– For many homeowners, having a beautiful home is a must. Having a beautiful and comfortable home will give them the comfort and pleasure of being in their home. A beautiful home is influenced by several things, including home design, decoration, and furniture. One of the popular decorations used is ornamental plants. By using ornamental plants, your home will look fresher and more beautiful. There are many types of ornamental plants that you can use for your home decoration such as vines, flowering plants, flowerless plants and hanging ornamental plants. By choosing the type of ornamental plant that suits your home decor, it will make your home pleasant.

Advantages of Using Hanging Ornamental Plants for Decoration

Using ornamental plants for your home decoration will provide a fresh beauty and atmosphere. Also, ornamental plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, making it good for interior and exterior decoration of your home. Several types of ornamental plants are plants that absorb pollution. Several other types are mosquito repellent plants. By choosing plants that suit your needs, you can get the optimal benefits from using ornamental plants for your home decoration.

Beautiful and Fresh Hanging Ornamental Plants for Your Home Decoration

In this article, we will discuss some hanging ornamental plants to beautify your home. Hanging ornamental plants are perfect for decorating the interior of the house and the exterior of the house. Using hanging ornamental plants provides an air filter that enters your home so that the air that enters is fresh. That way, you not only get the beauty of ornamental plants but also the fresh air in your home. For that, let’s discuss one by one.

Dischidia Geri

Dischidia Geri

The first ornamental plant that we will discuss is Dischidia Geri. This plant is a hanging ornamental plant that grows dangling. With these ornamental plants, the interior and exterior of your home will be more beautiful and fresh. This plant can provide freshness and filter the air in your home. For that, this ornamental plant is perfect for you to use in your living room or terrace of your house. If you want a bedroom to have a tropical feel, then you can also use these ornamental plants.



The next ornamental plant that we will discuss is the Tradescantia plant. This hanging ornamental plant has a unique shape with a striped pattern on the leaves. Also, this plant is a plant that is easy to adapt to its environment. For that, how to care for hanging ornamental plants is quite easy. You have to water it regularly so that this ornamental plant is healthy and remains fresh. Because of its beauty and ease of caring for this plant, this ornamental plant is perfect for you to make interior decoration in your home.

Sedum Morganianum

Morganianum Sedum

The next ornamental plant that we will discuss is the Morganianum Sedum plant. This plant is a plant similar to a cactus. This plant also has advantages like cactus plants, which require a lot of sunlight but require less water. Therefore, this hanging ornamental plant requires uncomplicated care. Besides, this ornamental plant has a unique and beautiful shape, making it suitable for you to use as decoration. This plant is perfect for those of you who want to have ornamental plants but don’t have time to care for them often.

Creeping Charlie

Hanging ornamental plants of the Creeping Charlie type are unique and beautiful plants for you to make your home decor. This plant comes from America with thick and green leaves. Creeping Charlie is easy and fast to grow, so this plant cares to maintain its neatness and beauty. You can make this ornamental plant an indoor or outdoor decoration.

Baby Tears Plant

Baby Tears Plant

For those of you who have a room that wants to be decorated with fresh flowerless hanging ornamental plants, then you can use the baby tears plant. This plant is a plant with a unique shape with small, tiny leaves. This plant is suitable for you to make an indoor home decoration. You can use it in decorating your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. That way, some of these rooms become more comfortable and pleasant for you to use.



This plant is a hanging ornamental plant with beautiful flowers. Geraniums have unique characteristics with a variety of beautiful colors. You can find many types of geraniums in red, purple, white, blue, and even pink. For this hanging ornamental plant to grow well, you can water it regularly and use fertilizer. With geraniums as decoration, your home will look attractive, beautiful, and fresh.


Thus our discussion of Beautiful and Fresh Hanging Ornamental Plants for Your Home Decoration. By using the right hanging ornamental plants and following your home decor, your home will be fresher and more pleasant. It can be concluded that ornamental plants can make your home beautiful and fresh. That way, your home will be more comfortable and pleasant. We hope this article is useful to you.


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