– The interior design determines the atmosphere and style of the room. Using the right interior design makes the room beautiful and stunning. One style of interior design that is currently in great demand is the vintage style. Vintage style is in demand because of its old-fashioned but beautiful design. This style took the style from 1920 to 1950. With a distinctive character that makes this style attractive to many people until now.

Easy Ways to Make Your Dining Room Aesthetic Vintage Style

In this article, we will discuss the vintage style dining room for your home. By using a beautiful vintage style to make your dining room more charming and comfortable to talk and eat with family or people you care about. Let’s discuss what we can do to make the dining room beautiful in a vintage style.

Determine the Color of the Dining Room

vintage color

The most important thing for the interior of a room is the color of the room. Color can influence the atmosphere and mood in the dining room. For example, basic colors like yellow, red, and blue give a modern impression on the room. While the colors white, gray, and other neutral colors are suitable to give a vintage feel to your dining room. In addition to plain colors, you can use wallpapers with fancy patterns to make them more unique and aesthetic.

Use of Lights in the Dining Room

vintage light

Besides color, you can also use lighting arrangements for your dining room. Using lights can be adjusted to the interior style of your dining room. For vintage interiors, you can use iron lamps or European style chandeliers in the 1950s. In addition to choosing a lamp style, you must also pay attention to its placement to fit and be seen. Use the color of the light bulb yellow so that the impression of aesthetic vintage can be felt more.

Use the Beauty of Painting

vintage painting

To give an aesthetic impression on your vintage dining room, you can use paintings. Using paintings can give a beautiful impression in the room. Painting with classic images in the room gives meaning and a deep story to a room. Use paintings that are tailored to the size of your dining room, you can use small paintings for small rooms, and vice versa. That way the painting you use will decorate your room to be beautiful and does not look stuffy with decorations.

Smart Choosing Furniture

vintage furniture

Room furniture greatly affects the style of the room. With the right interior, your room has a beautiful vintage impression. Vintage-style room interiors that you can use are usually made of wood and iron. Wood material gives an elegant and natural impression to the room. If you want a room with a luxurious vintage style, you can use beautifully carved wood for your furniture. While furniture made from iron material gives the impression of industrial style for your room. With a classic style that is equipped with an industrial impression makes your room.

Choose Accessories

vintage dining room

The next way to create a vintage and aesthetic dining room are to use the right accessories. With furniture in the form of tables and chairs is not enough. You can use other accessories such as flower vases, candles, and so on. You can also use ornamental plants in the form of flowers or mini cactus. That way your room doesn’t look empty and is more aesthetic to look at.

Thus our discussion about Easy Ways to Make Your Dining Room Aesthetic Vintage Style. In a way that we have explained above. Hopefully can help you in making your dining room aesthetic vintage style. With an aesthetic and beautiful dining room, you can enjoy time with your family more comfortably and pleasantly. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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