– Leaf miner is a tiny serpentine spot of larva from insects that will eat and live in your plants. If you see a small absurd line on the leaves, then it must be leaf miners. Leaf miners come from several species of insects such as sawflies, flies, moths, beetles, and the like. They are insects that eat leaves and grow their colony on your plants. Leaf miners can produce eggs and have a bad impact on your plants’ health. You should find a way to get rid of this pest by making an organic insecticide for leaf miners. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss DIY Organic Leaf Miners Control for Your Vegetable Leaves. With the right tools and materials, you can create a healthy vegetable garden without leaf miners in your home. For that, let’s discuss!

Kinds of Leaf Miners You Should Know

Kinds of Leaf Miners You Should Know

Before we discuss more organic leaf miner control, we will discuss the various types of leaf miners that you should know. By knowing the types of leaf miners, you can consider the most appropriate treatment for your vegetable garden. Therefore, here are some kinds of leaf miners you should know:

  • Vegetable leaf miners

Liriaomyza is a species of leaf miners. It creates a long serpentine line on the leaves. You can get rid of vegetable leaf miners by using an organic insecticide.

  • Lilac leaf miners

Caloptilia syringella or lilac leaf miners is a small moth that can produce a dark large leaf. It makes your plant folds its leaf.

  • Spinach leaf miners

Pegomya hyoscyamine is a regular leaf miner that produces dark large marks on the spinach leaves. You may ever see this insect in a small gray appearance. They will develop eggs in the summer season.

  • Sawfly leaf miners

The sawfly leaf miners can produce many larvae in the late spring. This leaf miner has large blotch mines. You will find this leaf miner on the leaves with a tiny dark appearance.

The Damage from Leaf Miners

The Damage from Leaf Miners

After understanding the various types of leaf miners that can become pests in your vegetable garden, the next topic that we will discuss is the various types of damage caused by leaf miners. A variety of damage can occur to the vegetables you plant if you do not handle these pests properly. You may fail to harvest if you do not immediately handle the leaf miners in your vegetable garden. The following is the damage caused by leaf miners:

  • The adult leaf miners will damage the plants. It causes brown leaves and will fall on the ground before the late summer. You will see pale blotches on the leaves and leaf miners eat the green tissue inside it. Even though it is not a big problem, but it damages your plants’ health.
  • When your plants dropping leaves, you should check the leaves if it has leaf miners. The larva on leaves eat the green tissue and may affect the growth of your plants. The falling leaves will occur apparently before the late season. Moreover, if you find leaf miners on the seedlings’ leaves, then it may kill this germ.

DIY Organic Leaf Miners Control for Your Vegetable Leaves

Storing an organic insecticide at home is useful for removing pests like insects. It also saves on your money and keeps the fertility of your garden soil. But before we discuss the various steps that you can follow, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  1. Vegetable oil
  2. One bottle sprayer
  3. An eco-friendly washing liquid
  4. Water

After you have prepared the various tools and materials above, you can start making this organic pest control to repel leaf miners in your garden. Thus, you can create a healthy and fresh garden in your home. Therefore, let’s discuss these various steps one by one!

  • Investigate The Plant

Investigate The Plant

You need to see thoroughly every part of your plant. Investigate the leaves, stem, flowers, and fruit if it has a certain mark of pests or diseases. The healthy plant will grow well, they have no problem showing off. The leaf miner emerges on the leaves after small larvae walk on leaves. It will grow to be mature insects such as moths. Thus, you need to find these sick parts and pick the leaves with the leaf miner on them.

  • Pour Adequate Water into A Bottle Sprayer

Pour Adequate Water into A Bottle Sprayer

Take the bottle sprayer and fill it with water. Use a bottle sprayer depends on your need. Even you can use a recycled plastic bottle. We recommend you pour 400ml water into a bottle sprayer for one recipe. Water is essential to distribute the insecticide properly.

  • Add Eco-friendly Washing Liquid

Add Eco-friendly Washing Liquid

An organic insecticide needs the washing liquid that you can find in the kitchen sink. This ingredient is useful to reduce leaf miner on your plants. It is a beneficial ingredient and you only need one tablespoon of eco-friendly washing liquid. The washing liquid will reduce bad insects on the damaged leaves.

  • Stir and Shake Slowly

Stir and Shake Slowly

Ensure that all ingredients create a good mixture. Mix these ingredients as an organic insecticide solution by shaking it slowly. Don’t make it looks foamy and less foam is fine as long as the water can neutral it. Spray this insecticide only on the damaged leaves and the leaf miner’s spot. You can also spray the broken leaves with some tiny holes in leaves, in case the insects will come again.

  • Remove It by Your Hand

Remove It by Your Hand

Sometimes, this insecticide has a slow effect on the plants to reduce leaf miners but at least it prevents the adult pests to come and lay their eggs. Another way that you can do this is by picking the leaves with leaf miners on your spinach. You will see some leaf miner and their eggs on it, then you have to destroy the leaf miner with your hand. Don’t throw the leaves with leaf miner on the ground. They are still alive and will develop their eggs into a colony. Moreover, the larvae in leaf miner may damage your soil, it can spread into other plants.


Thus our discussion of DIY Organic Leaf Miners Control for Your Vegetable Leaves. An organic pesticide is a homemade fertilizer that you can make yourself. You can store some bottles of organic insecticide at home, it is a practical way to take it when you need it. Even though a certain plant shows a little result to reduce leaf miners but it is helpful to prevent other bad insects to attack your plants. You can also protect your plant from insects by using a net or take it into your greenhouse. Don’t forget to wipe or mist other leaves to clean them from this insecticide. Hopefully, your plants are healthy and you may get a great harvest. Good luck!


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