hard conditions. The plants can survive on hot days but must get enough water. Before copying this idea, it is better to check the type of rocks that you want to use.

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  1. Creative Landscape for Various Echeveria Plants

Succulents love to grow in rocky areas. They can grow well in minimum water and poor soil. Therefore, you can try to plant some succulents in your rocky garden. This idea is a creative landscape with various succulents. You will find a bunch of Echeveria plants.

Creative Landscape for Various Echeveria Plants

It looks interesting to put some big rocks between the succulents. Like another garden, a rocky garden can keep moisture inside the soil even though the rocks can raise heat too. Besides, it is important to always hydrate your plants by watering them regularly. This rocky garden creates a comfortable place to grow succulents.

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  1. How to Thrive Succulents in A Giant Container

A rocky garden is not about decorating a large yard. You can make a simple rocky garden by growing plants in a giant container. It will make a focal point on your exterior. Let’s see how this idea makes a perfect accent. Here, you need a big container with good drainage. Then, add soil to the container.

How to Thrive Succulents in A Giant Container

After that, grow succulents as much as you want. This idea gets many Echeveria in the container. Then, add big rocks at some points. Once they grow well, you can add the pebbles between the succulents. This container looks like a mini garden with flowering stepping stones. You can decorate this container in the front yard.

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  1. Add Big Stones to Separate the Plants

A rocky garden needs many stones to separate plants. Here, you will see a simple landscape by adding big stones between the plants. The white big stones make a line to make a simple area for certain plants. Some succulents grow beautifully on the edge. Then, the green succulents take a contrast accent.

Add Big Stones to Separate the Plants

Another side of this garden is a pot inside the soil. There are purple succulents around the pot that make a cute accent. Look at the succulents in the pot, it has the biggest Echeveria. Meanwhile, the green succulents are interesting to make a green line between white rocks. Moreover, you can make it like a curvy rocky garden.

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  1. Pick the Colorful Rocks

The exterior design is key to getting a nice impression. Therefore, many people make a beautiful garden to attract attention. Here, you can try to make a rocky garden. Look at this idea that has colorful rocks. The grey rocks make an accent on the white rocks.

Pick the Colorful Rocks

White rocks are a common type of decorative rock. Moreover, this idea has several plants to draw attention to the exterior decor. This rocky garden separates the planting area and lawn. Therefore, the succulents only grow in the rocky areas. These plants are best grown in rocky soil because they keep enough moisture and heat in the soil.

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  1. White Rocks for the Backyard Garden

The white rocks are quite popular for garden decor. It is a striking accent that puts contrast in your garden. This idea is one of a white rocky garden. The white rocks can fill the space on your soil. It keeps water, humidity, and soil nutrients. The rocks will prevent the organic nutrients from flowing during rainy days.

White Rocks for the Backyard Garden

This white rock garden is interesting for decorating the backyard. It looks stunning to make a rocky line as the garden border. Meanwhile, this idea gets a distinct line that keeps lawns growing in different areas. Moreover, you can water your plant without hurting the plants because the rocks will lessen the water flow.

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  1. Fill the Garden with Black Rocks

Many types of rock that you can use in the garden. The black rock is another choice that will elevate your garden decor. It looks interesting to use black rocks as a striking accent. This idea will tell you why it looks good. The black rocks naturally decorate the garden soil and resemble the deep brown soil.

Fill the Garden with Black Rocks

Meanwhile, it looks more interesting with various plants. Let’s see this rocky garden. There are various succulents like cacti, Echeveria, and Aloe vera. You can randomly plant these succulents. Besides, it looks good if you grow them near a big stone. This design makes it look natural.

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  1. Artificial Rock Landscaping for Garden

An interesting garden landscaping will attract attention. Some people prefer to use artificial stones like bricks to make a garden landscape. This idea will show an attractive design by arranging concrete bricks. It makes a curvy line to separate the mini garden and lawn.

Artificial Rock Landscaping for Garden

The mini garden contains rich soil and is ready to grow any plant. There are few trees and small green plants. These plants will make a fresh accent for the exterior. Meanwhile, the green lawn is the major landscape for this garden.

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  1. Squared Root Landscaping

A rocky garden is easy to design in small or big gardens. Here, we have an idea of a rocky garden in a small area. This rocky garden decorates a square area between the pathways. There are big succulents that look striking. Therefore, people will notice there is a nice rocky garden.

Squared Root Landscaping

Furthermore, this area gets black rocks that fill it up. Moreover, you can put some big stones in the soil. Then, grow smaller succulents to bring a natural landscape. Meanwhile, you can grow other plants instead of big succulents.

