– A driveway is a useful decor to create a comfortable path to reach the house. Driveway is commonly used as private garages, paths, houses, and carports. Also, it can be a road to leads you from your front yard to the public road. Some driveways may give a nice impression of your house. It depends on the materials and designs that you put on the driveways. There are brick blocking, stone pavers, flint gravel, etc. If you need an interesting idea for a driveway, here we get sixteen ideas for you. Read on the 16 Driveway Ideas for A Large Front Yard: Create A Non-Slip Path at Home below!

  1. Landscaping with Bricks Blocking

This is the first idea for your driveway. It is a common design for landscaping the front yard. This driveway uses grey stones. It brings a shiny impression to your pathway. Also, the grey landscaping looks neat to decorate your pathway.

Landscaping with Bricks Blocking

You can clean this driveway when it gets dirty. Moreover, the stone material can absorb water properly. Besides, it is okay to combine the grey stones with concrete pathways. Moreover, both materials are catchy to enliven your front yard. The green lawn will sweeten the landscape perfectly.

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  1. Brick Stones on Soil Pathways

The brick stones are interesting for decorating a front yard. It brings a country living impression. You can design on the soil pathways. Then, arrange the brick stones to make an anti-slip path. This brick-stone pathway is also known as travertine.

Brick Stones on Soil Pathways

This driveway is durable and will last for a decade. You can redecorate your driveway if you want a natural-looking pathway. The shape and texture of this pathway are smooth. Besides, you can choose another color for the brick stones. The white and brown are common materials for your pathway.

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  1. Luxurious Driveway Idea

Living in a luxurious house requires an interesting pathway. It can be your driveway to drive your car or ride your motorcycle and bicycle. The large front yard is a big canvas for drawing an aesthetic landscape. It will be your best accent for the exterior.

Luxurious Driveway Idea

This idea is the perfect combination of black stones, red stones, and white stones. It needs a professional designer to help you decorate this driveway. The circle accent is a focal point in this design. Besides, you can take a creative way by copying the exterior of your house. It will make a neat design for your house.

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  1. Create A Grass Driveway

Having a lawn between the driveway will bring a new look to your house. The lawn grows well through the pavers. It brings a natural impression as if the driveway is a natural stone. Look at this idea. The driveway uses white stones as pavers.

Create A Grass Driveway

This driveway can be slippery at a certain time. Besides, the driveway is interesting to make white accents between green lawns. You can lay down your grass pavers, making sure they lie at least 1 inch underground. Then, cover the pavers with loam, sand, and clay soil. After that, lay grass seed on the topsoil.

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  1. A Long Cobblestone Driveway for Big House

A driveway is a road to reach your house. You can install pavers to lead you into the garage or carport. Here you see a long driveway into the backyard. The travertine stones bring an elegant path. It is a nice driveway with natural black stones or Cobblestones.

A Long Cobblestone Driveway for Big House

The stones are some of the best materials. Now, it is time to make a driveway with black stones if you don’t have one. Otherwise, you can try this idea to makeover the old driveway. The natural touch of stone pavers will enliven your exterior.

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  1. Black Hexagon Pavers as Driveway

This idea is a popular design for a driveway. The hexagon pavers are quite classic for decorating your front yard. It is a retro-new paver to enhance your patio, pathway, and most walking space. The dark black color will bring an aesthetic impression.

Black Hexagon Pavers as Driveway

Moreover, black hexagon pavers are styling up the front yard. You can combine this design with a concrete driveway. Besides, hexagon pavers have various types that put a different price. Ensure that you take the best materials before installing hexagon pavers as a driveway.

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  1. Install Bricks for A Classic Impression

Bricks are warm accents to be your driveway. It looks classic to represent the old pathway impression. Before taking bricks as your driveway, you need to measure the driveway. Then, ensure that you have enough bricks to cover up your driveway. After that, it is okay to be more creative by adding another paver.

Install Bricks for A Classic Impression

Some brick pavers can’t handle a heavy step. Therefore, you need to pick the strong ones. Besides, you can install the driveway from the entrance because it is identical to the gate. Look at this idea. The brick pavers are aesthetic to welcome you when entertaining the gate.

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  1. Flagstone for Non-slip Pavers

Flagstone is a common idea for non-slip pavers. It is durable and quite strong enough to hold heavy steps. Also, Flagstones are acid-resistant and easy to set in soil. It makes your driveway beautiful and natural. Flagstone is made of limestone, slate, or sandstone. Therefore, most Flagstones are non-slip.

Flagstone for Non-slip Pavers

You can install Flagstone to make a driveway. This paper is useful for covering up the outdoor or indoor floor. Flagstone is one of the thinner materials for pavers. Sometimes, it is not very ideal as a driveway, but you can use it as additional accents. The Flagstone can be your next choice to makeover the driveway.

