– The 2024 is already here. This year will be full of eccentric design. Some accents are stunning to start this year with a new design. Designers and homeowners predict some designs will be popular in 2024. Every design fits to any house. Therefore, you can pick some of these ideas for redecorating your house. It consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and others. These rooms will turn into a new room. Let’s see the ideas in this post. Read on the 16 Home Interior Design Trends 2024: Elevate Your Home Interior This Year below!

  1. Wall-Mounted Sculpture

The wall-mounted sculpture is an interesting accent for home design. It has depth and dimension that makes it looks alive. You will feel the artistic energy when seeing this accent. It looks stunning to decorate a sink area, living room wall, or bedroom. This sculpture should get enough space to be a focal point.

Wall-Mounted Sculpture

Moreover, the wall-mounted sculpture can be very colorful. Pick the color that contrasts with your wall. It helps you to make a striking accent on the wall. This sculpture is attractive with two-shades like monochrome. Besides, think about the depth and dimension of this sculpture. You can choose the most showy design to put on the wall.

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  1. Use Metal for Surrealist Impression

Metal is a very useful material. Many designers use it for home designs. Using metal will be quite popular this year. It brings a bold and elegant impression to your room. For example, the metal staircase will make it looks alive. Also, the metal material looks strong to decorate your house.

Use Metal for Surrealist Impression

Besides, this material offers a gleaming surface. It resembles a shiny material that reflects light. Most designers use metal materials to improve brightness indoors. Nowadays, you can choose any type of metal like steel if you want a lighter material. Every metal brings a different impression, thus pick the best one for your interior.

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  1. Minimalist Living Room with Earthy Color

Minimalist is a very popular interior design. It brings a simple impression into the room. Most minimalist designs are white. Besides, you can use earthy colors instead of white. First, determine the room in your house that needs a makeover this year.

Minimalist Living Room with Earthy Color

Then, check the color chart that fits your idea. There are cream, brown, muted-green, and rust colors. These colors will bring a fresh impression. The earthy color is stunning to bring a warm impression. You can make it more alive with warm lamps and earthy-tone furniture as well.

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  1. Brown Renaissance

The brown color will decorate most houses this year. It will be popular because brown is versatile to decorate any house. This color has various shades that look good for your new design. Brown color from Renaissance era has a different vibe. You can use it with the hints of yellow and orange.

Brown Renaissance

It will be the popular color in 2024. For instance, take a nude color for the ceiling and wall. It will enliven the Renaissance era. It is okay to put some accents on the brown accents. Moreover, put the classic furniture to complete this design.

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  1. Display An Art Gallery

The art gallery can be in every room. Designers and homeowners design an art gallery to enliven the artistic impression. It is an attractive design for a boring room in 2024. This accent needs many photos, paintings, and interesting images in frames. The frame will make it easier to display these objects.

Display An Art Gallery

Before displaying these frames, think about the wall colors. This is a background for your art gallery and need to make your gallery on point. The white color will be the best choice for your art gallery. Then, display the frames on the wall. It looks more artistic if you can display many frames.

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  1. Neon Accents

Neon color is one of the most striking accents. It will pay attention to the room because of its showy color. The 2024 includes the neon color. This striking color is useful to mark some accents. For example, use a neon color for your headboard in a bedroom. Then, use softer colors for bedding design.

Neon Accents

This color is interesting to be an eccentric accent. It is not that good if you put neon to decorate all rooms. Besides, neon color is elegant to make a fine line. Therefore, some designers use neon colors to make decorative lamps. Also, it is a common design for nightclub’s lamp.

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  1. Try to Add Peach and Apricot Accents

Peach and apricot are the fresh colors. These colors are the common choices for a shabby chic interior. Both will be trends for home design in 2024. The peach color has a soft and bright shade. It is useful to improve brightness in a room.

Try to Add Peach and Apricot Accents

Meanwhile the apricot is a perfect pair with peach color. It brings an invigorated design for a new impression this year. If you want a little experiment, then pair it with green, white, or brown. This idea will bring a soft combination to your interior. Peach and apricots are suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

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  1. Curvy Accents or Furniture

Curvy line is a popular accent for home design. It is one of best accents in 2024. This trend was quite popular a few years ago and will come back this year. You can get the curvy line by the furniture or accents. Thus, pick some curvy accents into the room that you want to redecorate.

Curvy Accents or Furniture

For example, add a curvy sofa into our living room. This seat is interesting to enliven a showy accent in this room. The curvy line can attract attention to this sofa. Besides, you can put another accent like a coffee table. It has various designs to adjust your interior design.

