Are you weary of watching at your old floor? Are you in the process of building a house and are working on choosing a floor to have? Why not call a concrete staining company in San Antonio and try concrete staining?

Concrete staining is a popular choice for home and commercial building owners. There are different reasons for this popular choice and in this article, we will explain the unexpected advantages of staining your concrete floor. But what is concrete staining?

The Process of Concrete Staining

Have you seen stained concrete floors or a stained driveway and ever wonder how it is done? To make a boring concrete floor look amazing, a concrete staining company uses dyes. It sounds simple right? However, to produce the desired effect (color and pattern), you must be a skilled concrete staining professional. One wrong move and it can turn your wooden doors into black and your floors blotchy.

Before staining, each concrete slab should be cleaned first. Each slab is also checked for holes. All holes need to be filled. Once the slabs are ready, the staining process begins. Staining can be done by spraying or pouring dyes or acid to the slab. The effect of the dyes or acid becomes visible at least after four hours. Your concrete staining company will now do the scrubbing. It is like giving your stained concrete floors finishing touches.

But why should you consider concrete staining?

Four Advantages of Concrete Staining

  1. It offers a flexible design – you can have stained concrete pool decks and stained concrete driveway with different designs and colors. This is the beauty of concrete staining. It offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. You can choose a color or pattern based on your personal preference or the current design of your home.
  2. It is highly durable – a concrete staining company uses dyes or acids that penetrate the surface of each concrete slab it touches. It means it can stand high traffic while remaining fade-resistant. It can also stand harsh weather conditions, making it a great option for a concrete pool deck. Since it penetrates the surface, it doesn’t peel, chip, or flakes easily. A concrete staining company can also use urethane coating for added durability.
  3. Environment-friendly floor solution – with its long shelf life, you can have your stained concrete decks for a decade without needing to renovate or re-apply finishing touches. You probably have changed cars thrice and still parks at your old concrete driveway. With long shelf life, you no longer have to worry about disposing of your old floor materials.
  4. Low maintenance – stained concrete floors are smooth. You only have to sweep or mop once in a while. Since it doesn’t flake, chip, or there is no need for renovation or re-applying finishing touches. Lastly, it has a long shelf life, so you won’t have to worry about renovating your stained concrete floors or stained concrete driveway soon.

Why Hire A Concrete Staining Company?

If you have seen encouraging videos on YouTube saying it is easy to concrete stain your floor, think again. One mistake and you might end up having a stained floor with no art and style. Just a black or blotchy colored concrete!

Hiring a concrete staining company in San Antonio TX ensures that you will have the outcome you desired. Concrete staining companies employ professionals and skilled individuals who understand how concrete staining works. They understand how each concrete slab will react to different acid stains or dye colors and how they can produce your desired pattern on your floor.

Professionals from a concrete staining company are also aware of the different factors that can affect the staining process. They knew the amount of acids to pour or the right time to pour it in. Their experience and training have taught them how to produce the best result whenever they do concrete staining jobs.


Having stained concrete floors or stained concrete driveway is one of the best investments that you can do. It is not as expensive when compared to other flooring options, yet it can last for years even with minimum maintenance. Concrete staining is also packed with different advantages offering different designs and being an eco-friendly flooring solution.

Concrete staining may sound like an easy DIY project, yet it is always best to hire a concrete staining company to do the job for you. If you are into different patterns, a skilled concrete staining contractor can easily produce such a pattern without damaging any part of your home or floor and without wasting unnecessary acid stains.


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