– A ranch house is a building with a single-story and long shape. It originated in the United States. Most of the ranch house architecture is classic. It has a large courtyard with many plants. Also, most ranch houses are interesting with green lawns. This house has a wide-open layout. If you need some ideas for ranch houses, let’s see the 16 Ranch House Exterior with Decorative Front yard below!

  1. Greyish Ranch House

It is a classic color for ranch houses. The dark grey paint can revive a classic impression of this house. It looks interesting to pair grey with white color. You can apply dark grey for brick and wood elements. This idea has brick posts and wooden walls.

Greyish Ranch House

Moreover, this ranch house has a fresh courtyard. The green lawn is the focal point in the front yard. Then, you can make it more stunning with flowers and green plants. Grow the colorful flowers on a single line. Also, you can hang some flowers on the porch.

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  1. Beautiful Green Lawn

A beautiful front yard is an attractive point for a ranch house exterior. The green lawn makes a wide impression on the house. Also, this wide layout will change the landscape. You can grow some colorful plants to create an attractive exterior. Some plants are better to grow under full suns, like Marigold and Sunflower.

Beautiful Green Lawn

This house has a stunning front yard. The green bushes are catchy to grow along the pathways. It supports the natural impression of the plants around them. Meanwhile, this ranch house has a shady nuance. The trees give a big change to the atmosphere.

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  1. Ordinary Ranch House

Let’s see this ordinary ranch house. It is a wide house with natural grey and white color. This house has a white front door and some windows. It is a common design for a ranch house. Also, it has a small stairway to the porch.

Ordinary Ranch House

Moreover, this ranch house has a large green front yard. The fresh green lawn is the key to enlivening an attractive landscape. This ranch house doesn’t have lots of plants, but it looks stunning. In addition, you can grow some small plants around the house. It will be a small garden in the front yard.

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  1. Cottage House

A ranch design is identical to a cottage house. It represents a classic house in the United States. This ranch house adapts a cottage house exterior. It consists of two-story. The first floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Then, you can design the bedroom on the second floor.

Cottage House

Besides, this ranch house has a catchy color. The dark roofs and beige walls will make a perfect pair. Then, the post is made of brick which brings a traditional impression. Moreover, this ranch house has an interesting landscape. There are small bushes along the pathway. Also, you will see a small garden in front of the porch.

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  1. A Beautiful Landscape for Stone House

It is a classic ranch house. White stone is the best material to enliven a traditional impression. It looks interesting to make a strong ranch house. Look at this idea. The white stone is stunning when it ages. It is beautiful but a bit more expensive than other materials.

A Beautiful Landscape for Stone House

This ranch house is interesting with a white landscape. The curvy landscape is made of white stone as well. It makes a stunning landscape to create a mini garden. Then, there are ornamental plants to grow on the garden soil. You can grow some ornamental trees. This natural landscape will beautify your exterior.

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  1. Ranch House with Small Stairs

Most of the ranch houses have a large porch. Thus, this classic house has a small stairway. The ranch house has one story but it is built a bit high to make a basement. So, you can see a gap under the porch. Besides, a mini garden around the porch will cover this gap.

Ranch House with Small Stairs

Look at this idea. This ranch house has some garden lamps on the pathway. It is interesting to see the lamps brighten this small path. Moreover, this house has a stunning green garden. There are some green plants in front of the porch.

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  1. Make A Small Pathway

A small pathway is an additional element in a ranch house. This pathway changes the exterior of a ranch house. For example, this ranch house has a pathway that connects the backyard and front yard. This pathway is useful to keep the feet clean during rainy or snowy days.

Make A Small Pathway

Moreover, this ranch house has the vibe of a traditional cottage house. The large house looks like a traditional farmhouse. It can load a living room, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen. This ranch house has a small garden. There are small green bushes around the house.

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  1. A Shady Front Yard

A shady impression will bring a fresh atmosphere into your house. Most dwellers of ranch houses will plant some trees in the front yard. It is a natural solution to make a shady impression. The shady trees will complete the ranch house exterior. You can adapt this idea to remodel your house.

A Shady Front Yard

Besides, this house has many plants in the front yard. There are green plants in a small garden. You can grow some bushes or colorful flowers. Also, grow some plants on window sills to decorate the window. In addition, always do good maintenance for your green lawn.

