– A garden is an attractive place to grow plants. It looks fresh because there are plants that invigorate the view. Some gardeners like to design their garden every year. Maybe you can try to change some things in your garden too. This year will bring you to a new gardening concept. If you like to find the best idea for a garden, let’s see the garden trend ideas in this post.

  1. Preparing the Garden with New Nutrients

The first idea is adding more nutrients to the garden. It will encourage plants to grow better. Many types of soil nutrients that you can use. The peat-free potting soil is useful for making well-draining soil. Also, it can retain water in the soil after watering.

Preparing the Garden with New Nutrients

Meanwhile, peat bogs will make an ideal habitat for insects and plants. This material will damage the harvesting time. It is better to use compost or chicken. Moreover, you can add perlite to get nutritious and well-draining soil. It implies that you need to consider the soil nutrients this year.

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  1. Growing Fruits

Most people grow flowers, shrubs, and other decorative plants in their gardens. It refers to the front garden as an interesting landscape. This year is a nice try for growing fruits. It is more challenging to pick some seeds of fruits to grow in your garden.

Growing Fruits

You can pick your favorite fruit to grow in your garden. For example, there are Asian persimmons, oranges, mangoes, and dragon fruits that grow well in almost all soil. Besides, if you want to grow fruits in containers, you can choose strawberries, blueberries, dwarf figs, tomatoes, etc. These plants will grow well in partial shade with cool temperatures.

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  1. Add Houseplants

Houseplants are common plants to decorate the garden. It makes an attractive decoration to display on the porch, indoors, or outdoors in the garden. Lots of houseplants that you can pick for your garden. Maybe you want to start growing a new houseplant. If you have succulents, then you can try to grow flowery plants and shrubs.

Add Houseplants

The shrubs are stunning to grow as garden borders. It grows wider and is easy to prune. Besides, you can grow flowery houseplants at the garden border as well. Maybe Marigolds and Zinnias will make a new accent in your garden. These showy plants will enliven the garden landscape.

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  1. Get More Raised Beds

Raised bed is a practical way to grow plants. It is made of wood, plastic, or metal. All raised beds should get good drainage. Also, you need to check the soil nutrients every few months. Then, add organic fertilizer to boost the soil.

Get More Raised Beds

This garden tip has been quite popular for years as an annual trend. The raised bed is versatile. You can grow any plant in this place. It is interesting to grow flowery plants and vegetables in raised beds. Moreover, you can classify the plants and grow them in the different raised beds.

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  1. Grow Plants that Attract Pollinators

This year is an ideal time to grow flowery plants. Many flowers attract beneficial pollinators into the garden. It helps the plants to develop the seeds. You can try this tip to start a new garden this year. Take some flowery plants like Aster, Daisy, Marigold, and Roses.

Grow Plants that Attract Pollinators

These plants are quite attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Moreover, the showy plants will decorate your garden as well. Then, start landscaping your garden with more flowery plants. Also, it is beneficial to grow flowery plants near vegetables for pollination.

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  1. Mitigating Global Climate Change

Plants like to grow in the right environment that fits their natural behavior. That’s why there are drought-tolerant and cold-tolerant plants. These plants grow better in a place with a climate that fits them. Also, you can maintain the drought-tolerant plant in cold climates with some tips. It is better to mulch this plant more when the winter comes.

Mitigating Global Climate Change

Otherwise, you can pour more water in the summer season. Ensure that you always check the global climate change. Many plants fit the hot climate like Magnolia grandiflora, Mexican dogwood, Willow oak, etc. It looks attractive to grow these plants in the front garden.

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  1. Grow Boxwoods

Boxwoods are fresh green shrubs for landscaping. It makes a stunning design if you cut it beautifully. Boxwoods grow well in dry climates and well-draining soil. This green shrub is easy to care for. Their durable green leaves are stunning to make a trend in 2024.

Grow Boxwoods

Moreover, you can prune their little branches to makeover your garden landscape. This shrub is quite aggressive because it grows wider easily. Therefore, you need to control their growth by pruning it every few months. Many types of Boxwoods that you can grow in the garden. For example, Boxwood blight is a nice choice.

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  1. Add More Grasses and Sedges

Grasses will be a perfect background for the garden landscape. Most of the ornamental grasses are aggressive growing plants. It can absorb enough water after heavy rain and daily watering. Therefore, the ornamental grass grows faster than other plants. Also, many grasses grow wider and taller.

Add More Grasses and Sedges

You can grow ornamental grass for the garden landscape. Many varieties of ornamental grass look attractive. For example, Bluegrass, Carex woodii, Carex albicans, etc. These grasses will grow well in good maintenance. You can add soil nutrients to encourage their growth.

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  1. Grow Some Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a popular shrub. This plant grows lots of flowers. You can see Hydrangea blooming in spring to early summer seasons. It will dominate your garden if you grow Hydrangea in the garden. This aggressive plant can grow wider like other shrubs.

Grow Some Hydrangea

Therefore, this beautiful plant will be popular this year. Many varieties of Hydrangea that you will love. Pick the most adorable Hydrangea to enliven your garden. Also, these flowery shrubs will spread nice scents during blooming time.

