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Homesfornh.com – a bedroom is the best place in a house to be where we take a rest. The right quality of design can give an impact on our sleep quality. There are several theme design that can be the alternative to apply like Scandinavian, or industrial theme. One of the gorgeous themes is hollywood glam design. Hollywood glam design identic with the best quality of stuff. That’s why this theme is so special to choose. It is usually, applies by the royals and other design influencers. However, everyone can choose this theme to be the best choice in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to build a hollywood glam bedroom for the best sleep quality.

Wall Theme

glam bedroom with textured wall

We already know that a Hollywood theme concept is kinda popular. Wall theme is one of the important factors to be considered. There are some points while selecting a wall texture that we would like to use. So, what are they?

Wall Texture


There is an ordinary wall with no texture on them and also a textured wall. Both of them can be the best choice to apply. We can choose either textured or ordinary walls and also mix them together. A great idea to mix them is by placing a textured wall on the spot that easy to see, like behind the bed or both sides of the bed.

textured wall from wood

brown wall texture


Besides the texture, color also has a big impact on a great wall. Choosing a bright color can suit with grey furniture or other dark color furniture. The colors we choose not always have one color but can be a combination of some color. Another idea to apply the wall theme, by applying the wallpaper with artwork on them. Be better choosing a simple color combination to make it still cool and glamour.

bright wall bedroom


Bedroom with curtain walls also can be applied for glamour bedroom, it can increase the glam touch in the general bedroom. Place it almost of all the sidewall of the bedroom to make it look gorgeous.

Top Accent

glamour bed room

One of the main factors that we should consider to build the glamour bedroom is the top accents. It takes big enough space in the bedroom to see. In addition, our sleep position must face the top accent in the bedroom. If the top accent has a gorgeous design, it can build happiness for us to see before we sleep.

There are several choices that can be the best alternative to use. There are gypsum ceiling with many kinds of shapes and wood ceiling. one of the shapes that usually used is a square shape. With this material of ceiling, we can get a more neat ceiling. the other kind of ceiling that’s suitable is PVC ceiling. It has more advantages than the gypsum ceiling. The glam bedroom can have a durable ceiling with this type of ceiling material.


It is possible to combine some kind of ceiling material for our bedroom’s top accent. We can choose to add wood material and mix it with the glass in the middle part of the ceiling and the gypsum material in following the line of the bedroom shape. This combination can be the right top accent design to build a glamour bedroom.

Color Palettes


Color Palletes also have an impact on building our mood while taking rest in the bedroom. especially for the glamour bedroom, the colors that usually used are black, grey, white, red, purple, and brown. We can choose one of them that we like. Use two or more kinds of colors with one color as the dominant to make it more interesting. Using almost all colors in the bedroom with white color, but some of the stuff using the grey and black colors can be the alternative ideas for everyone who like bright colors.


We can also use dark paint on the wall but put some wall decoration in bright colors. It will make the stuff in the room looks clear and contrast. This combination also can be applied to the bed. A white bed can be combined with a grey blanket and black dolls or pillows on the bed. It is possible to combine different colors of pillows on the bed.

Other color pallets that beautiful and gorgeous are using purple, red, and brown colors. We can mix purple and brown colors in every stuff in the bedroom. The color of the light also can be adjusted with the color of the bedroom pallets. One of the ideas is using light that can change its color into the dark color wall.



Furniture will gives a big impact on the final appearance if we combine it rightly. so here are the several tips to choose the right furniture for your glamour bedroom.


luxury bedHollywood glamour bedroom, usually have a big size of the bed. The bed has luxury shape and texture. Brown and grey be the most supporting items to choose. Besides the main bed, we can choose a blanket and pillow with different colors. Put some other shape of the ordinary pillow to make it more gorgeous.

Table and Mirror


Other stuff to apply in the glamour bedroom is the mirror and table. Using a table and chair that have matches color is the best choice to do. One of the ideas for color is using gold color or wood color.


glamour accesories

Put some accessories on the table to make it looks more gorgeous. Use some blondie statue that has small enough size to place your jewelry. Adding some candles also can make it more perfect.


lighting under a bed

Lighting is one of the factors that really important to set. There are many spots we can put the lighting. One of the best ideas is under the bed to make our glamour bed more gorgeous.

decorative glam lamp

lamp on the corner

The main spot is must be on the top. A big decorative lamp usually is a familiar choice. There are so many shapes we can choose for the decorative lamp. This big decorative lamp usually placed in the middle of the roof of the room. But there are other alternatives ideas to place the lamp, for example at the corner of the room like the picture shows above.

words lamp

Another great idea that we can apply is using a lamp with word shape. We can choose our name to be the beautiful light in our favorite room. Or we also can put another shape of light that interesting like trees shape like the picture below. A white tree lamp can really suitable for the room with a grey or more dark color.

beautiful lamp


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