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  1. Bolder Accents

The color choice will determine an impression in a room. Therefore, ensure that you use the right colors for decorating your room. The bold colors are the easiest way to attract attention to this room. You can invest in vibrant colors to makeover your house. It is okay to put a few bold accents like pillows, tables, and sofas.

Bolder Accents

The bold colors incorporate distinct accents. You can make it look more showy than other accents. Therefore, using the bold color is a way to get a striking accent. Then, try to pair it with dramatic colors like soft green, white, muted blue, etc. Ensure to put contrast colors for enliven the bold accents.

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  1. Mixed Metal Accents

A metal accent will bring an elegant impression. It will be one of the popular designs in 2024. Some designers predict it will be popular as a mixed metal accent. This accent will be a big hit in bathrooms. For example, it makes an elegant interior as a wall mirror in the bathroom.

Mixed Metal Accents

Also, this mixed metal has some combinations. There are brass x bronze x nickel and brass x black x nickel. Moreover, this material is easy to pair with other accents. It makes a stunning design for the kitchen and living room as well. You can consider this material before redecorating your house this year.

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  1. Additional Space for the Kitchen

Some people love to get a new space in their house. You can design a coffee corner or indoor bar. This idea will be a popular kitchen design. It is an optional space but will be useful for some homeowners. The additional coffee corner and bar are versatile to put in any room.

Additional Space for the Kitchen

For instance, you can design a small coffee corner in the living room. It is an accessible space to make a cup of coffee while watching TV in living room. Also, it will be nice to have an indoor bar in your house. You can display your drink collection in the bar cabinet. Also, it looks elegant to have a private bar in your house.

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  1. Comfortable and Lived-in Furniture

Comfortable furniture is a must-have item in every house. It brings a nice experience while chilling at home. Some homeowners choose a comfy sofa for their living room. The seat with a soft and fluffy surface is one of the best pieces of furniture. Get some comfy accents by taking some pillows as well.

Comfortable and Lived-in Furniture

Moreover, decorate this room with other accents. It looks stunning to display colorful accents like additional stools. Also, take the most attractive coffee table for this room. Then, make it more comfortable by adding a standing lamp. This idea is simple for a new interior this year.

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  1. Satisfying Murals

Some artworks are stunning to put on the wall. The mural is one of the interesting artworks for redecorating your room. It will take your interior to the next level. The artistic mural will change the impression. You can design an attractive mural in the living room, entrance, bedroom, or even bathroom.

Satisfying Murals

Besides, it is okay to put a mural in an unexpected place. For instance, design the mural on the wall near the staircase. Having this mural on the bedroom wardrobe is also nice. Just find your favorite place to put a mural on it. Also, use the most stunning mural to make a focal point as well.

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  1. Getting More Eclectic

Eclectic is a classic design. It is quite popular to get an elegant impression. This idea will be trends for home design in 2024. You can take some Eclectic accents to make a little decoration. For instance, put an Eclectic pillow in a bedroom or a sofa in the living room. Also, having some classics will make your room more beautiful.

Getting More Eclectic

Meanwhile, you can change your interior with Eclectic interior design. It looks interesting to get all Eclectic furniture. Most Eclectic furniture has curvy lines and bold colors. Also, the accents are unique and quite striking. It implies that the Eclectic interior will give more vintage accents to your home.

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  1. Think about Unique Pieces

The unique accents will change a home’s interior design. It adds an attractive impression with these accents. For instance, you can add a lamp with a unique lampshade. It brings a fresh accent to your room. Don’t take an ordinary lampshade if you want to make an unexpected design.

Think about Unique Pieces

Besides, add some seats with a unique shape. You can add a bean bag for a unique accent. The key to apply this trend is taking the thing with unique shapes. The unusual shapes will attract attention to your home interior. It will refresh your room’s interior.

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  1. Seamless Outdoor Impression

An outdoor design will make your house look fresh. Most designers install lots of windows to get an outdoor impression. It will invite more exposure of sunlight. You can peek outside from those windows as well. This design looks beautiful at night and every morning.

Seamless Outdoor Impression

Moreover, this design is varied as you can install a glass wall instead of windows. Then, you can add curtains to cover the windows just in case you need a privacy. It is interesting to install attractive curtains. Also, add indoor plants to sweeten the windows or glass walls. This idea will be one of the best trends in 2024.

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These are ideas for home design trends in 2024. Most of them emerged a few years ago but they become popular again this year. Every trend will make your interior design to be more attractive. You can take some accents to renew your interior design. If you need an entire change, then try a new design like Eclectic. It brings a fresh interior in vintage style. Beside that, all of these ideas are stunning to get a new look in 2024. Hopefully, this post can inspire you to start redecorating your home interior design. Good luck!


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