Have your concrete slabs started giving you a hard time already? Well, I can understand how it feels like to watch those cracked, sunk, and shifted concrete steps and patios of your home. This ruins the whole look of your house and causes the level of your house to disrupt, thus giving rise to numerous more problems.

But worry not, we have a perfect solution for you. It’s the concrete lifting services. Just give a call to any of the best concrete lifting service providers and they’ll get the whole work done for you.

Concrete lifting, especially in Florida’s unique environmental conditions, holds significant importance due to the state’s susceptibility to sinkholes, soil erosion, and flooding. Florida’s soil composition, often sandy or susceptible to subsidence, can lead to uneven settling of concrete surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. Concrete lifting, typically achieved through techniques like slab jacking or polyurethane foam injection, helps to correct these uneven surfaces, preventing potential trip hazards and structural damage. In a state prone to heavy rainfall and hurricanes, maintaining level concrete surfaces is crucial for proper water drainage and preventing water accumulation that could lead to erosion or flooding around properties. Therefore, concrete lifting in Florida plays a vital role in maintaining safety, stability, and longevity for structures amidst the challenges posed by the region’s soil and weather conditions.

Why Do You Need Concrete Jacking?

If your concrete slabs are sinking, cracking, and unsettling, then you need a concrete jacking. Though you can also opt for a complete concrete replacement, however, it comes with lots of complications like contractors will have to dig the ground from scratch, there will be a lot of destruction, and you’re also going to pay a lot of dollars from your pockets.

Therefore, mud jacking or concrete lifting is always a better option to consider. It involves a simple three-step process with a lot less destruction than a complete replacement and is often an economical solution. So if your concrete slabs are going through severe problems, then it’s time you need to approach a concrete jacking company. Find Foundation repair contractors in Richmond.

A Step by Step Process of Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is not a complicated process at all and can be done in just a matter of time. However, keep in mind, if your concrete slabs are in much worse condition, then the process might take longer than usual, so be ready for it.

On the whole, concrete jacking is quite a simple task. Let’s have a thorough look at the whole process:

Step 1:

The first step involves drilling the holes in the affected slabs. The holes are usually 2 inches in length, and their number depends upon the metrics of the slab being mud jacked. These holes are not drilled randomly, but each hole has been placed keeping the whole strategic plan in mind.

Step 2:

In the Next Step, the professional fills up the mud jacking holes. The holes are pumped filled with a cement slurry mixture of many ingredients and cement and water. As the holes are filled, the pressure applied to the slab while pumping causes the slab to lift up and settle on its original position. Once all the holes are pumped, the remaining slurry is cleaned off, and the holes are then sealed to prevent any further damage to the concrete slab.

Step 3:

In the third step, when lifting is all complete, and the slab has been repaired, the contractor then seals all the cracks in the slab so that water penetrating can be avoided as it is one of the primary reasons behind the unbalancing of concrete.

You need to hire experts who know how to do this tricky concrete lifting job in the perfect manner.


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