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  1. Interesting Brown Stone as Pavers

Brownstones are attractive to make a classic. It is made of concrete, soil, or stone. This idea is an interesting one. The brownstones are non-slip. The rough surface will help you to step easily. Moreover, it is a durable paver that good enough as a driveway.

Interesting Brown Stone as Pavers

The brownstones are attractive to decorate your exterior flooring. Look at this idea. The brownstones will enliven the country’s living impression. Besides, you can mix the brown pavers with black stones. It can be a bit expensive but you will get the best exterior.

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  1. Porcelain Pavers for the Driveway

Porcelain pavers are made of ceramic. It has some different finishing. The porcelain pavers are commonly used on the floor or wall. It brings a cool impression with its neutral colors. There are soft brown, soft grey, and white colors.

Porcelain Pavers for the Driveway

You will love to have porcelain pavers as your driveway. Some porcelain pavers use clay to make tiles. Therefore they can absorb water on the top floor. The porcelain pavers are aesthetic to makeover your front yard, patio, pool, and driveway. Then, take this idea into your note.

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  1. Driveway Design with Accents

Decorating an interesting driveway will take some creative ways. You can put some tiles with different colors as accents. It is a simple idea that will enliven your driveway. Look at this idea. The large front yard is stunning with grey accents.

Driveway Design with Accents

The light grey pavers are the main tiles. Meanwhile, you can determine the accents to put on it. The geometrical accents are the easiest ones. You can draw a simple decoration plan before starting to install pavers. Also, ensure to take the strong materials for the best pavers.

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  1. Concrete Pathways x Red Bricks

Concrete is a useful material for home design. Here, you can choose to use concrete as a driveway. The concrete driveway is interesting in covering the front yard. Then, put a nice accent like using red bricks to close the concrete way. This idea will show you a way to you.

Concrete Pathways x Red Bricks

There is a long way before reaching the house. Then, build a concrete pathway to connect the main road with the house. This driveway is simple with no accents along the concrete way. You can add some garden lamps or grow plants along the way. It will be more interesting to put decorations.

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  1. Porous Pavers for the Front Yard

Gravel pathway is a creative idea. You can design a pathway with gravel on the concrete way. Another design combines pavers and gravels. The tiny gravels will fill the spaces between pavers. It will prevent broken pavers. The cellular tile gets gravel and sand.

Porous Pavers for the Front Yard

It provides grass reinforcement. Also, your driveway is more stable to get any heavy step. Moreover, the gap between the pavers is useful for water infiltration. You can sweep away the water and disappear in every gap. Moreover, you can install some stone pavers as the border.

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  1. White Concretes for a Stunning Front Yard

The white concretes are a common tile to choose from. It has a light color that goes well for any front yard. Look at this idea. This big house has a large yard. The white concretes are stunning to create a driveway. It covers up the whole yard perfectly.

White Concretes for a Stunning Front Yard

Besides, concrete stones are useful to make a pathway. Therefore, the vehicle won’t step on the lawn. Moreover, the white concrete driveway will keep your shoes clean during snowy days and rainy days. It is one of the easiest designs for the driveway. You can even make it at home.

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  1. Greystone Pavers

Greystone pavers are quite popular for driveways. The dark grey tiles are elegant to decorate your front yard. It is interesting to use geometrical design to decorate your exterior. Look at this idea. The dark grey tiles are filling the yard with a wicker pattern.

Greystone Pavers

This design is ideal for courtyards, patios, and pathways. Moreover, this material is durable and doesn’t need to change for a long period. Besides, the greystones are rough and non-slip. The subtly textured surface will save your walk.

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  1. Grey-White Pavers for A Large Driveway

This is another grey paver for the driveway. The grey-white pavers are stunning to enliven your exterior. It brings a natural impression to your house. This idea is useful for decorating a large courtyard. You can make it like a common design or porous pavers.

Grey-White Pavers for A Large Driveway

Moreover, the grey-white driveway is quite strong and durable. The stones can lay in sandy soil. Also, it will stay perfectly in clay soil. Besides, it is interesting to make a driveway to suit the house. In addition, you can add a grey-white pathway near the driveway.

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These are sixteen ideas for the driveway. It is one of the essential decorations to make a durable front yard. The driveway will keep your shoes clean when entering the front yard during rainy days. Moreover, the driveway is useful to make an easy way when driving your car or riding your motorcycle into your yard. You can make it more interesting by adding accents on the driveway or growing plants along the driveway. Hopefully, this post will help you to build an interesting and useful driveway.


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