– Orchidaceae or orchid family has varieties of orchids with different root systems. Dendrobium orchid is one of the orchid varieties that grow well in charcoal. Growing orchid in charcoal is not a new way. It is one of the mediums to plant orchids. This plant likes to grow in a well-draining medium and charcoal has a good drainage system. Maybe you ever find an orchid in other mediums such as sphagnum moss, coconut peat, and tree. Orchids will die slowly if you plant them in the regular soil, thus this plant needs a special medium to grow well. If you want to know how to grow orchids in charcoal, let’s discuss the steps below!

Why Do We Use Charcoal to Grow an Orchid Plant

Why Do We Use Charcoal to Grow an Orchid Plant

Many reasons why some people choose charcoal as the main material to grow orchids. It is an easy material to get and you can even make it at home. Thus, we want to give you some reasons that charcoal is a beneficial material for an orchid.

  • Charcoal has good drainage
  • It makes your orchid stands firmly in the pot
  • Charcoal eliminates the odor because it absorbs the decaying materials
  • Charcoal kills bacteria because it binds the ammonium and nitrogen
  • The hardwood charcoal takes years to degrade, so you don’t need to renew the medium
  • Charcoal can absorb salt and lower the salt that is built in the pot

How to Grow Dendrobium Orchid in Charcoal

Dendrobium orchid is a beautiful orchid that will bloom pink and white colors. It is a little bit tricky to grow Dendrobium orchid. Thus, we will give a simple guide to help you grow this orchid. Here are some things that you can prepare for planting dendrobium orchids.

  • One clay pot/terra cotta pot
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Orchid mix
  • Orchid fertilizer
  • Lukewarm water

After knowing the various preparations that you have to do, the next topic that we will discuss is the various steps you must take in growing orchids. To plant orchids, there are several things that you need to prepare to start from simple things to complex things. Let’s discuss the various steps you have to do.

  • Wash The Charcoal and Soak The Orchid Roots

Wash The Charcoal and Soak The Orchid Roots

The first step to do is washing the charcoal. We know that charcoal is made of burning wood, then it produces dust on each charcoal piece. You may not see the dust but it will feel the dust by breathing and touching, so you should take all charcoals in a bucket with adequate water. While you wash the charcoal, soak the orchid plant in clean water. This step is beneficial to remove all dirt and reduce the shocking plant.

  • Take The Clay Pot and Arrange The Old Charcoal with Orchid Mix

Take The Clay Pot and Arrange The Old Charcoal with Orchid Mix

Take your clay pot, check the bottom to see drainage holes. You can replace the pot with another pot if you don’t have it. The clay pot is a good drainage container because it absorbs water properly. If you have some old charcoal in your garden, you can fill the pot with these materials. It will raise the orchid from the bottom and reduce the use of clean charcoal. Fill 1/2 of the pot with this charcoal and orchid mix. You can’t use the regular potting mix for orchids because it doesn’t suit their roots.

  • Put Your Orchid in The Pot

Put Your Orchid in The Pot

This step looks easy sometimes, but you need to reduce the water on the roots before transplanting this orchid. Orchids can’t stand in water too long because it will damage their roots. Make sure that you wipe the roots after soaking them in water. Put in a central position for an orchid to give a comfortable site and let the roots travel freely. You can arrange the charcoals beneath your orchid to cover big spaces in a pot. It is better to arrange them based on the size like a lego game.

  • Add The Washed Charcoals to Cover Your Orchid Roots

Add The Washed Charcoals to Cover Your Orchid Roots

Take the charcoals from a bucket after you wash them. Arrange these clean charcoals in your pot and cover the orchid roots properly. Sometimes, it is not easy to make an orchid stands in the charcoals, so you should put the right size of charcoals to support its stem. It is important to put the clean charcoals in the top layer because it gives less dust around your orchid and even for you.

  • Water Your Orchid

Water Your Orchid

After planting the orchid, you need to give it water. Pour lukewarm water in a watering can, if you have it, then watering your orchid slowly and thoroughly. There is a tip to water an orchid, don’t spill water on their leaves. If it does, you have to wipe it by using a napkin or paper towel. Orchid leaves can’t hold water for too long because it causes rotten leaves. Use lukewarm water at least once a week since it is an exotic plant that natives to a warm tropical area.

  • Fertilizing the Orchid

Fertilizing the Orchid

The orchid plant is not a heavy feeder. It is fine to give fertilizer once in two weeks. The orchid fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer that you can pour into a watering can for fertilizing. You can buy this fertilizer in a gardening shop or the online shop. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), or 20-20-20 NPK fertilizer to set healthy buds.

  • Set a Good Site for Orchid

Set a Good Site for Orchid

Growing an orchid after transplanting the plant into a pot, you have to put it in bright indirect light. Don’t put an orchid in a sunny place because it can burn its leaves. You can put it in a shady place and gradually move it into a warmer place to see which site suits your orchid. Don’t move them too often in a drastic climate because it will get a shocking symptom.

  • Simple Care for Orchid

Simple Care for Orchid

It is not complicated at all when dealing with an orchid. Growing this plant in charcoal is such a beneficial medium. You need to care for your ornamental plants if you want to see them happy. Never cut the roots even though you see them crawling in the air. Let it as their nature to travel and grow new buds. As it grows new buds, don’t separate it into a personal plant because you will ruin its nature. Let it be one and you just water it to make it healthy.


Thus our discussion of Easy Ways to Grow Dendrobium Orchid Plant in Charcoal. These are all the short and simple guides for you to grow Dendrobium orchid in charcoal. There will be some problems that you may face when growing every plant, but it takes time for you to understand their needs. We hope this short guide is helpful for you to grow Dendrobium orchid and care for this plant. We’d love to see your orchid garden as beautiful as it will be. Happy gardening!


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