The door to your home or office creates an opportunity for you to make a statement and a bespoke composite door can give you the looks and the quality you want, all while providing a host of other benefits that make a bespoke composite door an investment worth making. What benefits do these doors provide?

Elegance and Style

Maria from Doors Galore said “Door design is an essential part of a door, and whether it be the entrance to a modern home or a rustic cottage, a composite front door provides the right level of sophistication and style to make any look complete.” Door styles for composite doors can suit any style of home and any colour preferences and by matching the hardware to contrast or match the exterior, you can add a level of flair and elegance to your entrance.


Energy efficiency and thermal performance are critical factors when it comes to choosing a new door. The pursuit of sustainability, as well as the prospect of keeping more money in your pocket, are some of the motivations behind choosing a door that has high thermal efficiency. Thermal properties built into composite doors (like highly insulating foam cores), combined with the high quality of the materials they are built with, make a bespoke composite door the logical choice when looking for a highly efficient door.

Ease of Use and Safety

The priority of any door is to provide safety and security to those behind it. Multi-point locking systems and a multitude of locking options make composite doors one of the best-rated and secure doors on the market. Your peace of mind comes from knowing that this type of door is strength tested and made of some of the strongest materials available.

Durability and Strength

Durability and strength are what give a composite door its ability to hold its value and functionality for so long. Solid timber cores and GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) are used on these doors to create interior and exterior layers that are well-equipped to keep out the elements and withstand the weathering of the seasons for years without wear or decay. For those looking for doors that are extremely durable and want to invest in a product that will provide a solid return for years to come, a bespoke composite door is the choice for you.

Bespoke Composite Doors for Your Home

With bespoke composite doors, you get all the benefits that you want with a high-quality door, such as:

  • The best quality materials
  • Aesthetic flexibility and options
  • Top-of-the-line safety and security measures
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Durability and strength for years to come

Don’t leave one of the most important choices for your home or office up to chance and choose a product that will give you peace of mind and continue to provide value for years after installation.


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