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  1. Modern DIY Backyard Pebble Garden

A rocky garden is identical to pebbles and stones. Therefore, you can make a DIY rocky garden at home. First, you need a simple design before starting it. After that, you need to grow a lawn that fills your yard perfectly. It may take more time to grow the best lawn but you can start designing the rocky area.

Modern DIY Backyard Pebble Garden

This idea has a narrow rocky area. It is useful as a garden pathway. Next to it, you can spare some space to grow plants. The groundcover plants will bring an interesting accent to this area. Also, grow some colorful plants for striking accents.

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  1. Growing Succulents between the Rocks

Succulents are adaptive plants. These plants grow well in moist or poor soil. They even will grow properly between the rocks. Therefore, you can copy this natural growth by adding big rocks for succulents. It is a common idea to decorate a succulent garden.

Growing Succulents between the Rocks

Besides, this garden has many pebbles that cover the soil. Don’t need to worry because your succulent will accept this environment. After growing well, succulents will spread their growth into small spaces between rocks. Keep watering your succulent twice per week to provide enough minerals.

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  1. Palm Springs Style Home Exterior

A rocky garden brings a desert-like design. That’s why some people grow succulents and hardy plants in the rocky garden. Look at this idea. You will see two small gardens on both sides. It uses white pebbles to cover the soil.

Palm Springs Style Home Exterior

The plants in every container can tolerate hard conditions. There are thorny plants, Dracaena, mini Palm, and other succulents. These plants love full sun and grow best in this sunny area. Moreover, the white pebbles make the colorful plants striking. You can copy this idea to decorate your exterior.

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  1. How to Make A Rock Garden Inside the Lawn

Some gardeners like to be more creative in the front yard. They make a nice landscape by combining rocky and soil gardens. Let’s this idea. It looks interesting with curvy lines to make an attractive landscape. You can copy this idea to renew your garden design.

How to Make A Rock Garden Inside the Lawn

Besides, this idea has bare areas to grow plants. The soil area is ready to grow some plants. It looks interesting to get some colorful plants and make a contrast. Meanwhile, the white pebbles are the best striking accents for succulents. This garden will beautify your exterior design.

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  1. A Small Rocky Garden for Hosta

Hosta is a popular plant for exterior design. It has various types that you will love. Hosta will grow a short shrub. This plant grows large interesting foliages. If you want to add it to the rocky garden, then prepare a large space. Their leaves will cover the rocks beautifully.

A Small Rocky Garden for Hosta

Moreover, the brick lines will keep Hosta growing in this area. Otherwise, the lawn won’t take up spaces in the rocky garden. The small rocks keep the soil in this area and prevent Hosta from growing aggressively. If you want to create a shady place for Hosta, then grow some trees.

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  1. A Simple Rocky Garden with Snake plants

Do you need a simple design for your exterior design? Here, it is better to grow Snake plants in your garden. You don’t need a large place because you can use a narrow place. This idea has rocky areas to grow Snake plants in a group. These plants bring a tropical impression to this area.

A Simple Rocky Garden with Snake plants

Also, Snake plants are hardy plants that grow well in almost all soil. It has dark leaves with striking patterns. The rocky soil is one of the best places to grow this succulent. It requires adequate water to keep growing well in the hardy condition.

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  1. Grow Various Succulents in Your Rocky Garden

Succulents grow well in rocky soil. The rocks and stones will humidity inside the soil. It grows them well during the year and through all seasons. Therefore, you can try to decorate it for your exterior design. First, you need to take the lists of succulents. Then, draw a simple garden landscape.

Grow Various Succulents in Your Rocky Garden

After that, grow some succulents. Once they grow well, you can start decorating the rocky garden. Then, put bigger stones to make an interesting landscape. It looks catchy if you have various colorful plants. Echeveria is a common plant for rocky gardens.

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  1. A Rocky Garden Design with Three Areas

A rocky garden is an interesting decor for exterior design. It looks natural with lots of plants. Here, the rocky garden is beautiful with three areas. The lawn area is the biggest green landscape in this garden. Then, the white rocky path is beneficial to protect your lawn and separate it from the planting area.

A Rocky Garden Design with Three Areas

The soil area is useful to grow many plants. You can grow various plants and make a dense shrub area. There are small shrubs and green plants. Moreover, it looks stunning if you install some garden lights in this area. The orange or white light is perfect for this design.

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These are seventeen ideas for a rocky garden. Every design is interesting to attract attention to this exterior. Most of the rocky gardens can grow succulents. These plants are easy to grow in any type of soil. Therefore, a rocky garden is one of the best environments for succulents. By making a rocky garden, you will have a durable exterior design because you don’t need to replace the rocks. Moreover, the rocky garden can hold humidity in the soil. Then, it keeps moist soil for your plants. We hope you get a nice idea for designing a rocky garden at home. Keep your house green and happy gardening!


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