Planning on building a new house or renovating an existing one can be challenging. You have to devote time choosing your design, checking your budget, and hiring contractors. The good news is, searching for a concrete Pittsburgh PA contractor near you is easier if you will heed these five steps that we have for you.

1. Make a List of Contractors of Concrete in Pittsburgh PA

To make a list, use Google. You can start by searching ‘concrete contractors near me’. This will give you the list of listed concrete contractors in your area, mostly concrete Pittsburgh PA contractors. Google often provides information such as the contractor or company’s telephone number, their business address, and customer reviews.

2. Experience in the Business

As you make a list of potential stamped concrete Pittsburgh contractors near you, you should also start making a list of what you are looking for in a concrete contractor. The first thing to check is their business experience. How long have they been serving in the Pittsburgh PA area? Is it a new company? Are they known in the business as residential concrete contractors Pittsburgh?

Although we don’t discount the fact that new companies are also good, sometimes, it is easier to trust a company that has been in the business for years. With experience comes expertise and skills that new concrete companies often don’t have yet.

Established concrete companies that have been in the business for a period are also well-equipped. It means they have all the tools and types of machinery needed to do the job.

3. Check their License

Do concrete contractors need a license to operate? We are actually looking for a business license here. If they are a licensed company, it means they are following state and local laws. It means they are doing their business legally and are following government-mandated laws in terms of charging clients and prices (both for materials and the service they provide).

4. Check the Coverage of their Service

Service coverage provided by contractors of concrete in the Pittsburgh PA area includes a lot of things. Look for a concrete company that can provide you the materials you need (e.g. customized and high-quality concrete), free consultation, free designs, and insurance.

Make sure to hire a concrete company that will do the mixing of concrete, pouring, sealing, and concrete resurfacing. Your residential concrete contractors Pittsburgh should provide your concrete needs from start to finish.

Lastly, check if your chosen Concrete Pittsburgh PA contractor provides insurance or warranties. Make sure that these are included in your contract before any work begins. Insurance or warranties will ensure that if something gets damaged during construction, your contractor will pay for it. It also means that if something happens to your newly built driveway or pool, your contractor will come instantly to check it out.

5. Look for a Professional Contractor or Company

How would you know if you are dealing with a professional concrete contractor company? Find a concrete Pittsburgh PA company that has excellent customer service. Try calling them first. Your first encounter with their customer service will say a lot about the company. A professional contractor provides options and explains the project in detail to make you feel comfortable. They will do everything to make you feel at ease and make you trust them.

Professional contractors will explain to their clients the step-by-step process of the job at hand. While the project is on, a professional contractor will keep you posted, ensuring that the project is as transparent as possible.

A professional concrete contractor is approachable and easy to talk with. You should be able to talk to them about your project without reservation. They should have a number that you can contact anytime (except in the middle of the night of course).

Jobs that Concrete Contractors Can Do

Whether it is a renovation or building a new house, a professional concrete Pittsburgh PA company can definitely help you. They can do concrete finishing, do concrete pumping, concrete cutting, and full concrete installation.

If you need a stamped concrete Pittsburgh contractor, they can also help you with that finishing touch you need. A professional concrete stamper can make your concrete look like brick or wood.


Hiring an incompetent concrete contractor can lead to a delayed and more costly project. To avoid blowing your budget out of proportion, make sure to consider these five steps in hiring a Concrete Pittsburgh PA contractor. With a professional contractor. You can have your peace of mind as you can rely on their extensive expertise and skills. It also means having a faster turnaround time for your project without sacrificing its quality.


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