– The fertile soil may less their fertility if you reuse it many times. There are wasted roots, wooden scraps, large wasted, and even unnecessary rocks. Some unnecessary things cause your soil infertility. However, some things give more organic materials, such as wood scraps and wasted roots, but it is better to remove the things and add new organic ingredients to get fresh nutrients. For that, in this article, we will discuss Revitalize The Old Soil: Create a Good Growing Place For Your Plants. We’ll cover a variety of topics, from preparation to steps you can follow. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Preparations for Revitalize The Old Soil

Preparations for Revitalize The Old Soil

The fertile soil can go to expired fertility. Provides necessary nutrients. It currently reuses to grow many plants without revitalization. To give more nutrients in the poor soil, you need to prepare these things:

  • Gardening Tools

Some gardening tools you need to revitalize the soil are gardening gloves, buckets, garden trowels, gardening fork, and watering. These tools help you to take the soil and other ingredients to mix them.

  • Potting Mix

This is an essential ingredient that makes your soil more fertile. You can find it in a gardening shop, or even you can make it yourself by mixing soil with perlite, sand, grit, coconut coir, and vermiculite. It has fluffy textures, good aeration, good drainage, and the right nutrient mix.

  • Compost

It is an essential ingredient in the soil. The poor soil needs compost to add nutrients and minerals to its composition.

  • Screener

You will need this tool to filter your soil from unnecessary materials.

  • Two Containers

Prepare at least two containers. These containers are useful to contain the old soil and other ingredients. To mix the ingredients properly, you need a large container.

  • Peat Moss/Rice Moss (optional)

The fertile soil consists of many fertile ingredients from natural materials. Peat moss and rice moss are useful materials to make fertile soil.

  • Nutrients Ingredients

Many ingredients in the fertile soil to describe, so we just take some effective ingredients to fertile the poor soil. There are organic fertilizer such as one sack of blood meal, bone meal, and chicken manure as organic fertilizer

Steps to Revitalize The Old Soil

Revitalize the old soil is beneficial to get new nutrients and minerals in the soil. Even you can reuse the old soil by revitalizing it:

  • Check The Old Soil

Check The Old Soil

Take the soil from a container that contains infertile soil. Many things cause soil to become infertile. Disease from the plants, reusing the soil many times, and has the wrong ingredients in the soil make it infertile. Make sure that you separate the infertile soil in a container. Take all soil into another container. Use a gardening fork to lose the soil, give some water, and then let the soil outdoors for a week.

  • Screening The Soil

Screening The Soil

The second step is removing unnecessary materials from your poor soil. It is important to make your soil clean and has a smooth texture before revitalizing it. Clean the soil from the unfertile materials by using a screener. Use a garden trowel and gardening fork to make perfect smooth soil. Remove the particular materials that you don’t need to put on. Take the roots waste, wooden scraps, rock scraps, and other large materials from the screener.

  • Add More Compost for Soil

Add More Compost for Soil

The third step is adding the potting mix and other fertile ingredients. The potting mix has an effective composition to make fertile soil. You can buy one sack of potting mix in a gardening shop. Mix this potting mix with your poor soil. Add compost in the soil at the range of 1:3. Mix all ingredients till you see the perfect deep brown color and moist conditions.

  • Add Some Organic Fertilizer

Add Some Organic Fertilizer

The infertile soil needs more organic ingredients to bring back fertility. Add for the fertilization. You can use slow-release organic fertilizers. One sack of blood meal, bone meal, and chicken manure can increase the fertility in the soil. Take two scoops of these fertilizers by using a garden trowel, then mix them in the soil. Don’t take too many scoops because it can increase the heat in the soil.

  • Give Some Worm Castings to Create a Natural Biosphere

Give Some Worm Castings to Create a Natural Biosphere

We know that worms and beneficial bacteria in the soil can increase fertility. You can find these beneficial organisms in the compost. These worm castings help you to get fertile soil because their moist skin can repair the poor soil. Take one bucket of compost and move the worm castings into the soil mixture. Mix them properly till you can’t see any worm on the surface. Watering the mixture and get enough moist conditions. Check the moist conditions by pushing your finger in the soil at least 2” depth.


Gardening is an exciting activity for some people. The gardeners like to grow many plants in their garden. Maybe, they have a garden of vegetables, fruits, and even ornamental plants to take care of. The gardeners need to check the fertility of the soil. When they grow many plants using the same container and the same soil, they may turn infertile. Revitalizing the soil is important to bring back soil fertility and save money for not buying the soil from a gardening shop. Thus, the steps we have provided above are helpful for you to rejuvenate the poor soil. Happy gardening!


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