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  1. Modern Ranch House x Basement Expansion

Let’s move to this modern ranch house. This classic house has a sunny porch because it has no shelter. It is a simple ranch house with modern accents. The geometrical accent on the porch will make a different design. Like most ranch houses, this house uses large glass windows to invite sunlight.

Modern Ranch House x Basement Expansion

This ranch house has a large basement. It is located on the first floor. Some ranch houses have interesting small gardens around the house. Also, the ranch house is identical to the green lawn in the front yard. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the plants in your front yard.

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  1. Grey Brick Walls x Ivory White

A grey brick wall is a popular design for a ranch house. This design revives a classic impression of the exterior. The grey color is best to pair with white paint. This ranch house has a nice combination of grey bricks and white walls. The windows on every side wall are inviting sunlight inside the house.

Grey Brick Walls x Ivory White

Besides, the front yard is interesting with a mini garden. The green lawn is a natural base for these plants. You can make a small garden by growing plants to form a small curve. Then, fill this garden with colorful flowers. Also, put some plants on the porch.

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  1. Ranch Style Revival

This is a long ranch house. It uses light grey color and white shades. This color creates a brighten impression on the exterior. This ranch house has two-story or two levels. The main house only has one level, but it has an attached garage on the first floor. It looks like a basement as a garage.

Ranch Style Revival

This house has large windows with a classic frame. Thus, it gets more sunlight inside the rooms. Moreover, you need to design the front yard. The green lawn makes it spacious. Grow small bushes along the porch. Also, add some colorful flowers to the landscape.

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  1. Wooden Cottage House

A ranch house is of cottage design. It represents the cottage house in a traditional living area. Let’s see this ranch house. It is made of wooden materials. The best and strong woods are must-have materials to use for this house.

Wooden Cottage House

Look at the exterior. The woods are stunning when they age. Moreover, this ranch house has a simple design. It doesn’t have a large porch. This house offers an open wide layout. You can see an attractive front yard. There are interesting elements like a wooden bench, colorful pillows, and vases.

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  1. Decorate The Porch

A porch is an additional shelter on the front door. It is useful to protect the front door area. Also, the dweller can enjoy time on the porch. Most ranch houses have a porch. The porch size depends on the length of the house. Thus, a ranch house commonly has a long porch.

Decorate The Porch

Besides, this porch has interesting decor. It makes a beautiful exterior. You can add a hanging chair or another attractive seat. Also, this place is beneficial to grow partial shade plants. There are Pothos, Peperomia, and Marigold. This decor will transform your porch beautifully.

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  1. Modern Ranch x Open Deck

A ranch house is identical to a wide open layout. This ranch house is one of the interesting examples. It has no porch. An open deck is best to make a spacious impression. This home facade has an exposed front door. You can see the stunning exterior.

Modern Ranch x Open Deck

The open deck is best for a modern ranch house which partial shade. This house has a nice wooden frame that makes the perfect glass walls. There are some chairs in the front house and sweet pillows. Besides, the green lawn will make it perfect.

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  1. White House with A Short Gate

It is a white ranch house. This house is large and high. It has two-story as you can see from the window on the second floor. The exterior is quite classic with white shades on every side. This house looks warm with some orange lights. Also, it is interesting with two green plants on the porch.

White House with A Short Gate

Besides, there is a short gate along the porch. The gate has a traditional design and white color. This house is more stunning with a green front yard. The green lawn makes a great landscape. Also, there are plants around the house. It will be shady when these plants grow mature.

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  1. Ranch House x Colorful Landscape

The ranch house offers a traditional impression. This house represents the classic style with navy walls and white paint. The big posts will make a great impression on the exterior. Also, it has a small stairway between the posts. The short gate is interesting to decorate the porch.

Ranch House x Colorful Landscape

Meanwhile, this ranch house looks striking with colorful plants. There are striking flowers around the house. It enlivens a cheerful impression on the exterior. Besides, grow green lawns that fit your region. It makes a beautiful landscape for your ranch house exterior.

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These are 16 Ranch House Exterior with Decorative Front yard. This traditional house is identical to one floor, a wide house, and a large front yard. Some ranch houses get an attached garage. This additional room is versatile. You can use it as a garage or warehouse. Another ranch house has an interesting porch and landscape. You can take some ideas from this post to remodel your home. We hope you will get the best exterior. Happy decorating!


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