– Growing a plant in a small garden is a nice choice to transform the bare little space into a beautiful spot. You can thrive with some interesting plants and flowers as the greenery view. Even a beginner planter can design a small garden by growing some colorful plants. It is an exciting activity to do in your spare time and enjoying the scenery in your home. Marigold is one of the colorful flowers you can grow in a small garden. It has more than 50 species and has many kinds of shades. The fourth shades are the most popular Marigold. There are orange, brass, yellow, yellow with a red highlight, and gold. This flower is easy to plant in all areas and it is an annual flower that blooms its thousand flowers.

Types of Marigold That You can Plant In Your Garden

Concerning the types of Marigold, there are the most popular types of Marigold as ornamental plants. Signet Marigold, Tagetes Cottage Red, Tagetes Patula Safari Scarlet, French Marigold, Calendula Officinalis, Mexican Marigold, Baileya Multiradiata, and many more. To know more about the types of Marigold, see the sixth types of Marigold:

  • Signet Marigold

Signet Marigold

Tagetes Tenuifolia or Signet Marigold is a species of Marigold that spreads in Mexico. This five-petaled flower has an orange hint in the middle of the flower. The yellow color dominates the petals. People use this flower as a garnish with its bright fresh flower.

  • Tagetes Cottage Red

Tagetes Cottage Red

Like the flower that stands for the sun, Marigold lives by following the sunlight. Tagetes Cottage Red is a Marigold type with its annual orange flower. This type is an origin from Mexico. It blooms every summer to the fall. As its name, this flower has a red color in the petals and yellow bud. The bees like its natural scent.

  • Tagetes Patula Safari Scarlet

Tagetes Patula Safari Scarlet

This kind of Marigold is one of French Marigold. It has an orange color with a scarlet color in the middle of the petals. The petals look in the level that makes the flower imitates the ball shape. With the bright colors that these ornamental plants provide, you can create a beautiful atmosphere in the freshness of your garden.

  • Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis is a round shape of Marigold with myriad yellow petals. It has a round bud in the middle of the flower. The bright color of this type is nice to display in the small garden. It thrives easily in the tropical area. This flower has a natural scent that attracts bees and butterflies. Even though it lives in a tropical area, but it is susceptible to the high temperature that makes it die.

  • Mexican Marigold

Mexican Marigold

Aztec Marigold or Mexican Marigold is an original flower from Mexico. It has a bright yellow color and long tiny leaves. The light green leaves look cheerful with the bright yellow. Mexican Marigold has four types, there are Tagetes Erecta, Tagetes lemmonii, Tagetes Lucida, and Tagetes Minuta.

  • Baileya Multiradiata

Baileya multiradiata

This species of Marigold has a unique name, Baileya Multiradiata is a Marigold species from North America. Like the sunflower, Baileya multiradiata has light yellow flowers with a yellow bud. The tiny leafless stems make this flower dominates the part of this plant. It can live in dry soil and need less water. It is better to grow them in the soil with balanced humidity.

Easy Ways to Grow Marigold

After knowing the various types of marigold plants that you can grow at your home, the next topic we will discuss easy ways to grow them. You can grow Marigold by planting its seeds or cutting its stem, but the most potential to grow is planting its seeds. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to various factors, both internal and external, in growing marigold plants. For more details, let us discuss this topic one by one.

  • The climate

The first thing to do is analyzing the climate. Some species of Marigold is better to plant in spring to summer. Marigold flowers can not live in a frost climate and high temperatures. By knowing the type of marigold plant that is right for the climate in your home, you can make your garden feel cheerful and beautiful with these ornamental plants.

  • Preparing the seeds

If you ever have a Marigold flower before, you should see the bud and analyze its shape. The bud contains Marigold’s seeds. You can take it and dry it. You can replace it by planting the young Marigold if you can not find the seeds. Some Marigolds are easy to plant by the seeds and others by the young plant.

  • Planting Marigold

When you planting it by the seeds, make sure that you plant them in about 1 inch in the moist soil. The deeper position makes it hard to grow by the seeds. Water it regularly in a little amount of water. Then if you plant the young Marigold, you can plant them by the root and water it after planting the Marigold.

  • Taking care of the plant

Marigold plant care is very important. You must understand how to care for ornamental plants in general. Thus, the ornamental plants that you plant will grow well and will not wither easily. Like the other plant, Marigolds needs water and fertilizer. Watering the base of the plant is better with low tension. Even though the Marigold will survive in the dry soil but you should keep the soil moisture. The over fertilizer makes the flower die slowly.


That is our discussion of Create a Cheerful Atmosphere in Your Garden Using Marigold Plants. Marigold is a beautiful flower. Yellow and orange is the dominant color of the Marigold flower. The leafless stems make the Marigold flower looks nice. Moreover, it can thrive like a bush if you let it grow naturally and you can tie it on the upper stems to control the growing stems. Marigold is nice to plant in your garden. The cheerful color of this flower gives you fresher energy. Besides, it is easy to plant, you can grow it for decorative purposes especially for the home exterior. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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