– Creating a beautiful and fresh home atmosphere is an essential thing for homeowners to do. To create it, you can do a variety of ways, for example creating a beautiful exterior decoration, creating a garden, to choosing a color that is suitable for the exterior of your home. One popular way is to have a garden. You can create a garden in your home in various ways and models. For example, you can create a garden in the backyard of your house, a mini garden, and a vine garden as a vertical garden. By choosing the appropriate garden design and ornamental plants, you can create a beautiful natural atmosphere in your home.

Vine Ornamental Plant


The vine plant is the type of plant that thrives by creeping with the root on the stem. They live in various mediums, some live in soil, coco husk, sand, etc. The variation of medium influences the growing process of the plant. Some of them use as an outdoor ornamental plant. They cover the wall, live below the window, and their root lives on the brick. The vine plant is a natural decoration.

Things You Must Do Before Planting Vines

Before planting ornamental vines, you must know some important things that you have to prepare. This is because the planting and care of hanging ornamental plants is slightly different from that of ornamental plants in general. By paying attention to the following points, ornamental vines in your vertical garden can grow well and do not wither easily. For that, pay attention to the following things.

  • Take a look at the kind of plant

The first step is deciding what kind of vine plants do you want to grow. It is important to do because some vine plants have special treatments to grow them in the very beginning. Their stem is weak, so they need a prop to help them grow steadily when you start planting.

  • Analyze the medium to grow

After deciding the vine plant to grow, make sure that the medium to grow is suitable for the natural environment of the plant. Sometimes, imitating the original environment takes a hard step, but it helps the plant to grow well. Be patient when you planting them for the first time.

  • The need for sunlight

Another requirement is the need for sunlight. The vine plant needs sunlight to grow its root. The stem grows and follows the direction of where the sunlight comes. Some vine plant needs more sunlight and some need low sunlight.

  • Pay Attention to “Do” and “Don’t” rules

The important thing is obeying the rules of “do and don’t” to maintain the vine plant keeps growing. According to the plant you choose, it is better to search the information regards to the kind of vine plant about what they need in a specialty. For example, the Mandevilla plant lives shorter if you plant it in the soil because the worm irritates their root. You can plant Mandevilla in another medium such as using a coconut husk.

Beautiful Vines You Can Plant In Your Home

After knowing some of the things above, the next topic is some inspiration for the types of vines that you can use for decorating your walls, vertical gardens, and windows. Choose an ornamental plant that matches your size, decor, and preferences in decorating the exterior or the interior of your home. Thus, the atmosphere of your home will be beautiful and pleasant in the natural accent of these ornamental plants. Here are 10 types of ornamental vines that you can use for your home area. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Clematis


Clematis has green light leaves. This beautiful plant has white petals with a tiny flower. It almost looks like jasmine. Clematis lives in the tropic area. Some of Clematis’s colors are pink, purple, and white.

  • Mandevilla


As we have mentioned before, Mandevilla’s root is susceptible to worms, so you should grow them in another medium. The kind of Mandevilla colors is red and pink. This ornamental vine is perfect for you to use in your backyard garden. Thus, the atmosphere of your home area becomes fresher with the beautiful accents of these ornamental plants.

  • Buttercup


Buttercup or Allamanda is the kind of outdoor vine plant. The yellow color of buttercup looks similar to the color of butter. The shape of its flower symbolizes the trumpet. Buttercup has dense leaves and has little amount of flowers. When this vine plant grows fast, the leaves are heavier.

  • Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning glory is a vine plant that blooms only in the morning. The flower’s color looks bright and stunning when it blooms. The petals look paler when the afternoon comes. The shape of Morning Glory is similar to a trumpet.

  • Wisteria


This is the kind of vine plant that needs extra treatment. Wisteria is a little bit hard to grow, but it lives better in subtropic areas. The steams can grow until 20 meters depends on the environment and nutrition they have.

  • Ivy plant

Ivy plant

Have you ever seen the Ivy plant? At a glance, it looks similar to Pothos. It is a little beautiful plant that can creep by the stems. Ivy plant grows in the tropical area. The green color and beautiful leaves of the Ivy plant look attractive to thrive below the window and make it as the ornamental plant near the window.

  • Bougenville


Bougenville is a beautiful flower. It has thin colorful leaves and tiny flowers. The leaves of Bougenville looks like a flower’s petals. The colorful petals in Bougenville are not the real flower, but the part of leaves. The original Bougenville flower is the smallest in the middle of those colorful leaves. Bougenville is catchy to thrive as a fence. The stem of Bougenville is stronger than another stem of the vine plant. You can decorate the home exterior by twisting the stem when it is a little vine plant.

  • Soapwort


Soapwort or Saponaria is a vine plant with tiny pink flowers. It can grow to 9 meters. Soapwort likes to see the sunlight because it lives in open areas. This flower is useful as the ingredients to make soap and detergent. The soapwort spread out a natural scent. It is a nice plant to complete the home decoration, especially in the exterior with a bare space such as on the wall.

  • Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia

Rex begonia includes in the Begonia genus. It lives in subtropical climates. Facing your window beautifully by growing this plant near that spot. It is better to put Rex Begonia in low sunlight, as long as it gets bright light then the plant grows well. Another kind of Begonia that can grow vine is Begonia Maculata.

  • Petrea Volubilis

Petrea Volubilis

Petrea Volubilis is an original plant from Mexico. It has purple flowers and each flower has five petals. The leaves have a fishbone shape. This plant is suitable to grow near the fence by letting the stems twist on the fence. Moreover, you can grow it as an indoor ornamental plant by growing it in a hanging pot.


That is our discussion about Decorate the Exterior of Your Home by Using Beautiful Vines. A vine plant is the type of plant that grows longer by spreading their rooting stems. The vine plant includes in the flowering and perennial plant categories. The flowering vine plant has beautiful flowers in the stems and is attractive to make it an outdoor plant, such as grow them on the brick wall, below the window, or let them creep the stick on the ground. To grow the vine plant is not a hard thing, but you have to pay attention to several things before planting this vine plant. Some need special treatments and a little bit hard to grow in the beginning, so you should keep going and be patient. We hope you can grow the vine plant excellently. Enjoy your gardening time.


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