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  1. Grow Tropical Plants

Tropical plants always be in the gardening trend. It will be a popular plant this year. If you have a few tropical plants in your garden, maybe you want to get another one. Growing tropical plants with large leaves can transform your garden impression. It brings a jungle-like impression with its large leaves.

Grow Tropical Plants

This type of plant will bring a new season to your garden. Many tropical plants spread striking flowers throughout the year. For example, there are Snake plants, Palm trees, Spider plants, Colocasia esculenta, etc. Choose a tropical plant that represents your style in the garden.

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  1. Make It Eco-Friendly Rain Garden

This year is a time to make eco-friendly rain gardens. This idea will be a trend in 2024 because it is efficient. You don’t need to take tap water for watering your plants. It saves your electricity costs by using rainwater. Before that, you need a big water container to save rainwater.

Make It Eco-Friendly Rain Garden

The rainwater contains many benefits for your plants. Look at this idea. You can water all the plants by taking the rainwater. The plants will filter the rainwater once it gets into the soil. Then, your plants get enough water even in the summer seasons.

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  1. Learning to Repel The Bugs

Bugs and other pests are enemies for most gardeners. There are spider mites, Aphids, whiteflies, and assassin bugs. These pests can damage the plants’ growth. Some of them may infect other plants or even all plants in a garden. Therefore, the gardeners must repel the pests from the garden.

Learning to Repel The Bugs

There are ways to repel pests from the plants. The natural way is using a natural repellant. Another way is taking a pesticide that contains chemicals. You can choose one of those pest repellants. It is better to try the natural way first before getting pesticides.

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  1. Growing An Outdoor Garden

Some people may start growing plants in the garden for the first time. Growing them outdoor is a nice starter. It is like a common gardening activity where you prepare the soil and then grow a plant. If you want to plant them directly in the soil, then clean the weeds first.

Growing An Outdoor Garden

Besides, you must do the same if you want to grow lawns. Moreover, it is challenging to design an attractive garden landscape. Also, you can add a refreshing reading nook in the garden. It makes a chilling place to rest with family. Add some chairs to sweeten this garden.

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  1. Use Gravels

Gravels are useful materials for gardens. This accent offers natural colors and textures. Many forms of gravel that look stunning to enliven your garden. It is a common material to fill the blank soil. Also, some gardeners use gravel to grow succulents.

Use Gravels

Moreover, gravel can be the garden mulch. The gravels keep water inside the soil. Therefore, the plants will survive the hot seasons. Besides, gravels are interesting as decorations. Many colorful gravels that look stunning to put in the garden.

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  1. Decorate Your Garden with Standing Planters

The creative gardeners put an outstanding decor for their plants. One of the interesting ideas is having a standing planter in the garden. It is an efficient planter to ensure that all plants get enough sunlight. The standing planters consist of a few tiers.

Decorate Your Garden with Standing Planters

Therefore, all plants can grow well. The standing planter also brings an attractive accent to the garden. You can grow the plants in every pot. Then, arrange the pots along the planters. Some of them will bloom beautiful and scented flowers.

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  1. Grow Drought Tolerant Plants

Growing drought-tolerant plants will make a perfect garden this year. The climate change isn’t stable and is mostly dry. Therefore, it is time to grow drought-tolerant plants in the garden. You can choose succulents or tropical plants. Many of them are growing beautiful flowers.

Grow Drought Tolerant Plants

You can grow many drought-tolerant plants to fill the garden. There are Black Hens and Chicks, Fuschia, Aloe, and other plants. If you want to make a garden border, then grow some shrubs. These plants will enliven your garden landscape.

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  1. Redesign the Front Yard

The front yard is the first place to step on before entering your house. It needs an interesting landscape to make an attractive exterior. Another reason is making your house look shady. Therefore, it is better to grow some plants in the front yard.

Redesign the Front Yard

Moreover, it will make you busy a bit in the holiday. Before starting your garden, make a design for your garden landscape. Then, take your garden tools and start gardening. Ensure to have some striking flowers as a focal point. Also, grow some shrubs or little trees to make a shady impression.

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  1. Bring More Colorful Plants

The color of the plants will bring a new impression to your garden. It is stunning to get lots of colorful plants. Most people love to see beautiful flowers. There are Roses, Daisies, Hydrangea, Cyclamen, etc that offer striking colors. These colors are easy to grow in well-draining soil.

Bring More Colorful Plants

Besides, you can grow Hostas and Praying Plants. Both plants have various colors and patterns. It is interesting to decorate your garden with showy foliage. Moreover, these stunning leaves will make an interesting base. You can grow them under the tree.

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These are garden trends in 2024. The ideas in this post are conditional. Most of them are quite popular in the early years. You can do some of these gardening tips to make an attractive garden. It is okay to try something new with your green thumbs. Also, almost all plants require basic needs like water, sunlight, and enough nutrients. Ensure to always provide these needs for healthy plants. We hope this post will inspire you to start gardening this year. Happy gardening!


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